Name Wu, Wei-Ning
Title Assistant Professor
Research Interests Local Government, Emergency Management , Citizen Participation , Public Management
Office CM3014-3
Phone 4917

Education 2015, Ph.D., Public Administration , University of North Texas,
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2017-08-01 ~ , Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia , Associate Editor
2016-09-01 ~ , Lecture, National Academy of Civil Service, Lecturer
2015-09-01 ~ 2018-06-30, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, Reviewer of Community Empowerment Network
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2019 胡文詩、吳偉寧 (2019). 地方政府政風機構廉政作為與建議人事行政, 207(), 23-29. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2019 2. Wu, W. N., Liu, L. Y., & Brough, C. (2019). No time for composting: Subjective time pressure as a barrier to citizen engagement in curbside compostingWaste Management, 91(), 99-107.. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2019 Cai, X. & Wu, W.N. (2019). Affordable Housing Policy Development: Public Official PerspectiveInternational Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Forthcoming(), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2018 郭瑞坤、謝政勳、吳偉寧 (2018). 參與式預算提案類型與操作模式之經驗--以高雄市105年度參與式預算推動計畫為例城市發展, 24(), 114-127. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2018 5. Wu, W. N., & Tsai, C. C. (2018). What Motivates Citizens to Volunteer in Schools? Determinants in the Local Context.Education and Urban Society, 50(9), 769-792. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2018 Wu, W. N., & Chang, S. M. (2018). Collaboration Mechanisms of Taiwan Nonprofit Organizations in Disaster Relief Efforts: Drawing Lessons from the Wenchuan Earthquake and Typhoon MorakotSustainability, 10(11), 4328; doi:10.3390/su10114328. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2017 Cai, X.,Tsai, C.C, & Wu, W.N (2017). Are They Neck and Neck in the Affordable Housing Policies? A Cross Case Comparison of Three Metropolitan Cities in ChinaSustainability, 9(9), 542; doi: 10.3390/su9040542.. (SSCI)
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Journal Article 2016 Wu, W. N., Chang, K., & Tso, Y. E (2016). If Only We Knew What We Know: Factors for Mobilizing Citizen Participation in Community-based Emergency PreparednessChinese Public Administration Review, 7(7), 77-109. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2016 Wu, W. N., & Jung, K (2016). A missing link between citizen participation, satisfaction, and public performance: evidences from the city and county of San FranciscoInternational Journal of Public Sector Performance Management, 2(2), 392-410. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2015 Jung, K., Park, S. J., Wu, W. N., & Park, H. W. (2015). A webometric approach to policy analysis and management using exponential random graph modelsQuality &Quantity, 49(2), 581-598. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 吳偉寧、謝政勳 (2015). 自主防災社區運作之經驗分析:高雄市永安區個案探討公共事務評論, 17(1), 89-105. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2015 Wu, W. N., Chang, S.M., Collins, B.K. (2015). Mobilizing Voluntary Organizations in Taiwanese Emergency Response: Citizen Engagement and Local Fire Branch HeadsJournal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 2(2), 45-55. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2014 Smith, D., Shea, M., & Wu, W. N. (2014). Collaborative resource sharing between public and school librariesInterlending & Document Supply, , 42(4), 159-164. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2014 Jung, K., Andrew, S. A., & Wu, W. N. (2014). Illuminating the in-house provision of emergency services: A test of organizational capacity hypothesesInternational Review of Public Administration, 19(3), 238-251. (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2017 Ssu-Ming Chang &Wei-Ning Wu (2017). Participation of Taiwan’s Nonprofit Organizations in Catastrophic Services: Past Strategies and Future Prospects. the Annual Conference of American Society for Public Administration(ASPA), United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Wu, Wei-Ning (2017). The Current Development of 1999 Citizen Relationship Management Systems in Taiwan. the Annual Conference of American Society for Public Administration(ASPA), United States.
Conference Paper 2017 吳偉寧 (2017). 推動島嶼災害防救的挑戰與展望:澎湖縣個案探討. 2017台灣公共行政與公共事務系所聯合會年會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2017 吳偉寧 (2017). 邁向韌性城市:災害治理之問題分析. 兩岸城市治理論壇, China.
Conference Paper 2017 Wu, W. N.& Chang, S.M. (2017). Many hands make light work? An investigation into Nonprofit Organizations in Taiwan’s Catastrophic Services. Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), China.
Conference Paper 2016 Chang, Ssu-Ming and Wei-Ning Wu (2016). Collaborative Governance of Governments and Nonprofit Organizations in Catastrophic Disaster Events. the 77th Annual Conference of American Society for Public Administration(ASPA), United States.
Conference Paper 2015 Chin-Chang Tsai and Wei-Ning Wu (2015). What Motivates Citizens to Volunteer? Citizens’ Concerns as a Key Predictor. the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), United States.
Conference Paper 2015 吳偉寧 (2015). 美國地方政府 311 市民服務系統的發展經驗及啟示. 地方政府治理的挑戰與展望。中央與地方政府治理的挑戰與展望:圓桌論壇暨論文發表, Taiwan.
Year Title

