Name Chang, Te-Min
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Recommendation Mechanism, Decision Analysis
Office 管(CM) 4053
Phone 4727

Education 1996, Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
1992, Master, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
1989, Bachelor, Industrial Engineering and Managemente, National Chiao Tung University
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2016 Chang, TM; Shih, CH; Hsu, MF (2016). Hybrid Segmentation Strategy and Multi-Agent SVMs for Corporate Risk Management in Class Imbalanced SituationsJOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION, 44(44), 1364-1375. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2016 Chang, TM; Kao, HY; Wu, JH; Su, YF (2016). Improving physicians' performance with a stroke CDSS: A cognitive fit design approachCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, 54(54), 577-586. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2014 Chang, TM; Hsiao, WF; Chang, WL (2014). An Ordinal Regression Model with SVD Hebbian Learning for Collaborative RecommendationJOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 30(30), 387-401. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2014 Hsiao, WF; Chang, TM; Thomas, E (2014). Extracting bibliographical data for PDF documents with HMM and external resourcesPROGRAM-ELECTRONIC LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 48(48), 293-313. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Hsiao, Wen-Feng; Chang, Te-Min (2013). Term expansion on the categorization of summarized documentsCOMPUTER SYSTEMS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 28(28), 259. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2011 蕭文峰 (2011). A K-mixture connective-strength-based approach to automatic text summarization International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, 10(2), 111-127. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2011 Chang,Te-Min(1);Hsiao,Wen-Feng(2) (2011). Model-based collaborative filtering to handle data reliability and ordinal data scaleProceedings - 2011 8th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, FSKD 2011, 3(), 2065-2069. (EI)
Journal Article 2010 Hsiao, W. F., Chang, T. M. (2010). Using Web mining techniques to identify a company's external environment on the WebJournal of e-Business (電子商務學報), 12(1), 133-154. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Chang, T. M., Hsiao, W. F. (2010). The impact of syntax and usage in the learner’s background languages on the learning of a new programming languageJournal of Information Management (資訊管理學報), 17(3), 1-18. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Chang,Te-Min(1);Hsiao,Wen-Feng(2);Wu,Cheng-Wei(1) (2010). 20111213760378Title:Incremental learning of aspect model on streaming documentsProceeding - 5th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology, ICCIT 2010, (), 360-365. (EI)
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Journal Article 2007 Chang, T. M., Hsiao, W. F., Lin T. H. (2007). An adaptive approach to concept extraction from searched informationJournal of e-Business(電子商務學報), 9(3), 487-514. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2007 Hsiao, W. F., Chang, T. M., Hu, G. H. (2007). A Cluster-based Approach to Skewed Class Problem in SPAM FilteringProceedings of the 40th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, (), . (EI)
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Journal Article 2005 Sun, YL; Chang, TM; Yih, Y[張德民[資管系]] (2005). Learning-based adaptive controller for dynamic manufacturing cellsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, (), 1952-1956. (SCIE)
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Conference Paper 2011 Chang, T. M. and Hsiao, W. F. (2011). Model-based Collaborative Filtering to Handle Data Reliability and Ordinal Data Scale. The 8th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, .
Conference Paper 2010 Hsiao, W. F., and Chang, T. M. (2010). Text classifier based on automatic summarization and term expansion. The 2010 International Conference on Business and Information, Kitakyushu, .
Conference Paper 2005 Chang T.M., Hsiao, W.F. (2005). Concept Exptraction from Navigated Information on the Web with latent Semantic indexing. The Fourth Workshop on e-Business, .
Year Title

多重因素架構下的動態企業信用風險預測模型之構建-整合社群網絡探勘、文字探勘、兩階段資料包落分析法與人工智慧技術. 科技部 (107-2410-H-110-025-MY2)


彙整社會網絡、企業競爭動態與企業趨勢分析建構企業成長潛力之評估模型. 科技部 (105-2410-H-110-033-MY2)


結合文字指標與財務指標衡量企業績效. 科技部 (104-2410-H-110-030-)


應用LDA於群組文件喜好推薦. 科技部 (103-2410-H-110-021-)


應用使用者-主題模式於個人化文件推薦. 科技部 (102-2410-H-110-063-)


源自人因(Human Factor)概念,匯集雲端與社群-一個全新的多功能線上互動會議系統. 科技部 (102-2815-C-110-008-H)


應用潛在狄氏配置於個人化文件推薦. 科技部 (NSC101-2410-H-110-005-)


大專校院精進全英語學位學制班別計畫. 政府部門 (01RA087)


以機率潛在語意分析為基之漸進式意向模式學習. 科技部 (NSC100-2410-H-110-009-)


結合字詞分佈與詞彙關係之自動文件摘要方法. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-007)


以物品信任為基礎之協同式推薦. 科技部 (NSC97-2410-H-110-032)


EVAM-It’s show time!. 科技部 (97-2815-C-110 -036 -E)


物件式與信任式協同過濾推薦之比較. 科技部 (NSC96-2416-H-110-017)


