Name Fong, Cher-Min
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests International Business、Strategic Management
Office 3023
Phone 管3023

Education 1960, Master, Business Administration, National Taiwan University
1960, Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
1960, Ph.D., Strategy management, University of Maryland
Experience 1984-05-01 ~ 1989-08-31, China Productivity Center R&D, Manager
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2003-01-01 ~ , Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA, Review Committee
2003-01-01 ~ , Ministry of Economic Affairs , Review Committee
2003-01-01 ~ , Ministry of Economic Affairs , Review Committee
2002-08-01 ~ , Metal Industries R&D Center (MIRDC), Consultant
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2016 Chen, ST; Haga, KYA; Fong, CM (2016). The effects of institutional legitimacy, social capital, and government relationship on clustered firms` performance in emerging economiesJOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT, 29(29), 529-550. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Cher-Min Fong, Chun-Ling Lee, and Yunzhou Du (2015). Consumer animosity and foreign direct investment: An investigation of consumer responsesInternational Business Review, 24(24), 23-32. (SSCI, 其他期刊)
Journal Article 2014 Cher-Min Fong, Chun-Ling Lee*, and Yunzhou Du (2014). Consumer animosity, country of origin, and foreign entry-mode choice: Across-country investigation.Journal of International Marketing., 1(1), 62-76. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2013 Fong, Cher-Min; Lee, Chun-Ling; Du, Yunzhou (2013). Target reputation transferability, consumer animosity, and cross-border acquisition success: A comparison between China and TaiwanINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, 22(22), 174. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Chien, ST; Hsueh, JC; Lin, HH; Shih, HY; Lee, TM; Ben, RJ; Chou, ST; Fong, CM; Lin, YE; Tseng, LR; Chiang, CS (2010). Epidemiological investigation of a case of nosocomial Legionnaires disease in Taiwan: implications for routine environmental surveillanceCLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION, (), 761-763. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2010 Chang, NJ; Fong, CM (2010). Green product quality, green corporate image, green customer satisfaction, and green customer loyaltyAFRICAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, (), 2836-2844. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2007 Fong, CM; Ho, HL; Weng, LC; Yang, KP (2007). The intersubsidiary competition in an MNE: Evidence from the Greater China RegionCANADIAN JOURNAL OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES-REVUE CANADIENNE DES SCIENCES DE L ADMINISTRATION, (), 45-57. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2007 Fong, C. M., Weng, L. C., Chao, Y. C., Ho, H. H. (2007). The effects of subsidiary roles and MNC nationalities on the top management team demography: Empirical research on MNC subsidiaries in TaiwanAsia Pacific Management Review, 0(0), . (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2006 方至民、蔡憲唐、石孟勳、張慧君 (2006). 創業投資的評選準則與經理人特質之研究創業管理研究, 1(1), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2005 方至民、翁良杰、曾志弘、柯秋霜 (2005). 多國籍企業以在台子公司員工擔任外派中國大陸之第三國外派人員影響因素之研究-比較個案分析人力資源管理學報, 5(3), 21-47. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2004 Fong, C. M., Ho, H. L., Weng, L. C., Yang, K. P. (2004). The inter-subsidiary competition in an MNE: Evidence from the Greater China Region.Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. , (), . (SSCI)
Journal Article 2004 方至民、翁良杰 (2004). 制度與制度修正:台灣積體電路產業發展的路徑變遷(自1973-1993)人文及社會科學集刊, 16(3), 351-388. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2004 鍾憲瑞、方至民、陳慶樑 (2004). 廠商策略行為相似性與廠商績效之關係管理評論, 23(3), 1-21. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2004 Tseng, C. H., Fong, C. M., Sue, K. H (2004). The determinants of MNC subsidiary initiatives implications for small businessInternational Globalisation and Small Business, 1(1), 92-114. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2004 Chung, H. J., Fong, C. M., Tseng, C. H. (2004). The harzard rate of evolution of international joint venture: System-triggered or Action-triggered.International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, 4(4), 282-300. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2004 Fong, C. M., Tseng, C. H., Lee, C. S., Chung, H. J. (2004). An evolutionary approach to study joint-venture business performance: An empirical study of international joint-venture in Taiwan.International Journal of Business Performance Management, 6(), 22-42. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2001 Fong, C. M., Weng, L. C., Chao, Y. C., Ho, H. H. (2001). The effects of subsidiary roles and MNC nationalities on the top management team demography: Empirical research on MNC subsidiaries in Taiwan.Asia Pacific Management Review., 0(0), . (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2000 方至民,曾志弘,鍾憲瑞,沈如騏 (2000). 高階經營團隊特質與財務能力對企業研發支出影響之究--以台灣上市電子產業公司為例科技管理學刊, 5(), 29-46. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2000 Wally, S. and C.M. Fong (2000). Effects of performance, organizational slack and debt on entry timing: A study of ten emerging product markets.Industry and Innovation, 7(2), 169-183. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 1999 Fong, C.-M., C.-H. Tseng, and H.-J. Chung (1999). The effects of Planning processes on instability of Taiwan’s International joint venture.Asia Pacific Management Review, 4(1), 13-22. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 1998 鍾憲瑞、劉韻僖、方至民 (1998). 管理學術界在做什麼--以學術界期刊為分析對象中山管理評論, 6(1), 169-192. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 1998 Fong, C.-M., H.J. Chung and C.-H. Tseng (1998). The effects of Parent Firm Characteristics on instability of international joint ventureSun Yat-Sen Management Review, 6(), 625-642. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 1998 郭榮茂、胡國強、方至民 (1998). 企業轉型中的多角化策略選擇--以高雄地區建築投資業為例中華管理評論, 1(), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 1997 方至民、曾志弘 (1997). 形成條件對中外合資企業績效之影響中山管理評論, 0(0), . (TSSCI)
Conference Paper 2019 Cher-Min Fong, Chao-Cheng Chung, Hsiao-Hui Ho, Hsing-Hua Stella Chang* (2019). CONSUMER ANIMOSITY, LOCAL DOMINANCE, AND INTERNATIONAL JOINT VENTURES. AAOM TAOM JOINT CONFERENCE , Indonesia.
Conference Paper 2018 Cher­Min Fong*, Chao­Cheng Chung, Hui Wen Wang, Hsing­Hua Stella Chang, Pei­Chun Hsieh (2018). Post­Acquisition Asset Redeployment and Marketing Adaptation ­ A Consumer Perspective.. AIB 2018, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Cher Min Fong, Hsiao Hui Ho, Hui Wen Wang, Hsing Hua Chang (2017). Consumer (Demand-Side) Perspective on Marketing Adaptation. AIB 2017 , United Arab Emirates.
Conference Paper 2016 Hui Wen Wang, Yun Zhou Du, Hsiao Hui Ho, Ming Ching Huang (2016). Consumer Animosity and Product Localization - A Cross-Country Study. 2016 AIB (Academy of International Business) Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2014 Cher-Min Fong, Chun-Ling Lee*, Hui Wen Wang, Sze-Ting Chen, (2014). Emerging Market Company’s Selection of Developed Country Executives. 2014 AIB (Academy of International Business) Annual Meeting, Canada.
Conference Paper 2013 Cher-Min Fong, Chun-Ling Lee, and Yunzhou Du (2013). Consumer Animosity, Market Legitimacy, and Foreign Entry-Mode Choice: An Institutional Perspective. Consumer Animosity, Market Legitimacy, and Foreign Entry-Mode Choice, Turkey.
Conference Paper 2013 Cher-Min Fong, Chun-Ling Lee, Hui Wen Wang (2013). An Investigation of Consumer Trust. Emerging Market Firms’ Acquisitions in Developed Countries, Turkey.
Conference Paper 2002 Fong,C.M.,Tsai,C.Y.,Hsiao,Y.T.,Weng,L.C.,Ho.H.H (2002). The effects of Motivation and firm specific feature on R&D strategy of multinational corporations – Empirical research for MNC Subsidiaries in Taiwan. Asian Academy of Management, .
Conference Paper 2002 Fong,C.M.,Chao,Y.C.,Hsiao,Y.T.,Weng,L.C.,Ho.H.H (2002). The Influences of the Strategic Roles of Subsidiaries and the Nationalities of the MNC on the Top Management Teams-An Empirical Research for MNC Subsidiaries in Taiwan. Asian Academy of Management, .
Book and Chapter 2015

(2015). 策略管理:建立企業永續競爭力. 前程出版社

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 策略管理 建立企業永續競爭力. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 國際企業管理 建構全球營運優勢. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 管理學 整合觀點與創新思維. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 管理個案集 實務解析與應用. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2006

