Name Wu Chi Cheng
Title Professor
Research Interests Microeconomics Analysis, Game Theory, Marketing Strategy, Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Office 4095
Phone 4647

Education 2001, Ph.D., Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
1997, Master, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
1995, Bachelor, Mathematics, National Taiwan University
Experience 2003-02-01 ~ 2003-07-31, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Administrative Positions
2019-02-01 ~ 2019-07-31, Alumni Service Center, Director
2014-08-01 ~ 2017-07-31, Department of Business Management, Chair
Academic Services 2012-01-11 ~ 2012-01-11, NTU Management Review , Associate Editor/ Editorial Committee
Category Year Title
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Conference Paper 2019 Chi-Cheng Wu* and Yung-Jan Cho (2019). Manage Customer Lifetime Value By Big Data Analytics. The 2019 ISMS Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2018 Chi-Cheng Wu* and Yung-Jan Cho, Tze-Yi Yang, Pei-wen Fu (2018). A Exploratory Research On The Relationships Between The Pattern Of Clickstream And Buying Decision. The 2018 ISMS Conference, United States.
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Conference Paper 2013 Chi Cheng Wu and Lu Hsiao (2013). Manufacturer`s Response to the Retailer`s Extended Warranty.. The 2013 ISMS Conference, Turkey.
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Year Title

行銷科學領域熱門議題之趨勢分析. 科技部 (105-2634-F-110-001-)


大數據分析技巧應用於顧客生命週期價值管理之研究. 科技部 (105-2410-H-110-025-MY3)


消費者後悔趨避對廠商行銷策略的影響. 科技部 (102-2628-H-110-003-MY3)


消費者後悔趨避對廠商行銷策略的影響. 科技部 (102-2628-H-110-003-MY3)


Perceived Experience Utilities of Family Stories – Empirical Study on Taiwanese Family Firms. 科技部 (101-2420-H-110-003-SS2)


消費者後悔趨避對廠商行銷策略的影響. 科技部 (102-2628-H-110-003-MY3)


零售商延長保固策略對製造商保固策略與通路利潤影響之研究. 科技部 (NSC100-2628-H-110-006-MY2)


隨你附價格機制下參考價格對消費者行為之影響. 科技部 (100-2815-C-110-040-H)


旅遊業中隱藏資訊商品之策略效果分析. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-009-MY2)


製造商最適折價券策略與垂直產品線設計(2/2). 科技部 (NSC96-2416-H-110-011-MY2)


製造商最適折價券策略與垂直產品線設計. 科技部 (NSC96-2416-H-110-011-MY2)


從經濟效率觀點審視我國國中小教科書的民營化市場. 科技部 (96-2815-C-110 -028 -H)


向下產品線延伸做為阻絕進入策略之可能性探討. 科技部 (NSC95-2416-H-110-016)


雙重折價券理論:策略互動觀點. 科技部 (NSC93-2416-H-110-016)