以潛在語意索引分析之混合式推薦系統. 科技部 (NSC95-2416-H-110-030)


4EverKiT-互動式網路社群結合個人化服務之設計與實作. 科技部 (95-2815-C-110 -027 -E)


網際網路上資訊涵意探究與資訊變化追蹤之研究. 科技部 (NSC91-2416-H-110-012)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 郭翰霖 Master 連結文字本體結構與關鍵字引導以提升線上醫療資訊尋求者之預期結果-以皮膚科問答為例
2018 HAN-LIN KUO Master Linking lexical ontology with keyword cues to enhance outcome expectancy for online health information seeking-Using dermatology-based inquires as an example
2018 Chung-Shun Lee Master Intelligent Healthcare Website Design on Medical Division Recommendation
2017 SU-HAN WANG Master The Effect of Service Quality, Perceived Risk and Advertisement in Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Role of Perceived Value
2017 Yu-Lin Chen Master Singular-Space-Based Support model for M&A Prediction
2017 Hsin-Tzu Chen Master Analyzing the Procurement Model of International Group in Taiwanese Fastener Industry
2016 Peter David Wueringer Master Development of an Expatriation and Repatriation Strategy for an International Corporation
2016 Po-Chia Liao Master A decision support framework for mergers and acquisitions to leverage business core competency
2016 Ya-ting Jhang Master A forecasting model to predict business performance trend by combining textual information and financial ratios
2015 Sebastian Baumgaertner Master Mexican market analysis for the automotive industry
2015 Shao-wen Chou Master The impact of textual indicators on business performance
2015 Judith Buchner Master Supply Chain Trends in the Automotive Industry: Implications for voestalpine in Mexico
2015 Peter Richl Master From Single Production Sites to a Truly Global Company
2015 Michael Luthwig Master A Multi-model tool for subsidiary management to measure market attractiveness, subsidiary strength, exploration, and exploitation
2015 Gerald Pichler Master Intercultural Business Intelligence - Cultural Characteristics and Peculiarities in Business and Behaviour
2015 Michaela Eder Master Regional Employee Selection in a Global Organization
2014 Thomas Jesse Harrison Allen Master Competition in E-Commerce: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective
2012 Chuan-Yi Wu Master LDA-based Group Recommendation on Documents
2011 Chao-Hong Shih Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Statistical Process Control Model
2011 Hsing-Yu Kung Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Network Product Business Management Model
2011 Chih Wei Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Small Panel OEM Factory MES Model
2011 Jiunn-hsiung Ker Master Study of Architecture-Oriented Container Yard Management Model
2011 Yih-ping Wang Master Study on Architecture-Oriented International Student Care and Management Model
2011 Chih-Hsien Lu Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Radar Maintenance and Operation Management Model
2011 Shun-Ju Chuang Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Product Lifecycle Management Model
2011 Chao-hsin Tsai Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Semiconductor Manufacturing Company R&D Laboratory Business Strategy Model
2011 Yu-Hsiang Hsueh Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Government Procurement Management Model
2011 Yuan-ta Su Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Auto Electronic Products Manufacturing Quality Management Model
2011 I-Cheng Hsu Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Memory Assembly and Testing OEM Factory Manufacturing Resource Planning Management Model
2011 Chine-chuan Hsu Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Private Cloud Model
2011 Tse-Cheng Chen Master ICA-clustered Support Vector Regressions in Time Series Stock Price Forecasting
2011 Chih-Ming Chen Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Coast Guard Information Security Management Model
2011 陳立人 Master 利用LatentDirichletAllocation之個人化文章推薦
2011 陳志民 架構導向海巡資訊安全管理之研究
2011 盧志賢 架構導向雷達維運管理模型之研究
2011 黃榮裕 架構導向火力發電廠改建工程管理模型之研究
2011 蔡兆欣 架構導向半導體製造公司研發實驗室企業策略模型之研究
2011 許一誠 架構導向記憶體封測代工製造資源規劃管理模型之研究
2011 史朝宏 架構導向統計製程管制模型之研究
2011 蘇淵達 架構導向車用電子製造品質管理模型之研究
2011 宮興裕 架構導向網路產品營業管理模型之研究
2011 陳立人 利用Latent Dirichlet Allocation之個人化文章推薦
2011 王意萍 架構導向國際學生照顧與管理模型之研究
2011 Rong-Yu Huang Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Thermal power station Alteration Affairs Management Model
2011 Li-Zen Chen Master Personalized Document Recommendation by Latent Dirichlet Allocation
2010 Chih-cheng Liu Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Manufacturing Management Model
2010 Yu-Feng Lin Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Stainless Steel Cold Roll Producing and Marketing Model
2010 Yu-jen Su Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Petroleum Business Management Model
2010 林育鋒 架構導向不?袗?冷軋產銷模型之研究
2010 Lan Lan Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Customer Relationship Management Model