(2006). 企業概論 建構企業核心價值. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2006

(2006). 企業競爭優勢. 前程文化事業

Book and Chapter 2004

(2004). :以客為尊、多元佈局的雷射尖兵-雷科. 經濟部中小企業處、中華民國管理科學學會

Book and Chapter 2003

(2003). :成功轉型,再造獲利新契機-慈陽科技. 經濟部中小企業處、中華民國管理科學學會

Book and Chapter 2002

(2002). 哈佛學不到的創業典範. 天下文化

Year Title

Standardization and Adaptation of International Marketing - Consumer Perspective. Ministry of Science and Technology (106-2410-H-110-061-MY2)


Development of national companies to hire high-level executives of developed national companies - research on spillover effects. Ministry of Science and Technology (104-2410-H-110-074-MY2)


Research on mergers and acquisitions activities and follow-up asset adjustments in emerging countries in developed countries to investigate consumer trust with experimental design. Ministry of Science and Technology (103-2410-H-110-071-)


Research on the Innovation Ability and Performance of Cluster Enterprises: A Case Study of Taiwanese Enterprises in China. Ministry of Science and Technology (101-2410-H-110-070-MY2)


TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd - The next three years of strategic white paper. TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd (N102142)


一個市場觀點的企業購併策略研究. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-028-MY3)


A market view of corporate mergers and acquisitions strategy research. Ministry of Science and Technology (NSC98-2410-H-110-028-MY3)


99A10722本土品牌個案研究-品牌與運動行銷:台灣金蜂(案號:BASC-99162-7). National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (99139)


多國際企業兩岸子公司關聯性之影響因素與動態性研究(2/2). 科技部 (NSC96-2416-H-110-007-SS2)


台灣本土品牌個案-(子計畫六)品牌文化:舊振南的文化融合. 科技部 (NSC97-2410-H-110-056)


多國際企業兩岸子公司關聯性之影響因素與動態性研究(1/2). 科技部 (NSC96-2416-H-110-007-SS2)


MNE兩岸子公司間自主權的探討-知識和自組織的影響因素. 科技部 (NSC95-2416-H-110-012)


產業群聚的形成與優勢—以中關村與竹科為例. 科技部 (NSC94-2416-H-110-026)


多國際企業大中華區域策略研究:以二案子公司間關係變化為焦點. 科技部 (NSC93-2416-H-110-037-SSS)


多國籍企業母公司赴大陸投資過程中台灣子公司之策略性介面角色之研究. 科技部 (NSC92-2416-H-110-029)


調整養殖漁業結構,提升養殖產業競爭力計畫. 中華民國養殖漁業生產區發展協會 (1466)