共同零售商下,製造商最適產品線策略之研究. 科技部 (NSC92-2416-H-110-015)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Tze-Yi Yang Master Relationship Between The Pattern of Click Stream and Buying Behavior –A Case Study of An European E-commerce Retailer
2018 Hsien-Chi Tan Master Research on the Adaptability of Different Commodity Attributes to Recommendation System Algorithms — A Case of Instacart Company
2018 Kuan-Yin Chen Master A Study of Customer Value Management in Retail Industry- A Case Study of Membership Database in Company M
2017 Pei-Wen Fu Ph.D Facebook Check-Ins Lead to Others' Envy? How Power Distance Belief (PDB) Influences the Effect of Friends' Check-Ins on Observers' Consumption
2017 Feng-Sheng Chien Ph.D The Impact of Capital Requirement on Bank Operating Efficiency
2017 Ya-Ning Chao Master A Study of Brand Resonance in the Digital Age
2017 廖景宏 Master 台灣中小型旅社經營策略與收益管理之研究-以L旅社為例
2017 Ying-ying Lee Master A Study of Applying Gamification on Social Platform Design
2017 Jia-hung Chin Master Research on Shopping Carnival: Based on Double 11 and Black Friday
2017 JUNG-KAI TSAI Master Business Strategy and Risk Management of Third-Party Cross Border Payment
2017 王思婕 Master 折扣組合、產品類別與顧客涉入對團購商品銷售量影響之研究:以P團購網站為例
2017 Chia-Kun Liu Master The Study of Used Car Auction Online Market —A Case of E Auction Website
2017 Ya-Ming Tsai Master A Study of Management and Development Strategies of a Dermatology Clinic
2017 I-Ching Wang Master An Analysis on Marketing Strategy of Real Estate Products in Urban Areas –A Case of Linkou District in New Taipei City
2017 Tsz-an Tsai Master A Study of Marketing Strategy on the Social Network Platform, Facebook: the Case of Fan Page of KetoLifestyle
2017 Chin-Hsiang Cheng Master A Study of Marketing Strategy for the Cosmetics and Beauty Care Retailer: A Case of Company MIRADA
2017 May Lu Master A Study of Coopetition Strategy of Slow-moving Inventory Transaction Platform
2017 Shih-Chi Liu Master A Study of Ophthalmic Clinic Business Strategy in Rural Area—a Case of E Clinic
2017 Yung-Cheng Lee Master A Study of Business Strategies of Industrial Instrument Import Agents – A Case of M Company
2017 Teng-Yang Liu Master Research on the business model of Chinese O2O tutoring platforms
2017 Chien-Jen Huang Master A Study of the Impacts of Semiconductor Industry Change on Equipment Supplier Co-opetition Strategies
2017 郭文秀 Master 水泥製品產業競合策略之研究—以三惠製材所為例
2017 Chung-Ting Tsai Master A Study of Coopetition Analysis of the Taiwan Hay Importing Industry
2017 吳岳嶸 Master 提升大腸鏡檢病患接受度及滿意度之策略研究:以台灣南部某軍方醫院為例
2017 Chien-yu Wu Master A Study of Offshore Fisheries Business Model and Value Enhancement Strategies
2017 龍耀宗 Master 居家清潔從業人員對證照的認知與創業意願之研究:以媽咪樂居家清潔公司為導入案例
2017 Hsiu-fen Huang Master A Study of the Feasibility of Building Multiple-Layer Retirement Annuity System for R.O.C Armed Forces.
2017 Shu-Chen Chen Master A Study of Marketing Strategy of Sleep Health Product
2017 Shu Ping Chen Master A Study on Marketing Strategy in the Era of Marketing 4.0: A Case of Company C
2017 Tzu-chia Huang Master A Study of Awakening and Advertising Effect of Coupons-A Case Study of a Foreign Retailer
2017 Chia-Yu Hsu Master A Study of Applying Transaction Data on the Category Management of Retailers - A Case of Company M
2017 Ya-Ting Chang Master A Study of Housing Market Developing and Sales Analysis - A Case of YuYu Company
2017 Yueh-Jung Wu Master A Study on Improving Colonoscopy Patients’ Acceptance and Satisfaction: Case of A Military Hospital in Southern Taiwan
2017 Ching-Hung Liao Master The Study on Business Strategy and Revenue Management of Taiwanese Small and Medium Hotels: A Case Study of L Hotel
2017 Po-Yao Peng Master Research on the marketing structure and consumption intention of China's free travel market