2010 Ling-Yi Chiu Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Clinical Care Model
2010 蘇昱人 架構導向油品營業管理模型研究
2010 邱齡頤 架構導向臨床醫療照護模型之研究
2010 Chia-Yi Ting Master Study on Applying Enterprise Architecture to the Digital Cable TV Internal Marketing Management--The” C” Cable Company in Kaohsiung
2010 Chi-Mo Chou Master The Study of Architecture-Oriented Cable Network Management System Model
2010 Wen-His Chang Master Study on Private University Admission Strategies - A Case for Fooyin University
2010 Chun-Chieh Li Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Closed Circuit Television Information and Intelligence Management Model
2009 Chun-Liang Liu Master Study on Service-Oriented Medical Quality Management Model
2009 Cheng-Wei Wu Master Incremental Aspect Model Learning on Streaming Documents
2009 Chang-hsing Chou Master Study on Service-Oriented Manufacturing Resources Planning Management Model
2009 Shih-hui Tseng Master A Model-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Handling Data Reliability and Ordinal Data Scale
2009 Bih-Jing Liang Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Supply Chain Information Sharing Management Model
2009 Yu-mei Su Master Study on Service-Oriented Architects Association Website Model
2009 Hui-Rong Chen Master Study on Service-Oriented Medical Business Management Model
2009 Ming-yuan Chen Master Study on Service-Oriented Cable TV Customer Business Management Model
2009 陳慧蓉 服務導向醫院業務管理模型之研究
2009 劉峻良 服務導向醫療品質管理模型之研究
2009 梁碧菁 架構導向供應鏈資訊分享管理模型之研究
2009 周長興 服務導向製造資源規劃管理模型之研究
2009 曾詩惠 處理資料可靠性與次序尺度之模式型協同推薦
2009 Kuo-en Huang Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Marketing Management Model
2008 周賢輝 架構導向法院業務管理模型之研究
2008 Hsien-hui Chou Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Court Affairs Management Model
2008 Ting-li Li Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Hot Strip Mill Statistical Process Computer Model
2008 Mao-feng Hung Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Project Risk Management Model
2008 Dyi-min Luo Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Human Resource Management Model
2008 Chiang-nan Tsai Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Information Security Management Model
2008 蔡江楠 以架構導向資訊安全管理模型之研究
2008 Yu-chih Hsiao Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Human Resource Development System Model
2008 Da-Jin Gao Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Transmission line and Substation Affairs Management Model
2008 高大晉 架構導向輸變電工程管理模型之研究
2007 Chia-Ju Lu Master Item-level Trust-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Recommender Systems
2007 Li-An Yuan Master A hybrid approach to automatic text summarization
2007 呂佳如 以物品信任為基礎之協同式推薦
2006 Hsiao-Wen Liu Master Summary-based document categorization with LSI
2006 Chun-yi Wu Master The comparison of item-based and trust-based CF in sparsity problems
2006 Po-Jen Hsiao Master The comparison of search performance in acquaintance networks and trust networks
2005 Hsin-Chieh Huang Master A Content via Collaboration Approach to Text Filtering Recommender Systems
2004 Tzu-hsiang Lin Master Concept Extraction With Change Detection From Navigated Information
2004 Chia-Ching Wang Master Constructing an E-mail Classifier Based on User's Preferences with Adaptive Learning
2004 Hsaio Chen Master Using Mining Techniques to Identify External Web Environment of Companies
2003 Lin-Li Liao Master An Empirical Study on the e-CRM Performance Influence Model for Service Sectors in Taiwan
2003 Chia-Hao Chang Master Concepts Extraction and Change Detection from Navigated Information over the Internet
2002 賴志明 Master 網際網路上資訊涵意探究與資訊變化追蹤之研究
2002 葉飛 Master 線上問答集輔助建立之研究
2002 Hui-Cheng Huang Master none
2002 Fei Yeh Master The study of Supporting Online FAQ Generation
2002 Chi-Ming Lai Master The Study of Information Concepts Extracting and Change Detecting over the Internet
2000 Chiang-Luan Liu Master The Study of Applying Category Management on Adaptive Customer-centered Online Catalogs
2000 邱炳廷 Master 資訊科技促進半導體產業流程再造之個案研究
2000 李詩欽 Master 策略定位影響電子券商顧客關係管理之研究
2000 Kuang-Yu Chen Master A Study on Electronic Transactions Management Systems in Industrial Assembly Manufacturing Environments
2000 Shin-Chin Li Master The Impact of Strategic Position on E-Broker's CRM Applications
2000 Ping-Ting Chiu Master A Case Study on Information Technology Enabled Business Process Reengineering in Semiconductor Inductory
1999 Jung-Tsun Chang Master The Study of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Management
1999 陳世源 Master 資料採礦技術在病例與藥品關連性之研究
1999 陳昆賢 Master 應用模糊法則歸納法探採分類知識
1999 Shih-Yuan Chen Master Data Mining in Acquiring Association Knowledge Between Diseases and Medicine Treatments
1999 Kun-Hsien Chen Master Using Fuzzy Rule Induction for Mining Classification Knowledge
Year Title Awarding Organization
2010 Best Paper Award Journal of e-Business
Period Activity Description Role