華人地區創業投資產業投資策略及投資行為-台灣與新加坡之實証及歐美之比較研究. 科技部 (NSC91-2416-H-110-032)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Jann-Jiun Wang Master A Study on Business Strategy of Textile Industry in Taiwan-A Case of Singtex Corporation
2018 Kuan-Chen Ho Master Competitive Strategy of FMCG Industry:The Cases of P&G and Unilever
2018 Yen-Ning Liu Master The International Market Entry Strategy of Cross-Border E- Commerce Platforms –A Case Study of Alibaba, Amazon, and Otto Group
2018 Ching-Yi Chang Master A Study on Business Strategy of Apparel and Accessories E-Commerce Companies in Taiwan:The Case of PAZZO
2018 Chi Wang Master A Study on Internationalization Strategy and Competitive Advantages of Taiwanese Beverage Chain Stores - The Case of Dayungs' Entry into Indonesia Market
2018 Chen Su Master Research on Managerial Strategy for Restaurant Brand Entering Taiwan Hospital Market A Case of Wowprime Group
2018 Yu-Ting Chiu Master A Study on Business Strategy of Sharing-Economy Company-The Case of Uber
2017 Ming-Hui Liu Master Impact of Marketing Portfolio Strategy on Financial Performance : A Case of Guo Li Construction Company in Taiwan
2017 Cing-Lian Liou Master Research on the Competitive Strategy of Japanese Retail Chain:The cases of Muji and Uniqlo
2017 Chun-Yi Wu Master A Study on the Transformation Strategy of OEMs to Self-Brands - A Case of Pacific Cycles Inc.
2017 Hung-yen Wu Master The Study of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A Case of Universal Eye Center
2017 王以明 Master NBA的國際化策略-以中國市場為例
2017 蘇美合 Master 美國紅酒進口商之競爭優勢硏究-資源基礎觀點
2017 牛國威 Master 一帶一路政策對於海運承攬業經營策略影響之研究-以C集團為例
2017 曾曜燦 Master 服務品質、顧客滿意度與購買行為之研究—以SunshineImport公司為例
2017 Ying-Yi Wu Master The Impact of Financial Technology on the Development of Domestic Banks
2017 Yu-Chu Lin Master Research of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty of Fitness Club
2017 Tsung-han Hsiao Master The Consumption Value Perspective on the Relationship between O2O Business Model and Purchase Intention - A Case of ''
2017 吳俊毅 Master 台灣代工企業轉型自有品牌策略研究– 以太平洋自行車股份有限公司為例
2017 Shu-Hui Wu Master Research on the Competitive Advantage of Branding Strategy and Channel Development-The Case Analysis of Company A
2017 Yen-Ta Lu Master A Study on the Impact of the Development of Electric Vehicle on Independent Workshop in Taiwan
2017 Yu-Kai Chou Master A Study on Strategic Positioning and Competitive Advantage of Fitness Equipment Manufacturer
2017 Kuan-Hao Tsui Master Research on International Business Strategies of Reproductive Medical Center- A Study of Mainland China
2017 LI CHIEH CHANG Master A Study on Integrated Business Model of Telemedicine Platform
2017 MENG-TING CHANG Master A Study on Factors Affecting resignation Tendencies of Catering Professionals
2017 CHIH-CHIEH CHANG Master A Study on Strategic Innovation of Industrial PC Corporation in Taiwan - The Case Study of Ennoconn
2017 Yao-Tsan Tseng Master A Study of Service Quality, Consumer Satisfaction and Purchase Behavior—The Case of Sunshine Import Company
2017 Ling-Hsiu Lin Master A Case Study on Strategic Management of Fastener Industry
2017 Yi-Chien Ke Master A Study on the Factors Affecting Entry Mode Decisions and Business Strategies of Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland
2017 Hong-Zhang Yang Master A Study on Factors Influencing Consumer to Purchase Intention for New Brand- The Case of Oregin Group
2017 Wei-Lun Chiang Master A Study on Selling Container Ocean Freight Service on Internet Platform
2017 Jia-Ruei Shen Master The Challenge and Strategy to Introduce Blockchain Technology into Bank Operations- A Case Study of Cathay Bank
2017 Chien-Che Hung Master A Feasibility Analysis on the Implementation of Automation in Food and Beverage Industries
2017 Fu-lung Hung Master The Study on Competitive Strategy of Belt Conveyor Industry: A case of Company F Entering Vietnam Market
2017 Chih-lin Hung Master A Study on the Brand Strategies of Audio-Video and Public Addressing Industries in International Market
2017 Kuo-Wei Niu Master The Impact of One Belt and One Road Policy On Business Strategies of Freight Forwarders–A Case Study of GROUP C.
2017 I-Ming Wang Master Internationalization Strategy of NBA - A Study on China Market
2017 Li-Wen Wang Master The Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Textile Garment Brands — The Case of LICHEN Company in Chinese Market
2017 Yi-Ning Wang Master A Case Study on the Growth Strategy of Pharmaceutical Product and Dietary Supplement Industries in Taiwan - The Case of Sinlan Corporation
2017 Li-No Wang Master A Study on Competitive Advantages of Credit Card Acquirer -The Case of National Credit Card Center
2017 Hung-Kuo Wang Master A Study on International Marketing Strategy in Steel Industry
2017 Yu-Chieh Chin Master A Study on Taiwanese Steel Company's Investments in Indonesia Market
2017 LE-RONG WONG Master Research on Consumer Attitude toward the Extension of Luxury Brands
2017 En-Kuei Hu Master A Study on the Diversification Strategy of Automation System-integration Company
2017 Ming-Sheng Chuang Master A Study on Transformation and Marketing Strategy for Commercial Real Estate
2017 Cheng-Chang Tsai Master Internationalization Strategy of Non-ferrous Metals
2017 Chao-chien Tsai Master The Strategic Analysis and Entry Model Choice for Taiwan Adhesive Company in Brasil's Footwear Adhesive Market
2017 Yi-Shen Hsiao Master A Study on Individual Loan, Digital Marketing and Risk Management of Banking Industry
2017 Mei-Her Su Master A Study on Competitive Advantages of an American Red Wine Importer - A Resource-Based View
2017 Hsueh-Hui Su Master Research on Marketing Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Internet Service Companies
2017 Liang-Wei Hsu Master A Study on the Vertically Integrated Firm’s Mode of Entry into Emerging Markets – The Case of a Polyester Fiber Company
2017 Yu-Ping Chiu Master The Business Strategy of Industrial Personal Computer Brands-A Case Study of Advantech
2017 Feng-Li Juan Master A study on Taiwanese banks’ strategies for Entry into ASEAN Markets-The Case of Vietnam
2017 Chun-hsiang Chen Master A Study on the Performance of Automobile Company’s Acquisition of Non-life Insurance Company
2017 Yen-ling Chen Master A Study on the Correlation between Crude Oil Futures and Crude Oil ETF
2017 Chih-Yu Chen Master A Study on Brand Revitalization Strategies - The Case of House of Little Moments
2017 Chen Ying-Chung Master The impact of Corporate Culture,Institutional Changes and Organizational Forms Creation on Organizational Performance -The Case of Ta Shias Chemical Co.,LTD
2017 Yu-han Chen Master International Strategies of Taiwanese Assistive Device Industry: The Case of Karma Medical Company in Indian Market
2017 Cheng-yen Chen Master A Case Study on Business Strategy of Ground Mounted Solar Energy Industry
2017 Huang Hui-Ya Master A Study on Marketing Strategy of Ceramic Tile Industry
2017 Wen-Pin Huang Master A study on International Expansion Strategy:The Case of PATTA
2016 Ya-Hui Lu Master A Study on Consumers' Purchase Behavior of Religious Cultural Housing
2016 Xun Zhou Master Strategic Analysis of Hot Pot Industry-The Case of Xiabu
2016 Li-Yun Chang Master The Study on Factors Affecting Capability Building of the New Start-Up SMEs in Taiwan— A Resource- Based View
2016 Ting-Wei Shih Master A Study on Operational Strategies of Container Liners under the Trend of Ultra Large Container Vessel.
2016 Kun-Chang Tseng Master A Study on the Business Strategy of Corporate Sustainable Management-The Case of Building Steel Industry
2016 Cheng-hsuan Lee Master A Study on the Strategy of Taiwan Book Publishing Industry Distributors
2016 Ming-Chuan Lee Master A Study on Taiwanese Entrepreneur’s Investment Strategy for Real Estate in Mainland China– The Case of Chongqing City
2016 Hsiao-Chen Li Master A Study on the Management Strategy of Taiwan 's Finacial Industry in the FinTech Era
2016 Yi-Wei Lin Master A Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Shipbuilding Corporation:A case of China Ship Building Corporation.
2016 Yu-ting Lin Master A Study on Strategic Positioning and Sustainable Competitive Competitive Advantages---The Case of Muji
2016 Yu-Mei Lin Master The Study of the Effect of Indigenous Defence Warship Policy in Shipbuilding Industry
2016 Bei-Shan Lin Master A Study on Internationalization Strategy of Small and Medium Size B to B Entrepreneur in Taiwan