2017 Sz-Jie Wang Master Research on the Impact of Discount Combination, Product Type and Customer Involvement on the Sales of Group Buying-A Case of Group Buying Company P
2017 Wen-Hsiu Kuo Master The Study of Cement Products Industry Co-Opetition -The Case of 3HML Material Lab
2017 Yen-Da Huang Master A Study on Marketing Models and Strategies in the Industry of Wearable Device and Human Health: a Case of Company W
2017 Yao-Tsung Lung Master A Study on Certificate Cognition and Entrepreneur Intention of Home Cleaning Industry Workers - Case of Mommyhappy House Service Company
2016 CHIA-HUI SUN Master A Case Study of Differentiation of Coffee Shops' Business Models
2016 Guo-Kai Yen Master The Study of Business Fan Page Management
2016 Wei-Ci Lan Master The Study of Entry Strategies for Taiwanese Direct Selling Company in China- The Case of Company M
2016 Hung-Chieh Wang Master A Study of New Bussines Model of Cloud POS – A Case of iCHEF
2016 Jia-li Lai Master Personalized Talent Management by Analyzing Transaction Log
2016 呂學德 Master 企業大量新進人員訓練之研究-以C公司公用流料管理單位為例
2016 Mei-Tsu Lin Master Research on Competitive Strategy of Credit Card in Domestic Public Bank
2016 Ting-yi Lee Master A Study of Applying Twitter Data to Analyze the Relationship between Customer Emotions and Brand Value
2016 Hsiao-Hsia Lu Master The Impact of Fintech and Adaptive Strategy for Taiwanese Conventional Commercial banks -a Case Study of CHB
2016 Hui-Lung Hsieh Master A Study of Large Scale Festival Activities and the Benefits of Area Marketing
2016 Tien-Chou Soong Master A Study on Operation Model of Slimming Control and Health Management Center (SCHMC)
2016 Shih-hsiung Yu Master A Study on Operation Model of Teppanyaki Market- A Case of Restaurant Cardial
2016 Mei-Hui Huang Master A Study on Business Strategies of Aquafeed Industry
2016 Shou-O Lee Master A Study on Innovative Business Model of Traditional Market
2016 宋秉虔 Master 台灣本土企業在台銷售德製產品成長策略之研究-以H公司為例
2016 Kuo-Han Su Master Research on Commercialization and Market Entry of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Taiwan
2016 Hsu-Ting Cheng Master The Research of the Quality of Lawyers Services and Satisfaction
2016 Fu-Pin Lin Master The Competition and Development Research of Photon Resonance Technology Equipment in Egg Laying Hen Industry
2016 Wei-Yen Teng Master A Study of the Business Model For Part Time Human Resources Matching Platform
2016 Hung-Chieh Tsai Master An Analysis of the Development of Taiwan 's Lawyers
2016 陳燦彬 Master 高涉入產品體驗行銷之研究-以L聯盟個案為例
2016 Chun-Lin Wu Master A Study of Food Safety Crisis Management-A case of Fuzhou Deal with False News Report
2016 Liang-Chen Cheng Master A Study on Increasing Terminal Productivity of Container Terminal by GPS
2016 Pei-Fen Wu Master Research on the Placement of Different Drama Types
2016 Szu-Ying Wu Master A Study on the Innovation of Community Hospital Service System
2016 Jiun-feng Tzeng Master A Study on Key Success Factors of Individual On-line Video Creation
2016 Ting-yi Juan Master A Study of Service Model Innovation: A Case Study of Dadaocheng Business District
2016 Hao-yu Chung Master The Study of Marketing Strategy and Customer Management in the Age of Data-A Case of Company O
2016 Bing-Qian Song Master A Study of Growth Strategies for Local Enterprises in Taiwan to Sell the Products Made in Germany: A case of Company H
2016 Fu-Tsung Yeh Master A Study of Innovative Business Model for the Hair Salon Industry: A Case of Company A
2016 Hsueh-Te Lu Master A Study on the training process for mass new employer’s -A case of Utilities Department of company C
2016 Yi-Cheng Kung Master Analysis of Consumption Behavior for Running Sports Participants in Mainland China