企業防災之研究:發展策略、災害防救公私協力與推動因素之分析. 科技部 (107-2410-H-110-048-MY3)


防災社區之研究:類型與調查示範社區實施成效. 科技部 (106-2410-H-110-032-)


地方政府市民服務系統之研究. 科技部 (105-2410-H-110-001-)


台灣特色發掘架構範例(承「老高雄新探索-文史觀光路線發展產學合作計畫」)子計畫二:「哈瑪星文化觀光與. 財團法人看見台灣基金會 (N105098-3)

Year Name Degree Title
2017 Yi-Gu Lin Master A Research on Kaohsiung Citizens’ Perception and Attitudes toward Social Housing as well as Addressing the Relationship between Citizen Participation and the Endorsement of Social Housing
2017 Chun-Hsing Tu Master Who cares about EcoMobility? Factors Affecting the Behavioral Intentions of Hamasen Residents to EcoMobility
2017 Tzu-Yin Chen Master The Influence of Social Media on Emergency Information Sharing Behavior : Facebook Users’ Perspectives
2017 JUNG-KAI TSAI Master Business Strategy and Risk Management of Third-Party Cross Border Payment
2017 Chun-Chiao Chang Master The influence of Cross-registration Policy on Administrator’s Behavior of Land Administration Agent: A Case of Land Administration Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government
2017 Ya-Ming Tsai Master A Study of Management and Development Strategies of a Dermatology Clinic
2017 I-Ching Wang Master An Analysis on Marketing Strategy of Real Estate Products in Urban Areas –A Case of Linkou District in New Taipei City
2017 Tsz-an Tsai Master A Study of Marketing Strategy on the Social Network Platform, Facebook: the Case of Fan Page of KetoLifestyle
2017 Chin-Hsiang Cheng Master A Study of Marketing Strategy for the Cosmetics and Beauty Care Retailer: A Case of Company MIRADA
2017 May Lu Master A Study of Coopetition Strategy of Slow-moving Inventory Transaction Platform
2017 Shih-Chi Liu Master A Study of Ophthalmic Clinic Business Strategy in Rural Area—a Case of E Clinic
2017 Yung-Cheng Lee Master A Study of Business Strategies of Industrial Instrument Import Agents – A Case of M Company
2017 Chien-Jen Huang Master A Study of the Impacts of Semiconductor Industry Change on Equipment Supplier Co-opetition Strategies
2017 郭文秀 Master 水泥製品產業競合策略之研究—以三惠製材所為例
2017 Chung-Ting Tsai Master A Study of Coopetition Analysis of the Taiwan Hay Importing Industry
2017 吳岳嶸 Master 提升大腸鏡檢病患接受度及滿意度之策略研究:以台灣南部某軍方醫院為例
2017 Chien-yu Wu Master A Study of Offshore Fisheries Business Model and Value Enhancement Strategies
2017 龍耀宗 Master 居家清潔從業人員對證照的認知與創業意願之研究:以媽咪樂居家清潔公司為導入案例
2017 黃慧雯 Master 基層官僚提供「跨縣市土地登記整合」服務之研究-以高雄市政府地政局地政事務所為例
2017 Hsiu-fen Huang Master A Study of the Feasibility of Building Multiple-Layer Retirement Annuity System for R.O.C Armed Forces.
2017 Ching-Chu Yu Master The Experience of Taiwan's Local Government Telecare Service
2017 Shu Ping Chen Master A Study on Marketing Strategy in the Era of Marketing 4.0: A Case of Company C
2017 Yen-Hsu Chen Master The association of residential greenness and the development of new diagnosed diabetic patients
2017 SHUN-SHENG FANG Master Exploring the Business Crisis Management of Direct Selling Establishment: FJ Company Distributors’ Perspective
2017 Shu-Chen Chen Master A Study of Marketing Strategy of Sleep Health Product