2016 Cheng-Wei Yang Master A Study on Failed Start-ups from Perspective of Strategic Positioning-The Cases of Homejoy and Airizu
2016 Yu-Ju Yang Master A Study on Strategic Management of Digital Nursing Platform
2016 Yi-Wen Ou Master A Study of Strategy into Vietnam for Taiwanese Company – The Case of Aluminum Corporation
2016 Shun-lee Wang Master The Business Strategy to Engage IoT Applications - A Case Study of 'A' Company
2016 Fang-chi PI Master A Study on Business Strategy of Vertical Electronic Commerce Platform in Taiwan
2016 Li-Chia Wong Master The Moderating Effects of Organizational Tenure and Position on Employees’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Commitment
2016 Tung-Ping Wan Master A Study on Factors Affecting the Choice of On-the-job Management Training
2016 Fu-Ming Yeh Master The Study of Process Reengineering on Graphics and Documents Management in Design and Construct Stage in Construction Company
2016 Tien-Yi Tsai Master The Role of a Film Production Company in the Development of Network Marketing
2016 Wei-Han Chan Master Business Strategies of Smart Metering in The Internet-of-Things Era
2016 Mei-Ling Chao Master A Study on Development Strategy for Taiwanese Panel Industry-A Case of Innolux
2016 Shih-Chieh Kuo Master A Study on Investment Behavior of Corporate Venture Capitalist
2016 Shyh-Tah Chern Master A Study on Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Machine Tools Industry
2016 Pei-Yu Chen Master A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy of Aluminum Corporation in Vietnam
2016 Yan-Ling Chen Master The Effect of Fashion Brands' Diversification into Restaurant Industry on Brand Equity
2016 Temmy Wiryawan Master Analysis of Low-Price Strategy in Smartphone Industry - A Case Study of Xiaomi
2016 Chih-Wei Chen Master A Study on Key Success Factors of New Product Development – Based on an Example of Company A in the Thermal Industry
2016 Ying-rong Chen Master A Study on Strategic Positioning and Competitive Advantages of Independent Bookstores
2016 Hsin-I Han Master A Study on Development of Squid Fishery in Taiwan Offshore Fisheries
2016 GU CHEN Master A Study on Internationalization Strategies of Chinese Traditional Catering Business-The Cases of DinTaiFung and Hidilao Hot Pot
2016 Yun Kao Master Research on International Competitive of Strategy of Taiwanese Fastener Industry-A Perspective of Diamond Model
2016 Chia-Chi Huang Master The Competitive Advantage of Supplementary School under Declining Birthrate
2016 Yu-Chung Huang Master Study of Competitive Strategy to Dermatology Clinics' Cosmetic Medical Business
2016 Cheng-shun Chen Master A Study on daVinci surgery Competitive Strategies of Taiwan Experience
2015 Kuan-ying He Master A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy of IC Design Company
2015 Chien-husn Yu Master A Study on the Value-added Services Provided by Semiconductor Distributors
2015 Chiao-Jou Liu Master Research on the Competitive Strategy of Drug Store Industry in Japan:The Cases of Cosmos Drug and Matsumotokiyosi
2015 Chieh-Min Pien Master A Study on Multi-brand Strategies of Travel Agencies
2015 Wen-Ping Wu Master A Study on Business Strategy of Small Accountancy Firms
2015 Chia-lung Lu Master A Study on Strategic Positioning And Customer Value Proposition for Chinese Herbal Medicine Industry
2015 Su-Chen Lu Master A Study on Entry Strategies into the Tuna Market in Mainland China
2015 Bih-Ru Liao Master Research on Factors Affecting Comsumer Use Intentions of Bank 3.0 Services
2015 Ze-tian Zhang Master A Study on Business Model of Sharing Economy
2015 Jen-Kuang Fang Master A Study on Key Success Factors for New Product Development of Semiconductor IC Assembly and Test Industries
2015 Chih-hsiung Fang Master A Study on Service Quality, Consumer Satisfaction, and Consumer Loyalty of Travel Agencies - The Perspective of Elderly Consumers
2015 Tai-wei Lin Master Research on Responding Strategies for Popular Music Industry in the Digital Music Age in Taiwan
2015 Shang-rung Yang Master A Study on Product Portfolio Decisions of Start-up Biotechnology Companies-A Case of InnoPharmax Biotechnology Company
2015 Chi-yuan Tang Master Research on Reducing Employee Turn-over- A Case of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Company
2015 Chien-jung Tien Master The Effect of Brand Rejuvenation on Brand Equity – Consumer Involvement as Moderator
2015 Te-Chung Tsai Master The Impact of Leadership Style and Motivation on Worker’s Job Satisfaction
2015 Tung-lin Tsai Master A Study on Entry Strategies of Malaysian Market for Taiwanese Manufacturers of Polycarbonate Sheet and Film
2015 Hsi-Chang Tsai Master A Study on International Marketing Strategy of Stainless Steel Industry
2015 Yu-Ting Chiang Master A Study on the Integration of Clicks and Mortars in Retailing Industries.
2015 Kuei-Jung Hsu Master A Study on Responding Strategies of Traditional Bookstores for E-Books and Internet Bookstores
2015 Shu-Chuan Hsu Master A Study on The Cloud Strategies of Taiwan's Public Finance and Taxation Information Systems
2015 De-Yang Chen Master A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan
2015 Sze-ting Chen Ph.D The Effects of Institutional Legitimacy, Social Capital, and Government Relationship on Clustered Firms’ Performance in Emerging Economies
2015 Wei-Jen Chen Master Research on Strategies for Entering Global Markets – the Case of Dyehouse Automation Industry
2015 Guei-siang Chen Master A Study on Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Brands in Chinese Home Appliance Market.
2015 Yi-tien Chen Master A Study on Strategic Positioning and Sustainable Competitive Advantages of the Old-House-Reborn Bed & Breakfast Cases
2015 Wei-da Chen Master A Study on the Strategy of e-Sports Companies in Taiwan―The Case of Garena
2015 Mei-ju Ou Master A Study on Diversification Strategy of Traditional Industries -A Case of Aquaculture Fishery Industry
2014 Meng-Ling Liu Master The Effect of Waiting Time on Car service Satisfaction - Music and Consumer Characteristics as Moderators
2014 Hung-yuan Wu Master A Study on Key Success Factors and Strategic Positioning of Capsule Coffee
2014 Lin-Hsin Chou Master Business strategies of KTV chain stores in China - A case study of Good Time KTV in Xiamen
2014 I-feng Sun Master The Strategy for Plastic Surgery Clinics Entry into Second-tier Cities
2014 Kuo-tung Liao Master A Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantages of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan – The Case of Taiwan Golden Bee
2014 Ning Hsu Master An Investigation of the Effect of Affective Advertising Types on Advertising Effect and Brand Attitude –Product Involvements and Celebrity Endorser as Moderators
2014 Kuang-yu Chu Master Impacts of Experiential Value of Hedonic Products on Brand Equity
2014 Fu-ming Wang Master A Study of Entry Strategy into Malaysia for Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Company
2014 Chao-yang Wang Master A Case Study of Key Success Factors for Taiwanese Lime Companies’ Investment in Vietnam
2014 Cheng-yuan Wang Master The Developing Strategy of Automotive Application FPC in Mektec Taiwan — The Resource-Based View Perspective
2014 Chun-lung Wang Master A Study on Service Quality, Consumer Satisfaction, and Consumer Loyalty of Car-Washing Services in Gasoline Stations-The Moderating Effect of Consumer Characteristics
2014 Huei-Lan Pai Master A Study on Impacts of Omni-Channel Strategy on IT Retailers
2014 Wei-Chen Tung Master A Study on the Business Strategy of Independent Cultural-Creativity Bookstores – The Case of TaKaoBooks
2014 Ting-Ting Chuang Master A Study of Operational Performance and Capital Structure in Semiconductor Assembly and Test Industry
2014 Yu-ku Chuang Master A Case Study on Strategic Analyses of Shopping Mall in China
2014 Meng-Huan Chiu Master A Study on Strategic Positioning of Pharmaceutical Company in the Anti-Hyperlipoproteinemic Drugs Market
2014 Chi-jung Chung Master A Study of Key Success Factors for the Growth of Firms -A Resources-Based View
2014 Kuan-Hung Chen Master Competitive Strategies of Home Appliances in Chinses Market- the Case Study of Electromagnetic Ovens
2014 陳品涵 Master 購併策略的關鍵成功要素−以聯想集團為例
2014 Pin-Han Chen Master Key Success Factors of Merger and Acquisition Strategy −A Case Study on Lenovo
2014 Chien-Jung Chen Master A Case Study on Business Strategy of Resource Recycling Companies