2016 Man-hua Kao Master The Study of Customer Management in the Age of Data-A Case of Company A
2016 Chien-San Lu Master The Study of Channel Integration and Customer Management - The Case of Gseven Company
2016 Chia-hsun Yang Master A Study on Intra-company Innovation of Technology Company─A Case of Company TF
2016 Tsan-Pin Chen Master A Study on Experience Marketing of High Involvement Product: A Case Study of L League
2015 Chun Li Master Application of customer lifetime value model in water filtration industry
2015 Hsin-chou Liu Master A Study of the Policy effects of Activity “Domestic Travel Accommodation Subsidy”
2015 Chia-Fen Chang Master A Study of Business Strategies of APPs
2015 Chieh-Ju Wu Master Co-creation, Experiential Value and Brand Resonance Pyramid
2015 Tsu-Cheng Chuang Master The Effects of Personality Traits, Work Values and Mobile instant messaging on Job Satisfaction
2015 Yong-Ji Fang Master Studies of Professional Sports Branding
2015 Chun-Han Wu Master A Study of Competitive Advantages on Western Medicine Clinic–The Case of D Clinic
2015 SHAN NIU Master The Prospect and Current Status of the Corporate Social Responsibility in China’s Family Businesses: Reflection from Stakeholder Theory
2015 SHOU-LI WU Master A Study of Customer Management in the Broadband Industry -A Case of Taiwan Mobile Broadband
2015 Ying-Hui Wu Master A Study on the Marketing Strategy of Ecological Cultivation on Aquatic Products: A Case of Care Food Farms
2015 Ting-Chang Sun Master The Study of Competence and Job Classification in Data Science Industry
2015 Ping-hsien Sung Master A Study of Channel Management in Taiwan for a Foreign Company – A Case of A Company
2015 Shih-Chang Hus Master A Study of Entering Strategy for a Healthcare and Skincare Company in Mainland China - the Case of the Australian N Company
2015 陳俞欣 Master 直銷產業品牌建立之研究—以M公司為例
2015 Pin-han Hsu Master The Study of Multi-level Marketing Industry’s Channel Conflict and Management – A case of Company M
2015 宋炳憲 Master 外商公司在台通路經營之研究-以A公司為例
2015 Chung-hsiang Hsu Master The Study on Brand Management of E-commerce Startup: The Case Study of Company A
2015 Ming-yen Chiang Master The Big Data of Diabetes Healthcare Management - A Case of D Clinic
2015 Hsuan-wei Hung Master A Study of Applying Big Data Analysis in Customer Retention in Cable Communication Industry - A case of Company C
2015 Chiang-Chuan Wang Master A Study of 3D Growth Strategies in the Hyper-competition Arena ~ A Case Study of JH Company
2015 Shu-Ting Chan Ph.D Impact of Institutional Logics and Social Capital of Private Universities on Academia-industry Collaborations
2015 Yung-Fu Hsieh Master An Analysis of Business Strategies for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies in Taiwan
2015 Ming-Hsiang Cheng Master A study of M & A process for Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises – A Case Study of F Company
2015 Hsiang-ling Cheng Master A Study of Experiential Marketing in Cultural and Creative Hotel –A Case of HotelDay+
2015 Huei-wen Chung Master A study of municipal green policy and its effect on local economic development-urban wetlands in Kaohsiung as examples
2015 Yu-Hsing Chen Master The Study of Brand Building Model in Direct Selling Industry – A Case of Company M
2015 Min-Hung Chen Master Marketing Strategy Analysis of Smart Home Application in Neonatal Care Market
2015 Yung-yu Chen Master A Study of Project Procurement Strategy: the Perspective of Game Theory
2015 Chien-Hao Huang Master A Study of Business Strategies for Mixed Metal Scrap Treatment Domain in Taiwan – A Case of Company Y
2014 Yung-Jan Cho Ph.D Adapted Hotelling Model for Differentiation Strategies in Marketing Campaigns
