Name Y. Chris Liao
Title Assistant Professor
Research Interests Asset Management, Market Efficiency, Mergers And Acquisitions
Office 3016
Phone 4824

Education 1960, , Finance, Louisiana State University
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2012 (2012). Contrarian Effect of REITs and the Sources of its Profitability Journal of Housing Studies, 21(2), pp.29-46. , 21(21), 29-46. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2011 (2011). Contrarian effect of REITs and the sources of its profitability 住宅學報, (), . (其他期刊)
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Journal Article 2004 廖源星、張玉山、高秋蓉 (2004). 企業舉債實施庫藏股是否能增進企業價值:當政府是大股東時財稅研究, 36(2), 95-108. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2003 Liao, Y. (2003). A note of Huie pricing管理學報(Journal of Management), 20(1), 65-99. (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2001 廖源星 (2001). 合併收購之訊息分析:關於目標公司之訊息國科會管理一學門財務及會計領域專題研究計畫成果發表論文集, (), 6-1-6-36. (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2016 T.Tien (2016). Effect of market state on the merger-arbitrage portfolio. 中部財金學術聯盟研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2016 (2016). Changes in payment terms in mergers and acquisitions.. 兩岸國際企業與商務研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 M.Chen (2015). An anatomy of contrarian trading strategy in the REIT markets. 財務金融管理特刊與實務論壇研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 (2015). Separating corporate control from cash flow rights:Evdence from proxy contests. International Conference on Comparative Management, Taiwan.
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Conference Paper 2014 (2014). Sources of contrarian effect in the futures markets. Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2012 (2012). 改變企業資本結構能否降低資金成本、提高公司價值. 管理評論第二屆管理個案研討會, .
Book and Chapter 2015

(2015). 台灣高鐵公司-股票評價. 財務管理個案集 (19) . 前程文化事業出版

Book and Chapter 2002

(2002). 現代銀行管理. 華泰文化事業公司

Year Title

從公司治理角度,探討董事會特徵與併購績效的關聯性. 科技部 (106-2813-C-110-044-H)


員工股票分紅與認股選擇權之比較研究. 科技部 (105-2815-C-110-070-H)


不同市場狀況對套利投資組合異常報酬之影響. 科技部 (104-2815-C-110-022-H)


影響台灣股票報酬率之風險因子之研究. 科技部 (93-2815-C-110 -018 -H)


中華電信公司實施庫藏股制度之研究. 中華電信股份有限公司 (1461)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Kuan-Hua Huang Master Factors Affecting Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
2018 Hao-Yi Lai Master The Relationship Between Corporate Government and Earnings Management during M&A
2017 Chi Yin Master Interdependence and Financial Contagion: Evidence in Taiwan
2017 Yu-Hsuan Chih Master The Impact of Financial Analyst Coverage in M&A
2013 Pu-ching Liu Master An analysis of bidders in mergers and acquisitions
2008 Wan-wei Lin Master none
2008 Deng-yi Luo Master none
2008 Chiu-Chan Hu Master none
2008 Chao-hung Kuo Master none
2006 mei-jane Chang Master The analyze of arbitrage opportunity from comany merger activity
2006 Jin-ing Li Master On Arbitrage of Put-Call Parity:TSE Index Futures and TSE Index Options.
2006 Po-heng Lin Master none
2006 Chiao-Mu Cheng Master The Impact of Offsetting Trading on the Margin Transaction Securities of OTC market
2006 Zeng-sie Chen Master Characteristics of Risk Arbitrage Portfolio in Taiwan
2006 Hung-hua Chen Master none
2006 Chiu-hui Lin Master The research of momentum trading strategies in Taiwan stock mocket
2006 Yu-Fang Su Master An Analysis of Risk Neutral Strategies in Taiwanese Stock Markets
2005 Chi Yi Master An Empirical Study of Convertible Arbitrage in Taiwan
2005 Li-huei Lan Master The exchange rate exposure of Taiwanese banking institutions
2005 Shu-fang Kuo Master The Analysis of Compensation and Incentive Policies Decide Factors in Taiwan
2004 Wei-jung Wu Master The Effect on Stock Price and Volume of Inclusion in or Exclusion from the MSCI Taiwan Index
2004 Tzung-Yu Wang Master none
2003 Bao-lin Yiin Master The Analysis of Employee Stock Ownership Plan in Taiwan
2003 Tsui-pine Tang Master none
2002 曾士軒 Master 多標的資產連動債券評價與分析
2002 高貴美 Master 現金增資宣告效果因素探討
2002 Shih-Hsuan Tseng Master Valuation and analysis of equity-linked bonds on multi-underlying
2002 KUEI-MEI KAO Master The Study on Announcement Effect of Seasoned Equity Offering
2001 陳高商 Master 海外存託憑證定價與套利實證研究
2001 許武利 Master 委託書爭奪戰對股東財富之影響
2001 陳易成 Master 台灣地區上櫃轉上市公司異常報酬與穩定性之研究
2001 Linda Lin Master Financial development and the allocation of capital
2001 王宗興 Master 台灣新上市公司股票上市後存活分析
2001 Chung-Hsin Wang Master none
2001 WU-LI SHU Master none
2001 Allen Chen Master none
2001 GAU-SHIAN CHEN Master The Empirical Study of GDRs Pricing and Arbitrage
2000 Shau-Hua Lee Master Ex-dividend day stock price behavior-the case of Taiwan
2000 Hsiu-Mei Pan Master none
2000 Ju-Wang Chan Master The study on timing of IPO and private placements by venture-backed companies
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