2014 Chen-Li Chen Master A Study on Status of Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act -The Case of Taiwanese Companies Listed in USA
2014 Chung-Chun Huang Master A Study of On-Line to Off-line Marketing Strategy for Chinese Tourists’ Consumption in Taiwan – A Case of UnionPay
2013 Zi-Bin He Master The Strategic Analysis of Taiwan’s Technology Enterprises Attracting Taiwanese Staff to Expatriate in Pearl River Delta Region:A Study of Foxconn
2013 Kun-Tu Lu Master Business Model and Strategy in Marine Salvage and Towage:The AMC Case Study
2013 Chih-wei Liao Master TRIZ theory for transition competitive advantage in the development of medium-sized shipyards in Taiwan
2013 Chun-Ling Lee Ph.D Country-of-origin, consumer animosity, and foreign entry-mode choice: A cross-country study
2013 I-HSIU LEE Master The Impact of Marketing Strategies on Building Brand Equity-A Case of Nike
2013 Fei-yun Lee Master Competitive Advantages of Smartphone Industry in 4G Era - A case study of SAMSUNG and SONY
2013 Mei-Lin Chi Master A Study of Responding Strategy of Logistics Industry to Free Economic Pilot Zones in Kaohsiung
2013 Chen-Chi Lin Master A Study on Strategic positioning of the culturally creative restaurant in Kaohsiung City
2013 I-Ju Lin Master A Study on Investments of Taiwan’s Dentists in Shanghai Pilot Free Trad Zone
2013 Han-Je Lin Master A Study on Business Management of Real Estate Appraiser in Taiwan
2013 Sheng-jhe Lin Master The Effects of Sports sponsorship on Brand Equity
2013 Liang-jhe Lin Master A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Lenovo
2013 Yu-Chen Lin Master The Research on Marketing Strategy of CCFL Lighting in Chinese Guangdong
2013 Chi-ting Horng Master The Strategic Management of Ophthalmology Division of Regional Hospital in Taiwan
2013 Ting-wun You Master A Study on Business Model of Crowdfunding Company - A Case of FlyingV
2013 Hao Chu Master Cultural and Creative Industrial District as City Marketing Strategy-A Study of Pier-2 in Kaohsiung
2013 Wei-hsiang Wang Master A Study on Customer Value Creation in B2B Context -A Case of T Company
2013 Pei-Yun Wang Master A Study on Internet Business Model and International Market Entry Strategy of Xiaomi
2013 YU-MING LO Master The Case Study on The Strategic Management of Tesla’s Electric Automobile
2013 Ching-Fu Chuang Master The B to B Marketing Research of Industrial Products -An Empirical Study for Hans Von Mangoldt in China Market
2013 Hui-Shan Chuang Master The Effects of Service Benefits, Consumer Traits and Relationship Quality on Consumer Preferences and Uses of Self-Service Fueling
2013 Cheng-Pang Pei Master A Study of Beneficial Estate Product Portfolio and Marketing
2013 JEN-HAO HSU Master The Acceptance of Self-Service Fueling by Using Technology Acceptance Model
2013 Fen-Lan Hsu Master A Study of Strategic Marketing of Luxury Estate in Kaohsiung: The Case Study of D Building Project
2013 Yu-Jen Kuo Master A Study on Transformation Strategy of Food Material Supplier
2013 Kao-Hseng Kuo Master The Research on Quality Enhancement of Hydropower and Fire - Fighting Engineering- A Case Study of JY Engineering Company
2013 Yu-feng Chin Master An Empirical Study of Marketing Strategy and Brand Equity – An Example for Fushan Company
2013 Chao-Cheng Chung Ph.D The Effects of Size, Employee Efficiency and Bilateral Relationship on Post-acquisition Performance – Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in Taiwan
2013 李飛雲 Master 4G時代智慧型手機產業競爭策略-以SAMSUNG及SONY為例
2013 Chia-Chiuan Chen Master The Competitive Strategy for the Zipper Company Entering Global Market: The Case Study of W Company.
2013 莊清富 Master BtoB工業產品之行銷研究 -以HansvonMangoldt在中國市場為例
2013 Pei-Ru Chen Master A Study On Key Success Factors in FCCL Industry –A Case of T Company
2013 Jui-Hung Huang Master A Study of Competitive Advantage: Cases of TSMC and UMC
2012 張乃文 Master 以資源基礎觀點探討台灣精品旅館競爭優勢 ─以台北WHotel為例
2012 Chin-Ching Liu Master The strategic analyses of Taiwanese Own Brand Corporations in European Markets
2012 Nai-Wen Chang Master The competitive Advantage of Boutique Hotel based on Resource-Based View :A Case Study of Taipei W Hotel
2012 Shu-Cheng Chang Master Competitive Strategy of Field Programmable Grid Array: A Study of Xilinx Company
2012 Kai-Hsien Chang Master The Relationships Among Medical Service Quality, Patients’Satisfaction and Loyalty in Methadone Maintenance Therapy
2012 李宇宸 Master 以資源基礎觀點看後進者優勢以7-ELEVEN與全家便利商店為例
2012 Kao-yao Chang Master The Effect of the Combine Care Intensivists System on Intensive Care Unit Quality of Care and Utilization of Medical Resources:Example of a Southern Regional Teaching Hospital
2012 Kuo-Hwa Hsu Master Discussion of acute STEMI patients with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) carried out within 90 minutes of arrival at one Kaohsiung regional hospital
2012 Cheng Fu Master The Analysis of Global Yachting Industry and Corperate Strategy - A Study of H Group
2012 Yu-Hsueh Lee Master e-Brand Loyalty and Expansion Strategy of On-Line stores:A Multi-Case Study
2012 Yu-Chen Lee Master How Do Late-Movers Create Their Own Competitive Advantages: A Resource-Based View, The Case of 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart in Taiwan.
2012 Wen-yu Lee Master A Co-opetition Strategy Research on HTC Company in Smartphone Industry by Competitive Dynamics
2012 Ching-Chang Lee Master The influence of the provision of medical service quality in gastroendoscopy on patients’ satisfaction and loyalty
2012 Chia-Hung Lin Master Research on business strategy in Shipping-related industries : An investigation of container ,bulk carrier and Nautical Charts & Publications sectors
2012 Lu-chen Lin Master The Establishment and Extension of the Value Chain of Media Industry: A Case Study of GO! DuLaLa
2012 Hsen-Chien Lin Master Innovative Strategies for Rental Service of Public Bicycles-A case of Kaohsiung City
2012 SIJIA Wang Master The Research of Corporate Multi-brand Strategy
2012 Hsiu-lan Wang Master A Study of Management Thought Difference between Foreign Company and Taiwanese MSE from Resources-based View
2012 Tse-Han Mo Master The Location Strategy for Taiwanes Cultural and Creative Industry Entering into Chinese Market- A Case of Eslite
2012 Chu-Ya Hsu Master Competitive Strategy of FMCG Industry in Taiwan:A Case Study of P&G
2012 Pei-chun Hsieh Master Diversification Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Steel Business - A Study of C Company
2012 Tai-wen Yen Master A study of the Social Marketing Strategy of Retailer Industry-A case study of 7-ELEVEN
2012 Chuan-Hsuan Teng Master An Investigation of the Key Success Factors of the Strategic Philanthropy Conducted by Corporate Foundations-A Case of Advantech Foundation and Chinatrust Charity Foundation
2012 Hao Chen Master The Agglomeration Effect of Cultural and Creative Industrial District
2012 Chen-Chen Chen Master The Strategic Analysis of Housing for Senior Citizens in Aging Society
2012 鄧傳璇 企業基金會從事策略性慈善關鍵成功因素之探討-以研華文教基金會與中國信託慈善基金會為例
2012 柯有澤 快速時尚產業經營模式-以ZARA及H & M為例
2012 Shih-yun Kung Master The Effect of City Placement—A Case of Taiwan Movies.
2012 柯有澤 Master 快速時尚產業經營模式-以ZARA及H&M為例
2011 張乃仁 Ph.D 綠色學習導向、能力與形象對績效之影響
2011 Chia-Chuan Lu Master A Study on Motivations of Merger and Acquisition by Developed-Country and Emerging-Market Acquirers
2011 呂加川 探討已開發國家主併者與新興市場主併者之購併動機
2011 Chien-chun Hsu Master The Relationship Between Firm Characteristics and Competitive Responding Speed: A Study of Smartphone Industry
2011 Chia-ling Lee Master A Study of Foreign Entry Mode of Taiwanese Company in European Markets-A Case Study of U Company Entering French and Dutch Markets
2011 Yuan-Run Li Master A Study on Venture Capitalists’ Investment Criteria of Taiwan’s Movie Industry
2011 Tzu-Hsiang Hung Master Branding Strategy of Artistic Luxury - A Case Study of GP DEVA
2011 Shin-fu Wang Master Late-mover Advantages:A Study of Sporting-goods Industry
2011 Chien-Yao Wang Master The Research of Relationship among Service Quality, Brand Image, Customer Relationship Management, and Customer Satisfaction – The Empirical Research for “T Company” of Semiconductor Raw Wafer Agent
2011 汪家禎 飯店業集團策略聯盟經營方式之探討-以喜達屋集團為例
2011 Yi-Pei Tung Master Brand Culture: A New Marketing Mechanism
2011 王信富 新興運動品牌以後進者的經營模式創造競爭優勢-以李寧與安踏公司為例
2011 李沅潤 台灣電影產業創業投資評估準則之研究
2011 Min-Tsung Wang Master The influence of the provision of medical service quality in Radiology on patients’ satisfaction and loyalty
