Name Cheng, Jung-hua
Title Assistant Professor
Research Interests Consumer behavior, consumer attitude, service marketing, online communication, marketing strategy
Office 3037
Phone 4953

Education 2013, Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Experience 2018-02-01 ~ 2019-07-31, Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Business Management, National Taiwan Ocean University, Assistant Professor
2015-08-01 ~ 2018-01-31, Institute of Marketing Communication, National Sun Yat-sen University, Contractual Assistant Professor
2014-08-01 ~ 2015-07-31, Institute of Business and Management, National University of Kaohsiung, Project Assistant Professor
2013-09-01 ~ 2014-06-30, Department of Marketing and Logistics, MingDao University , Project Assistant Professor
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2019 Liu, Shu-Fang, Liu, Hsin-Hsien , Chang, Jung-Hua, and Chou, Han Ni (2019). Analysis of a new visual marketing craze: The effect of LINE sticker features and user characteristics on download willingness and product purchase intentionAsia Pacific Management Review, Online available(), . (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2019 Chang, Jung-Hua and Wang, Shan-Huei (2019). Different Levels of Destination Expectation: The Effects of Online Advertising and Electronic Word-of-MouthTelematics and Informatics, 36(), 27-38. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2019 Chih-Ching Teng, Hu, Cheng-Ming, Chang, Jung-Hua (2019). Triggering Creative Self-Efficacy to Increase Employee Innovation Behavior in the Hospitality WorkplaceJournal of Creative Behavior, Online Early View(), . (SSCI)
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Conference Paper 2019 Chang, Jung-Hua and Wang, Shan-Huei (2019). Do culture dissimilar really decrease M & A performances?. International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues, Greece.
Conference Paper 2018 Chang, Jung-Hua and Wang, Shan-Huei (2018). Does Internationalization Processes Always Good?. 2018 International Conference on Business and Information- Winter Session, Japan.
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Conference Paper 2016 Chang, Jung-Hua and Wang, Shan-Huei (2016). Defenses against Product Betrayal Aversion: Perceived Quality and Brand Image. 2016 Winter Global Business Conference, France.
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Conference Paper 2013 Chih-Ching Teng, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Meng-Lei Hu, and Jung-Hua Chang (2013). The Effects of Environmental Claims and Eco-labeling on Customer Attitudes and Hotel Choice Intention. International Congress on Engineering and Information, Thailand.
Conference Paper 2011 鄧之卿、張榮華 (2011). 餐廳消費者知覺價值模式:探討娛樂線索之調節效果. 2011餐旅管理暨產業發展國際學術研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2011 張心馨、簡雅嵐、張榮華 (2011). The Effect of Self-Regulatory Focus on Atypical Product Usages Evaluation: A Schema Congruity Perspective. 2011台灣管理學術研討會, Taiwan.
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Conference Paper 2006 巫立宇、藍靜怡、林金慧、張榮華 (2006). 資源、經營策略、市場導向、執行力與績效關係之研究. 2006台灣商管與資訊研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2006 巫立宇、張榮華、藍靜怡 (2006). 品牌權益與交易成本關係之研究. 2006台灣商管與資訊研討會, Taiwan.
Year Title

The Characteristics and Applications of Product Functioning Network. Ministry of Science and Technology (107-2410-H-019 -010 -MY2)


The Effects of Product Network. Ministry of Science and Technology (105-2410-H-110-035-MY2)


onsumers' Preference for Time and Money: The Effect of Role of Relationship Norm and Time Framing. Ministry of Science and Technology (104-2410-H-110-086-)


Overcoming Betrayal Aversion: Prior Experience, Brand Image, and Official Announcements. Ministry of Science and Technology (103 - 2410 - H - 390 - 030)

Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 崇越論文大賞「優良論文」 台灣管理學會
2017 教學優良課程教師 國立中山大學
2016 Yahoo! ECIC商電實務競賽「整體營運獎:特優」、「產品創意與設計獎:特優」、「行動商務整合獎:優等」 雅虎奇摩
2016 TBSA全國大專創新企劃競賽「特優」獎 社團法人台灣商務策劃協會
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