2014 Meng-hsien Wu Master Game theory and Co-opetition Strategy in Medical Service Industry – With Cheng-Ching Eye Clinic As An Example of Case Study
2014 Jui-nan Lu Master Marketing Strategy Application Research of Big Data Analysis
2014 Su-jen Yu Master The research for promoting post future mail to drive mail business development-a case study of Chunghwa Post
2014 Shao-Ting Hsu Master A Study of Value Nets of Bloggers
2014 Mei-Ying Chu Master A Study on Brand Strategy of Exquisite Dress- Case Study Based on D-S Wedding
2014 Chia-Ying Lee Master The analysis of competition-cooperation strategies for facing price war
2014 Cheng-chuan Lee Master Strategic Marketing Analysis of Wedding Industry
2014 Jia-ling Hung Master International Market Business Strategy Analysis-A case study of G company
2014 Jui-ying Tien Master Competitive Strategy Analysis for 'C' Airlines
2014 Heng‐jhu Dong Master The Study of Clothing Industry’s Strategic Marketing─The Case of Hong Shin Company
2014 Chen-yun Su Master A Preliminary Study of Key Success Factors of Sharing Service
2014 Ching-hua Hsu Master Cost and Management Analysis in Taiwan’s Pelagic Squid Fishing Fishery:In the Case of H Company
2014 Chien-chang Hsu Master The research of competition strategy for Microcontroller (MCU) market—M company is used as the research case
2014 Cheng-hui Hsieh Master Hotel Renovation Case Study-Legend Hotel Kaohsiung
2014 Che-wei Chung Master The Operation and Management Model of Bedding Industry in Taiwan in Response to Free Trade Policies-A Case of Tianen Bedding
2014 朱梅英 Master 精品禮服品牌策略研究--以D-SWedding為例
2014 Wen-jung Chen Master A Study on the Key Success Factor for the Growth of Population in Traditional Chinese Medical Industry
2014 Wei-Ju Chen Master The Influence of Virtual Community on Marketing Mix
2013 Chia-Hsien Chou Master The Co-opetition Relations in Life Insurance Channels between Insurance Company and Commercial Banks - A Case Study of Shin Kong Life Insurance
2013 Ting-han Chang Master A Study of Facebook Fan-Page
2013 Hsiang-Chieh Chang Master The Analysis of the Business and Co-opetition Strategies of Insurance Broker Companies : A Case Study of Tada Insurance Broker Company
2013 Kang-Hsin Lee Master The Study of Business and Investment Strategies of the Venture Capital Company
2013 Chine-Ching Lee Master An Analysis of a Public Construction Project
2013 Ching-Ya Weng Master A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Microfilm and Television Advertising on Advertising Effectiveness
2013 Po-jen Hu Master An Indentification of the Critical Value in Evaluating Financial Performance for Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan
2013 Hung-Tai Chiu Master Competitive Advantage Analysis of Iron & Steel Shearing Processing Industry- The Case of JC Company
2013 Li-Ni Kuo Master Strategy Analysis of Floral Industry in Taiwan- A Case Study of Eternal Myth Flower Workshop
2013 Che-Chung Chen Master Construction Management of Large Public Buildings : Perspective of the Engineering Consulting Firm
2013 Chao-ming Chen Master A Study of Operational Management for District Hospitals - A Case Study of Shin-Hua Hospital
2013 Shu-Fang Chen Master The operating strategy analysis of social hospital respiratory care system-A case study of a local hospital in Kaohsiung
2013 Kuo-Lung Huang Master A Study of the M&A Strategy and Benefit in the Banking Industry
2013 陳昭銘 Master 地區醫院營運管理之研究─以新華醫院為例
2013 Yu-Min Huang Master The Study of Business Strategies for Taiwanese Notebook PC Industry- The Cases of Asus and Acer
2012 Yuan-Chien She Master The Analysis of Co-operative Strategy for Market Enternace-a Case Study of Australia Steel Industry