2011 李佳玲 台商在歐洲市場進入模式之研究-以U公司進入法國和荷蘭市場為例
2011 Ming-Fong Tsai Master The Corporate Transformation Strategy and key success Factors ─ A Case Study on FOMO Co.
2011 徐千淳 廠商特質與競爭回應速度之關聯性研究─以智慧型手機市場為例
2011 Ya-pei Cheng Master Case study of”company in Emerging market acquires company in developed country”
2011 汪家禎 Master 飯店業集團策略聯盟經營方式之探討-以喜達屋集團為例
2011 Chih-min Chen Master The Best Procedure and Organization for Plant Construction Project Managements
2011 陳駿彥 Master 傳統製造代工業投入品牌自營之策略規劃與執行-以X公司為研究個案
2011 Ling-chieh Chen Master Strategic Development and Analysis of Food Enterprises
2011 LEE-FANG CHEN Master Business Strategy of the small and medium-sized panel of the global panel plant
2011 I-Hung Chen Master The Influence of Healthcare Quality in Hemodialysis on Patient`s Satisfaction
2011 Chun-Yu Lei Master An Exploration of Diversification of Large Conglomerates from Resource-Based View - A Case of Far Eastern Group and Yuen Foong Yu Group
2011 Po-Wei Huang Master Business Model Analyses for Electronic Commerce Company in Taiwan
2011 Yi-Ju Huang Master The impact of ECFA on steel industry in Taiwan
2011 黃奕儒 ECFA對台灣鋼鐵產業之影響
2011 陳駿彥 傳統製造代工業投入品牌自營之策略規劃與執行 - 以X公司為研究個案
2011 黃博威 台灣電子商務公司經營模式分析
2011 董怡珮 品牌文化:一個新的行銷機制
2011 Nai-Jen Chang Ph.D The Influence of Green Learning-Orientation, Capability, and Image on Performance
2011 Chia-Chen Wang Master The Exploration of The way to Manage Strategic Alliances in The Hotel Industry: A Case of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
2011 Chun-yen Chen Master The Strategy of OEM Manufacture Transform into a Own Brand Manufacture and Progress - Case Study with Company X
2010 阮皇靈 Ph.D 企業文化多元性-新興市場進入模式的新決定因素:台灣跨國企業之實證研究
2010 何曉暉 Ph.D 跨國媒體進入中國市場跨界聯盟模式之研究:資源基礎理論觀點
2010 Chiu-Huang Lee Master A Study on OBM Strategies of Taiwanese corporate in European markets based on resource-based view perspective
2010 Chia-Yun Lin Master A study of future development strategies for E-paper Display Industry
2010 Chia-Chen Lin Master The Study on Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy with Resource-Based View - The Case Study of
2010 Mei-Han Liang Master A Study on Key Factor of New Luxury Brand-Example from Apparel Industry
2010 Yu-Ming Liang Master A Study on the Relationship between KSFs of High-tech Start-ups and Counseling Resources of Incubation Centers - A Case Study of EPED Company
2010 Jui-wen Yang Master The Analysis and Study of competition strategy of Taiwan’s FPCB Material Industry -Taiflex company
2010 Ying-Hsun Tien Master A Study of the Marketing Strategy of Real Estate Industry in Taiwan
2010 Yuan-Fan Hsuan Master Marketing Strategy of Non-Profit Organization—A Case Study on Eden Public Welfare Center
2010 羅佳俊 Master 動態競爭研究—以北美市場家用遊戲機(TVgameconsole)產業競爭互動為例
2010 Tzu-Yi Yang Master Factors in the Performance of Enterprises after Mergers and Acquisitions - A Case Study of the Financial Industry in Taiwan
2010 Nai-fang Yang Master The Competitive Strategy for the Anti-aging Maintenance Company in Japan: The Case Study of Saishunkan Co. Ltd.
2010 Chia-Chun Luo Master A Study on the Dynamic Competitive-Using the North America TV game console industry as an example
2010 Chung-I Tsai Master Taiwan Banking Industry Strategic Research on Crediting Taiwan Businessmen in China -taking S Bank as an example
2010 蔡文玲 代工製造商轉型自有品牌策略性人力資源規劃之研究 --以楠梓加工區A 公司為例
2010 Chih-Chiang Hsiao Master The Relationships of Brand Association、Consumer Characteristics and Consumer Purchase Intention -Evidence from Smartphone Brand
2010 Chia-Yi Su Master The Study of Consumer behavior and Service Quality in Distribution Channels of Cosmetics –The Case Study of Shiseido
2010 Sian-Yi Lai Master The online game industry development and international strategy in Taiwan
2010 Hsine-Chou Chen Master The impact of consumer's willingness to buy on evaluation of firms and relevance of industries – by smart phone by smart phone
2010 Yu-chen Huang Master The effect of FTA between Taiwan and Philippine
2010 Chi-Chang Huang Master A Case Study on the Business Strategies of A Taiwanese Engineering Service Company in esponse to the Energy-Climate Era
2010 Yunn-Ru Huang Master The Research on Competitive Strategies for Mobile Communications Industry in Taiwan
2010 Kai-heng Kung Master An Institutional View to Cognitive Factors Affecting Attitude toward Counterfeit Boutique Purchasing Behavior
2010 Fang-yu Kung Master The Effects of Ambient Scent on purchase behavior under Different Product Attribute and Consumer Characteristic
2010 蔡文玲 Master 代工製造商轉型自有品牌策略性人力資源規劃之研究 --以楠梓加工區A公司為例
2010 賴憲逸 台灣線上遊戲產業發展與國際化策略之探討
2010 楊子毅 影響企業購併績效因素之探討-以台灣金融產業為例
2010 黃韻如 台灣行動通訊產業競爭策略之研究
2010 龔芳玉 環境氣味在不同產品屬性及消費者特性下對於購物行為的影響
2010 黃于真 台灣與菲律賓簽訂自由貿易協定對產業之影響
2010 梁媚函 建構新奢華品牌之關鍵要素探討-以服飾業為例
2010 李秋煌 以資源基礎觀點探討台灣自有品牌企業在歐洲市場的品牌佈局策略
2010 林佳蓁 以資源基礎觀點探討購併策略-以Amazon.com為例
2010 龔楷? 從體制觀點探討影響消費者對仿冒精品購買行為態度之認知因素
2010 蔡重義 台灣銀行業大陸台商授信策略研究-以S銀行為例
2010 Hsiao-Hui Ho Ph.D Crossing the borders: A resource-based examination of transnational media corporations’ patterns of alliances in the marketplace of China
2010 Wen-lin Tsai Master Study On Strategic Human Resource Planning of OEM Transforming To OBM Firms --- Case Study on A company in NEPZ
2009 Jen-ling Yu Master The Educational Institute Study of creative business model for China Yangtze river delta
2009 Pei-Chih Ho Master The Study of the Business Model and Strategy: A Single Women's Virtual Community
2009 Chih-feng Liu Master The Research on Political Risk and Choice between Joint Venture and Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Taiwanese MNEs’ Investment in Vietnam: The Role of Moderators
2009 Szu-wei Wu Master The Analysis of M&A Strategy and Benefits in Fashion Industry—the case of LVMH
2009 Yu-li Shih Master Case Study of Business Strategy in Mainland China for Taiwanese Small and Medium Enterprises
2009 JEN-HSIANG LIN Master Competitive interaction associated with the firm characteristic - mobile phone market
2009 Yueh-hsuan Yang Master Developing Online Brand Stategies- Online Makeup and Skin Care Brands in Taiwan
2009 Chiang-Ting Wang Master The study on patient-oriented competitive strategy for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
2009 Yi-Chen Wang Master The Study between Building a Learning Organization and Organizational Performance in Regional Teaching Hospitals
2009 Chong-Han Su Master The Effect of Taiwan Public-Listed Companies’ Merger and Acquisition Announcement on the Shareholders’ Wealth
2009 Pei-yu Chen Master The Comparison of Synergy of Horizontal M&A from Viewpoint of Consumer based on Consumer-goods Classification
2009 Tzu-fan Chen Master A Study on The Feasibility of Promoting Pre-order Sales for Female Branded Underwear in Taiwan
2009 陳政頤 Master 虛擬社群發展策略之研究–以愛情公寓為例
2009 Ming-kai Tsai Master The analysis and research of medical care quality indicator of dialysis clinics
2009 Fu-Peng Chung Master A study on Key Successful Factors for Beverage Franchise Industry
2009 Shih-en Kung Master Strategic Analysis: Opening of Cross-Strait Flight and the Impact on Taiwan’s Airline Industry
2009 黃英洲 Master 半導體產業面對金融海嘯時之因應策略以N半導體公司為例
2009 陳政頤 虛擬社群發展策略之研究 – 以愛情公寓為例
2009 王怡誠 建構學習型組織與組織績效關係之研究-以區域教學醫院為例
2009 Ming-hsin Chen Master The analysis of the franchise supermarket in strategic innovation perspective—Chen-Lian as the example
2009 吳思瑋 精品集團的併購策略與效益分析—以LVMH為例
2009 何佩芝 單身女性社群網站經營模式與策略之研究
2009 Chun-ching Ko Master The study of "Cross-region operation" and "Performance Enhancement" of regional banks- take K bank as an example
2009 Chi Wang Master Competitive Advantage Research of Foundry Industry Cluster— A Case of T Company
2009 龔詩恩 台灣航空業直航策略分析研究
2009 陳姿帆 台灣女性內衣專櫃品牌推出預購策略可行性之研究
2009 黃英洲 半導體產業面對金融海嘯時之因應策略 以N半導體公司為例
2009 柯俊清 地區性銀行跨區營運績效提升之研究--以K銀行為例
2009 陳秀燕 大中華區太陽能電池產業之策略分析
2009 Hsiu-yen Chen Master Strategic Analysis of the Solar Cell Industry in Greater China
2009 王淇 晶圓代工產業群聚之競爭優勢研究—以T公司為例
2009 Jin-an Chang Master Diversification Management of TV Stations:Internet Business Entry Strategies and Performance Assessment
2009 Yung-Hsiang Hsiao Master A Study on TV Channels’ Glocalization Strategy of Transnational Media Corporations: Cases Study of Channel[V] and MTV
2009 Cheng-Yi Chen Master The research of development strategies of Virtual Community – a case study of i-Partment
2009 Ying-Chou Huang Master The strategies of semiconductor industry while the financial crisis occurring-the case of N company