2017 Yen-Da Huang Master A Study on Marketing Models and Strategies in the Industry of Wearable Device and Human Health: a Case of Company W
2016 呂學德 Master 企業大量新進人員訓練之研究-以C公司公用流料管理單位為例
2016 Chien-San Lu Master The Study of Channel Integration and Customer Management - The Case of Gseven Company
2016 Hui-Lung Hsieh Master A Study of Large Scale Festival Activities and the Benefits of Area Marketing
2016 Tien-Chou Soong Master A Study on Operation Model of Slimming Control and Health Management Center (SCHMC)
2016 Shih-hsiung Yu Master A Study on Operation Model of Teppanyaki Market- A Case of Restaurant Cardial
2016 Mei-Hui Huang Master A Study on Business Strategies of Aquafeed Industry
2016 Shou-O Lee Master A Study on Innovative Business Model of Traditional Market
2016 宋秉虔 Master 台灣本土企業在台銷售德製產品成長策略之研究-以H公司為例
2016 Hsu-Ting Cheng Master The Research of the Quality of Lawyers Services and Satisfaction
2016 Fu-Pin Lin Master The Competition and Development Research of Photon Resonance Technology Equipment in Egg Laying Hen Industry
2016 Hung-Chieh Tsai Master An Analysis of the Development of Taiwan 's Lawyers
2016 Wen-Shih Hu Master Government Employee Ethic Units’ Perception on Anti-Corruption Effectiveness :A Case Study of Penghu County Government
2016 Tsung-Wan Hsu Master Role Perception and Behavior of Penghu Village Secretaries When Reviewing the Qualifications of Low-income Households
2016 Chun-Lin Wu Master A Study of Food Safety Crisis Management-A case of Fuzhou Deal with False News Report
2016 Liang-Chen Cheng Master A Study on Increasing Terminal Productivity of Container Terminal by GPS
2016 Pei-Fen Wu Master Research on the Placement of Different Drama Types
2016 Szu-Ying Wu Master A Study on the Innovation of Community Hospital Service System
2016 Fu-Tsung Yeh Master A Study of Innovative Business Model for the Hair Salon Industry: A Case of Company A
2015 Tsung-hsien Szu Master A Study Of Competitive-Advantage Strategies For Aestheic Medicine Centers
2015 Kai-chien Yin Master A Study of Business Strategies for Health-Examination Tourism Service In Taiwan
2015 Ting-han Tseng Master A Study of Multi-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma and Social Structure in Online Games
2015 Cheng-han Yang Master Strategic Marketing Analysis of the Job Bank Industry Policy- A Case Study of 1111 Job Bank
2015 Long-shing Ko Master A Study of Safety-Control Management on Food Raw Material - A Case of Tapioca Starch
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 優良導師(院級) 中山大學管理學院
2017 「產學激勵」新秀類「非政府機關產學合作」 中山大學
2017 產學激勵」其他類「首次政府機關建教合作」獎勵 中山大學
2016 優良課程獎勵 中山大學
2014 • David Wachira Distinguished Graduate Student Award University of North Texas
2014 Research Award the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference
Period Activity Description Role
2018-08-31 ~ 2019-07-31 志願服務隊 志願服務 志工
2019-04-01 ~ 2019-08-25 Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) 防災社區 防災社區服務隊成員
2016-03-01 ~ 2016-05-31 參與式預算 區公所參與式預算 諮詢顧問與培力講課教師
2016-06-01 ~ 2016-08-30 參與式預算 區公所參與式預算 諮詢顧問與培力講課教師