2012 Li-Jen Yu Master Foreign Bank's Entrance Strategy in Taiwan SMB Financing Market- a Case Study of DBS
2012 Fong-in Liu Master The Analysis of Marketing Strategies of Insurance Products for Seniors
2012 Ling-Yu Wu Master A Study on Succession of Taiwan’s Family Business—A Comparative Analysis for Two Food Manufacturers
2012 Chen-Chuan Wu Master Imitation or Innovation? The Analysis of Market Followers' Strategy.
2012 Chiu-chiu Yin Master Effect of limited time, limited quantity and hot sales messages on consumer’s choice
2012 邱士益 Master YouTubeTrueView廣告觀看行為之研究
2012 Chun-Neng Fang Master Management Strategy of Women Hospital in Taiwan- A Case Study of Lucina Women and Children Hospital
2012 Yen-ling Tseng Master The Effects of Brand Posts on Word of Mouth : An Investigation of Facebook Brand Fan Page
2012 Chien-long Li Master The Analysis of Taiwan Fishing Industry(Grouper) Competitiveness
2012 Ya-Hsiuan Lin Master A Study on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Response to the New Version of Personal Information Act
2012 楊雅惠 高雄市數位內容產業發展現況、困境與策略
2012 Chien-Chung Hung Master A study of the influence of relationship marketing on perceived risk and repurchase intension for online shopping stores
2012 林俊翰 價格促銷表現方式對消費者購買意願的影響-以台灣地區連鎖便利商店為例
2012 洪建中 網路購物網站之關係行銷對知覺風險及再購意願影響之研究
2012 尹秋秋 限時限量與熱銷提示對於消費者商品選擇影響之研究
2012 Chien-ming Fan Master Comeptitive Analysis of Investment-Grade Governmental Sovereign Bond Fund –Yuanta Global Wealthy Countries Bond Fund
2012 Shih-i Chiu Master A study of watching behavior on YouTube TrueView Ads
2012 Chua-Chun Chen Master Development Strategy of Nursing School in Aging Society - a Case Study of a Health Care Junior College in Kaohsiung
2012 Chin-Yu Chen Master A study of the effectiveness of the male endorsers on feminine products
2012 Chung-wen Huang Master Development Strategy of Automotive Industry in Taiwan
2012 Jyun-Han Lin Master The Influence of Price Promotion formats on Consumer’s Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Chain Stores in Taiwan
2012 Ya-Hui Yang Master Research about Kaohsiung City Digital Content Industry’s actual dilemma and strategy
2011 劉瀚鍾 Master 電子零件通路商之顧客忠誠度分析-以S公司為例
2011 Chia-fang Lu Master The Study on How A Company's Brand Evaluation Change After Crossover with Trendy Brand
2011 蔡京姐 Ph.D 公司治理機制與集團企業公司現金持有數之研究
2011 Wu - Chung Hsu Master The Influence of Demographic Transition on Economic Growth -The Evidence from 47 Prefectures of Japan
2011 Chih-Ting Fang Master The Study of Value Net Analysis of iPhone
2011 Chiu-Hui Chu Master The Impact of Sectoral Change on Income Distribution in Taiwan
2011 Sin-Yu Lee Master Line Extension of Service Product
2011 Yu-Hsun Su Master A Case Study of E-Reader OEM/ODM Dilemma and Business Strategy under Globalization – A Case Study
2011 Yung-Wei Chan Master The Effects of Parent brand and Product information on Brand Extension
2011 Chia-en Hsieh Master Shopping Mall and Department Store Consumers’ Life Style and Consumer Behavior in Kaohsiung
2011 Pei-Ying Lai Master The Impact of Cause-Related Promotion on Consumer`s Purchase Intention and Brand Attitudes
2011 Chen-Ting Chung Master A Study on Bank Insurance Strategic Alliance of Marketing- The Case of 「H」Bank
2011 Yen-jui Chen Master How to build a successful personal brand in the beauty
2011 Hsi-Tang Chen Master Analysis of the Samsung incident in TFT-LCD industry of Taiwan
2011 YEN-HSIN HUANG Master The Impact of Personality Traits on Compromise and Attraction Effects
2011 黃誠鑫 Master 網路產品品牌代理通路競合策略分析與研究
2011 李心渝 服務產品的產品線延伸
2011 詹詠為 母品牌與產品資訊對品牌延伸評價之影響
2011 黃妍昕 消費者人格特質對妥協效果及吸引效果之影響研究
2011 陳妍睿 如何在美容業塑造成功個人品牌
2011 朱秋惠 台灣產業結構變遷對所得分配影響
2011 徐珷宗 人口結構變遷對經濟成長之影響-以日本四十七個府縣為例
2011 劉瀚鍾 電子零件通路商之顧客忠誠度分析-以S公司為例
2011 鍾震霆 銀行保險策略聯盟行銷之研究-以H銀行為例