2008 Jyh-Haw James Master A Study on Site Selection Decision Making for Multinational Tanning Industry’s Overseas Vertical Integration Investment– a Model from A Company
2008 Yen-Hsing Hou Master none
2008 Yen-Ju Liu Master The Relationship between Business Model and Brand Portfolio Strategy-The Case of Leading Brand Enterprises
2008 劉晏如 企業經營模式與品牌組合策略之關連性研究─以領導廠商為例
2008 Chun-I Wu Master none
2008 Chih-Shih Wu Master Southern Taiwan industries study at Taiwan High Speed Rail Era
2008 Shen-chung Wu Master The Study of the Medical Aesthetic Market Effected the Strategic Decision of the Purchasing Behavior for Consumers
2008 Ying-ying Wu Master none
2008 Ling-chih Sung Master The Effect of Consumer Behavior and Product Characteristics on Hypermarket's Private Label
2008 Chih-yu Yu Master A Study on the competitive strategies of the the small and middle enterprises faced with large enterprises.-An example of Taiwan 3C-chanel market.
2008 李佩芬 購併後對目標公司高階主管留任率之影響
2008 Pei-fen Li Master Target Firm Top Management Retained Ratio following Merger And Acquisition
2008 李勝達 台灣晶面電阻產業之競爭優勢分析與經營策略建議--以日本被動元件廠台灣分公司觀點
2008 Sheng-ta Lee Master Analysis of competitive advantage and suggestion of managing strategies for chip resistor industry in Taiwan - The perspective of Taiwan subsidiary of Japan Passive Component Company
2008 Kuo-Hsien Tu Master The effects of the healthcare quality on patient satisfaction: In terms of rehabilitation services
2008 MENG-HUI LIN Master The Competitive Analysis on Taiwan Thin Film Solar Cell Industry
2008 Shiso-chun Lin Master City Marketing Strategy- take Taipei International new row mian Festival for example
2008 Ying-Ying Lin Master Study of the Collaborative Relationship in Energy Conservation Technology Service Industry
2008 Su-shun Lin Ph.D A Study in Developing Knowledge Management Strategies in a Medical Laboratory–a model from a military hospital in southern Taiwan
2008 Yung-ching Tang Master The Strategy of Integrate Green House and Renewable Energy That Energize Organic Agricultural Industry in Sustainable Management.
2008 游水龍 Master 未來三年台灣紡織染整業轉型策略研究—綠色供應鏈
2008 林順利 Master 台灣微機電產業未來十年可能的定位與發展
2008 Chia-ming Tung Master Business Model & Strategy for Hi-Tech Industry Water Treatment Equipment
2008 I-fen Hu Master The Competitive Strategy of Taiwan Enterprises in Netbook Industries─the Case Study of Asus Computer Inc.
2008 Chi-cheng Yeh Master none
2008 Cheng-ying Tsai Master First mover advantage─ an example of P&G's Pampers diapers
2008 Wei-Hsin Tsai Master The Study of Diversification with Resource-Based View Perspective-The Case Study of 7-11
2008 Hsiao-Ming Chao Master The operation and competitive strategy for new LED company in Taiwan-case study of the company
2008 胡逸芬 台灣NB廠商在Netbook產業競爭中的策略發展分析─以華碩電腦為例
2008 Feng-yao Cheng Master The Study of the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty – the Case of Airfreight Forwarding Industry in Taiwan.
2008 陸衛東 Master 高速鐵路的座位管理策略與效益分析-以對號座與自由座為例
2008 Chi-Chou Huang Master none
2007 Hua-Lun Ho Ph.D The Intersubsidiary Competition for Strategic Positions and Knowledge Flows within Multinational Enterprise: Empirical Study from The Greater China Region
2007 劉文生 Master 基因檢測模式分析患者給藥治療的影響性 -利用糖尿病用藥進行效益分析
2007 Chia-hui Wu Master Determinants for Taiwanese Multinational Enterprises' Investment in Vietnam: Joint Ventures versus Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries
2007 Chao-kun Hsia Master The key factors analysis to transform the local traditional machining business into the international aerospace industry
2007 Pei-lun Tsung Master A Research of the Relation between the Resources and Decisions of MNCs' Parent Firms and Its Subdiarys' Performance - With Foreign Banks' Taiwan Branches as an Example.
2007 Che-chang Chang Master The effect of Taiwanese Hypermarketers' soaring power to their suppliers.
2007 吳佳繐 Master 台灣跨國企業投資越南市場之因素探討:合資與獨資
2007 ping-hai chang Master Multi-Purpose High-Building Fire Protection Management Research
2007 Yung-chieh Tsao Master the factors of entry strategies influence international AD companies- the study of Taiwan market
2007 Po-hung Lee Master The competitive strategy of Taiwan steel industry---taking China Steel Company(CSC)for example--
2007 Hong-yu Lin Master On the Entry Mode of American Electronic Firms Entering Taiwan
2007 Shih-huan Lin Master A study of Investments from Taiwan on PRC’s Medical Institutions.
2007 林琬玲 Master 企業購併、品牌聯想契合度對品牌權益及購買意願之影響-以手機產品為例
2007 Wan-ling Lin Master Brand Association, Brand Equity and Willingness of Purchase after M&A Events – An Example of Camera Cellphone.
2007 YU-HO LIN Master A Study on the Management Strategies for Biotech Pets: Taking the Glowing Ornamental Fish Marketed by Company A as an Example
2007 Mei-ju Ou Master A Research on the International Competitiveness of Taiwan's Ornamental Fish Industry
2007 邱琡紋 Master 多國籍企業海外進入模式研究-以台灣宏?硐P韓國三星電子進入歐洲市場為例
2007 劉文生 基因檢測模式分析患者給藥治療的影響性 -利用糖尿病用藥進行效益分析
2007 Chu-Wen Chiu Master The research of entry modes of MNEs- The case study of Acer and Samsung Electronics in European Markets
2007 Po-chih Kuo Master none
2007 Chih-cheng Cheng Master To Analyze Intelligent Living Spaces Industry in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with Diamond Model
2007 Shang-Tao Chien Master Apply the concepts of evidence-based medicine to develop the risk management strategy in hospital-acquired legionnaires’ disease
2007 夏朝崐 傳統機械加工業轉型航太產業的關鍵因素研究-以HY公司為例
2007 Hung-yang Cheng Master The Study of Convergence of Telecom service company in Taiwan - the View of sustainable competitive advantage
2007 林師歡 台商赴大陸投資醫療機構之研究
2007 歐梅如 台灣觀賞魚產業國際競爭力之研究
2007 曹詠傑 影響國際廣告公司進入模式的因素-以台灣市場為例
2007 Kuan-hsun Chen Master M&A experiences, M&A types, and acquirer’s slack’s impact on Taiwan enterprises’ M&A performances.
2007 Hung-ching Chen Master A Model Study on Taiwanese Banking entering into Vietnamese Market: Taking the Corporate banking as an Example
2007 Hsing-Yu Huang Master Research the Taiwan Kitchenware Equipment Industry Competition Strategy - take A corporation as the example
2007 Siou-Ru Huang Master none
2007 韓錦堂 Master 台灣中型投信核心競爭力建構之探討-以台灣工銀投信為例
2007 Wen-Sheng Liu Master The impacts on utilizing genetic testing to analyze the clinical treatment: An analysis of the effectiveness on drugs of diabetes
2006 Wei-Lin Ting Master 1+1 > 2 ? A Case Study Of Corporate mergers – The Case used is Two Apparel Group in Hong Kong
2006 Chun-Hsien Wu Master Research of Strategies for Making Products Luxurious
2006 Meng-hern Wu Master A Study of Competitive Strategy for the New Enterant in China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry
2006 Shih-Chi Chang Master Taiwan’s Valve Industry Competitive Strategic Research
2006 Li-ching Chang Master The Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries - A Case Study of Roche and Genentech
2006 丁維苓 Master 1+1>2?企業合併之個研究─以香港兩大成衣集團為例
2006 Sheng-Chieh Hsu Master Analyzing the influence of learning on transformation strategy: a case study of small and medium business in Taiwan
2006 Wern-kuang Lin Master The research of Taiwan small and medium enterprise competitive advantage on transnational business – An empirical study of traditional metal processing industries.
2006 Chiao-ling Hsieh Master Cross-border Acquisition: On the Cases that Taiwanese Companies Acquire Developed Country Companies
2006 方麗如 Master 光電零組件:偏光板產業之經營績效分析以O公司為例
2006 Li-ju Fang Master Optical Component :Polarizer Industries Business Performance Analysis, A case study of O company
2006 Chiu-man Li Master The comparision of Taiwan and Korean panel companies, taking Auo and Samsung as studying cases.
2006 Po-Feng Lin Master A Study of Business Model of Web2.0 Innovative Application
2006 Lung-kun Tsai Master The Determinants of Competition Advantage For Hair Salon—The Business Model of Regional Chain Store
2006 Hsueh-jen Hsieh Master Taiwan impels e-banking business
2006 Zhi-qing Zhan Master Taiwan enamel-insulated wire enterprise will develop the analysis in the future of Taiwan enameled wire enterprises - - take F Corporation as an example
2006 Husan-wen Chen Master Key Success Factors of Taiwan’s Copper Alloy Strips Manufacturers in Managing Business in China
2006 Cheng-nan Chen Master A Study of the Factors of Business Growth Strategy of Taiwan Pump Industry - A case of H Company
2006 謝鳴正 Master 全球半導體設備業者的競爭策略研究–以應用材料公司為例
2006 林伯峰 Master Web2.0之創新應用服務與經營模式之研究
2006 邱玉玲 百年產品新行銷價值