2011 陳禧堂 面板產業三星事件之分析研究
2011 黃誠鑫 網路產品品牌代理通路競合策略分析與研究
2011 Han-Chung Liu Master Customer Loyalty Analysis of Electronic Components Distributor-A Case Study of S Company
2011 Ching-Chieh Tsai Ph.D Corporate Governance and Cash Holdings of Business Group-Affiliated Firms
2011 Chen-hsin Huang Master Network products distribution channels co-opetition strategy analysis and research
2010 Kai-hsiang Wen Master The analysis of strategies firms choose under the financial crisis-Evidence form stock exchange and OTC companies
2010 Tai-Shing He Master none
2010 Xin-Shu Hou Master A Study of Subculture of Using Trendy Brand by Teenagers
2010 羊正鈺 Master 社群媒體使用者行為與廣告反應關係之研究─以Facebook和Plurk為例
2010 Pei-wen Fu Master The Behavior of Word of Mouth on Facebook
2010 Shu-li Yang Master Study on consumption value of luxury-bag consumption pattern
2010 林心瑜 Master 線上遊戲產業新聞事件處理與公司股價的連結關係-以智冠集團為例
2010 傅珮雯 Facebook網站上口碑行為之研究
2010 Cheng-Yu Yang Master Social media research for user behavior and advertisement reaction about Facebook and Plurk
2010 PEI-WEN JING Master A Study on Digital Products Change Consumer Behavior Bring the Impact and Economic Benefits :Using E-Reader As an Example.
2010 林心瑜 線上遊戲產業新聞事件處理與公司股價的連結關係-以智冠集團為例
2010 Jo-Ting Wei Ph.D Mandatory Restatements, Family Involvement and Replacement Decisions for Related Parties of Financial Statements
2010 楊淑琍 精品名牌包消費模式之消費者消費價值探討
2010 Hsin Yu Lin Master The Relations between News Management andStock Price-A Case Study of Soft-World Group
2009 張菁萍 Ph.D 銀行擔任一般企業董事對於投資現金流量敏感度與股利政策之影響
2009 劉宜芬 Ph.D 服務失敗下關係品質效果之研究:互依對等觀點
2009 Jung-yu Yu Master A case study on sub-contracting management of construction company
2009 Chieh-fen Lin Master A Study of City Marketing: the case of The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung
2009 楊永宏 Master 經營績效、盈餘管理與公司治理對財務報表重編公司影響之研究
2009 Ya-huei Yang Master Study on Perceived Risk of Luxury-bag Consumption Patterns
2009 Chuan-Wei Weng Master none
2009 Chia-ta Tung Master Key Success Factors on Website Charging Strategy—Influences of Website Attributes and User’s Willingness-to-Pay
2009 Hui-ju Tsai Master The analysis of strategies that enterprises take in the financial crisis
2009 Pei-yin Kuo Master The Influences of Goal Congruency and Message Framing on Brand Extension Evaluation
2009 YI-Chun Chen Master The Research of the Business Strategies of Group-Buying Websites
2009 楊永宏 經營績效、盈餘管理與公司治理對財務報表重編公司影響之研究
2009 陳麗貞 我國國營事業導入國際財務報導準則IFRS之研究-以航太製造業為例
2009 楊雅惠 精品名牌包消費模式之消費者知覺風險探討
2009 Tyler Sander Master A Study of Consumer Behavior of Organic Food in Taiwan: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior
2009 Lee-jane Chen Master A Study of Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards on the Government-owned Enterprise – An Example on Aerospace Manufacturing Company
2009 Kuo-Shu Kao Master The Pricing Strategy Analysis of Virtual Products in Online Games with Game Theoretical Approach
2009 Yi-Fen Liu Ph.D Effects of Relationship Quality under Service Failure: A Perspective of Interdependence and Reciprocity
2009 Ching-Ping Chang Ph.D The Impact of Bankers on the Board on Corporate Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity and Dividend Policy
2009 Yung-hung Yang Master Operating performance, earnings management and corporate governance affiliated with fianacial restatement company
2008 Shin-wei Wu Master none
2008 Yung-Syuan Yang Master The boundary conditions of the recovery paradox and the double deviation
2008 汪秩仁 Ph.D 廣告與通路結構關係之探討
2008 Hsiang-hua Lee Master The Strategic alliance & Game Theory of OEM/ODM
2008 Chun-hung Kuo Master The discussion of consumers’response to service failure in the view of Perceived-justice approach
2008 郭美瑛 Master 後悔情緒對消費者負面口碑傾向之影響:印象管理的調節效果
2008 Szu-yin Chen Master The Study of Advertising Communication Effects on TV Power Keyword
2008 郭美瑛 後悔情緒對消費者負面口碑傾向之影響:印象管理的調節效果
2008 郭俊宏 以知覺公平觀點看待消費者面對服務失敗時的反應
2008 李祥樺 電子代工業之策略聯盟與賽局分析
2008 Chih-jen Wang Ph.D Advertising and Channel Structures
2008 Mei-ying Kuo Master The Effect of Regret on negative word-of-mouth: The Mediating Effect of impression management.
2007 Chung-Wei Lu Master A study of quality signal effect among different distribution channels
2007 Ching-yi Chou Master The Impact of Product Line Advertisement on Consumer Reference Price and Purchase Behavior
2007 Pei-fang Chiang Master Consumer Behaviors of Taiwan’s Wine Market -High and Low Involvement of Wine
2007 蔡昭玉 直銷產業消費者知覺風險與降低知覺風險策略之研究
2007 Chao-yu Tsai Master The Research of Direct-Selling Consumer's Perceived Risk and Risk Reduction Strategy
2007 Xiao-Ling Chen Master Using system dynamics to study the operation model of the English cram school
2006 Meng-hern Wu Master A Study of Competitive Strategy for the New Enterant in China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry
2006 Jou-Tung Chou Master The Influence of Price Discrimination on Consumers’ Perceived Unfairness and Purchase Intention
2006 Chia-yu Chang Master
2006 Li-ching Chang Master The Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries - A Case Study of Roche and Genentech
2006 Wern-kuang Lin Master The research of Taiwan small and medium enterprise competitive advantage on transnational business – An empirical study of traditional metal processing industries.
2006 King-long Lin Master Analysis on the Influence Factors of Consumers' Striving for their own Rights
2006 Chia-ming Yang Master The Case Study on Management of Leisure Farms Based on Resource-Based View
2006 Cheng-han Wang Master After-purchase Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention of Mobile Phones - A Case Study of University Students
2006 Ming-cheng Hsieh Master The study of the global semiconductor equipment suppliers' competition strategies - take Applied Materials as an example
2006 Yu-Lin Chiu Master New marketing value of a hundred-years-old product
2006 Yi-Chun Kuo Master Research on post-purchase emotion of impulse buying
2006 謝鳴正 Master 全球半導體設備業者的競爭策略研究–以應用材料公司為例
2006 Ning-Hsiu Su Comments on “ Response to Competitive Entry: A Rationale for Delayed Defensive Reaction”
2006 Hsin-yu Chen Master How To Match The Green-House City Concept of City Marketing Research – Kaohsiung Lantern Festival
2006 Jeng-Chuan Shiang Master none
2006 Siang-hua Huang Master The Effects of Price Discrimination on Buyer’s Internal Reference Price and Post-purchase Emotions
2005 Tzu-chao Liao Master A study of Brand Loyalty Toward the Intercity Bus
2005 Chen-ping Su Master The green process that’s affect to the packing industry: The study of Orient Semiconductor Electronic,Ltd
2005 Hsing-hao Huang Master A Study of Non-Profit Organizations' Experiences and Opinions on Cause-Related Marketing—Cases of Child Welfare Foundations
2005 Yu-Fen Huang Master A Study of Commercialization on different kinds of Non-Profit Organizations.
2004 Chung-han Tsai Master A study of corporation change - the Case Study of Acer Company
2004 Kuan-hao Lai Master The study of marketing strategies of domestic banks in business of wealth management~Case study
2003 Li-Jung Chiang Master The influence of consumer’s online purchasing motivation and perceptive risk on the online auction’s purchasing willing.
2003 Yao-Ching Wang Master A Study of Key Success Factor for Tradition Industry to invest on Hi-tech Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach-A Case Study on Petrochemical Industry Company
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