2006 Ming-cheng Hsieh Master The study of the global semiconductor equipment suppliers' competition strategies - take Applied Materials as an example
2006 Hsin-yu Chen Master How To Match The Green-House City Concept of City Marketing Research – Kaohsiung Lantern Festival
2006 Chen,Chang Fu Master The Contemplation of Strategic Management of Internationalization on Steelmaker─A Case Study of Steel Mill C
2006 詹志清 臺灣漆包線企業未來發展之分析——以F公司為例
2006 Yu-lin Han Master Research from the resource base theory discussion medium shipyard reforming competitive advantage take J Corporation as the example
2006 Jeng-Chuan Shiang Master none
2005 Shao-Yu Wu Master The influence of design ability to brand equity-Case study for BENQ
2005 Hsueh-Fung Wu Master The Impact Of Sensitive Science & Technology Control Mechanism Against The Competitive Advantages of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry.
2005 Shao-chi Lu Master The Resource Based View to analysis the different business model of the portal websites in Taiwan
2005 Yung-Chi Chang Master A Study on Relationship of Private Label and Nation Brand Competition
2005 張紋祥 Master LCD背光模組產業競爭優勢之研究--以R公司為例
2005 Wen-hsiang Chang Master The Research on Competitive Advantages in BLU Industry - Take an Example of “R” Company
2005 Kun-Yung Yang Master An Investigation On Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty In Kaohsiung City
2005 YA-CHING YANG Master A Business Model Research Related to 3G mobile-commerce
2005 Hsin-uan Chiang Master Using system view to explain the development of mobile commerce
2005 Shao-Hua Chih Master Study of Changes in Business Strategy of Chunghwa Post
2005 Wen-hsing Shen Master An Empirical Study on Merger Synergy of Financial Holding Companies.
2005 Ying-Chen Hung Master The Future Trend of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Taiwan
2005 Ying-Chih Hu Master The development strategy of Multi-National Corp. in Taiwan & China by a special chemical company.
2005 Chin-Kang Fan Master The study on the competing strategies of auto fastener industry in Taiwan
2005 Chi-hsun Tsai Master A Study on the Competition Strategies of Taiwan's Polarizer Enterprises
2005 Tai-Li Su Master A Study on Relativity between Competitiveness and Export Volume in Taiwan Plastics Machinery
2005 Yi-chien Hsieh Master New Entrance Creates the Competition Advantage in Luxury-goods Industry
2005 Chi-Yuan Chen Master The Determinants of MNC Subsidiary's Autonomy
2005 Wei-Ming Feng Master A Study of KSFs for Taiwan IC Design Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach
2004 Yi-pei Wu Master The study of Taiwan’s strategy in developing cultural and creative strategy-take the example of publishing industry
2004 Jui-lu Song Master Competitive Strategy Study of Taiwan IC Design Company – Taking F Corp. as an Example
2004 Yu Chuan Master MNC impacts on a local cluster--Taiwan TFT-LCD industry
2004 Chun-hui Tsai Master A Study of Overseas R&D activities of Taiwanese MNCs
2004 Shing-hwa Shiue Ph.D none
2004 Mong-Yu Hsu Master The Relationship Between Consumer Goods and Hypermarkets According to Resource Based View
2004 Wen-Jing Chiou Master The Study of the Strategic Change and Development of Electrolux Group
2004 Tzong-hsing Kuo Master Follower’s Strategy For High Entry-Barrier Industry - Case Study of Company A’s Strategy for LCD Chemicals
2004 Yen-Hui Chen Master The Study on staging strategy of global operational center- a L company Case
2004 Kai-chung Cheng Master The study of OEM firms brand strategy in Taiwan information industry.
2004 Ya-fang Cheng Master How Do Late-Movers Create Their Own Competitive Advantages: A Resource-Based View, The Cases of TFT-LCD And Wholesaling Industries in Taiwan
2004 Mei-hsiu Chen Master A Study of The Merger of Japanese Companies-The case study of Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.
2004 Yen-Hui Chen Master Diversification strategy of Small and Medium size company - A case study of Company L
2004 Hsin-Wei Huang Master A Business Model Research Related to Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Management --- the Case Study of Makalot and Li&Fung Company
2004 Wen-Chin Liou Master Diversification of Hospital-A case study of Hospital J
2003 Chien-Nan Wu Master The research of Wafer Foundry industry competition advantage
2003 An-Ching Wu Master The research of Taiwan IC assembly competence strategy
2003 Wu, Ying Chin Master Research of Competition Strategy from Cluster---Case of Taiwan Bicycle Industrial A-TEAM.
2003 Chiang Kuo-Sheng Master The study of evaluating e-diagnostic to semiconductor equipment company service enhancement -- A case study of KLA-Tencor Inc.
2003 Hwai-luh Chang Master Using Balanced Scorecard to Construct the Strategic Implementation System in Military Hospital-A Case Study of an Armed Forces Hospital
2003 Jung -Chieh Master The Key Successful Factor study for Taiwan DRAM Maker
2003 wei-yen Chang Master Competition strategys of Taiwanese TFT-LCD corporations
2003 YU-SHU TAI Master Taiwan Key Upstream Components Industrial Development Impacts to International Advantage and Competition of Taiwan TFT LCD Panel Makers
2003 Ming-xian Lee Master A study on consuming behavior of female student of college cosmetics in Taiwan.
2003 Cheng-Hsiung Lin Master The Study for Post-M&D Integration-A Real Case of USI Group
2003 Yu-Hung Lin Master A Analysis of the Most Suitable Way to Outsource to Deliver Public Service E-government
2003 Hui-Ju Liang Master The research on the factors which affect the interaction types between Taiwan and China subsidiaries of MNC
2003 Kai-peng Yang Master An Empirical Study of The Influence of The Characteristics of Value Activities and Unsymmetry of Resources of MNC Cross-Strait Subsidiaries on The Subsistence of Taiwan Subsidiary
2003 姜國盛 Master 評估e-Diagnostic對半導體設備業者客戶服務效能提昇之研究---以KLA-Tencor半導體設備供應商為例
2003 Chun-lang Yang Master Multinational corporation subsidiary knowledge flow study on PHILIPS Semiconductor Kaohsiung
2003 Shih-chieh Hung Master The influence of industry cluster's effect between Taiwan and China to the change of the Multinational Taiwan subsidiary's role.
2003 Liang-Chieh Weng Ph.D An Inquiry into The MNCs' Strategies in Great China Region:Focus on The Relationship of Subsidiaries between The Two Sides
2003 Chaur-luh Tsai Master The Study of Development Strategies of the Container Liner
2003 Lin-Chan Tsai Master none
2003 吳盈進 Master 產業群聚協同競爭策略之研究---以臺灣自行車A-TEAM為例
2003 KUO-TSAIR SU Master Research on the strategy for small and medium enterprises’ model transition
2003 Hui-Fang Cheng Master The determinants of localization of China subsidiaries of multinational companies
2003 Hsiang-ling Chen Master The effects of MNC subsidiary's initiative on it's mandate of other markets
2003 戴玉書 Master 臺灣關鍵零組件產業發展對TFTLCD面板廠商國際競爭優勢分析
2003 Chia-Ying Lin Master Brand Construction Strategy of Luxury Industry in Taiwan
2003 Hui-fei Hsu Master The Business Model of Transnational Advertising Agency in China--the case of Ogilvy & Mather Group
2003 Pei-Chun Chao Master The Study of Brand Image Strategy of Imported Cars
2002 林泰宏 Master 東南亞華商中國市場經營歷程演化之研究 -以中國正大集團為例
2002 李建興 Master 企業面對高科技高風險投資策略之風險管理研究─以第三代數位式行動通訊系統為例
2002 吳新德 Master 高雄捷運公司成立第二家公車公司之可行性研究
2002 王家華 Master 台灣加入WTO後海運業進入中國大陸策略之研究─以航昇集團為例
2002 林芳如 Master 策略聯盟型態與營運績效之關聯性研究 -以台灣航空業為例
2002 王興邦 Master 在台商赴大陸投資趨勢下台灣銀行業的行銷策略 -從「企業金融」方向探討
2002 曾祥東 Master 台商以國際策略聯盟方式提升競爭力之探討-以焊材業為例
2002 李佩玲 Master 影響證券承銷商決定初次上市(櫃)股票承銷價格因素之研究
2002 Kuo-Hsin Wang Master A Study on Industrial Cluster and Co-competition of IC Design Industries between Taiwan and China
2002 Roger Chuang Master Management strategy analysis of research type of small and medium business in Taiwan - An example of L company
2002 邱鈺婷 Master 台資企業於中國市場品牌權益策略之研究
2002 Ping-Wei Hsiao Master The Study of Taiwan Enterprises’ Decision Error in China
2002 邱耀民 Master 台灣被動元件產業(MLCC)之競爭優勢分析與經營策略建議
2002 謝康 Master 跨國衛星電視頻道進入中國之策略研究
2002 Thomas Kuo Master A Study of Building the Competitive Edge of Bio-tech Industrial Clusters of Taiwan
2002 陳振昌 Master 薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器產業競爭優勢分析
2002 Kuang-Chuan Cheng Master The Business Competitive Advantage and the Structure of Innovation Business Model on Taiwan Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
2002 Keng-Bing Chen Master The Interface Role of MNC's Taiwan Subsidiary While Parent Company Making Investment in Mainland China
2002 Teng-Hui Wei Master The Strategies for Taiwanese Engineering Enterprises -- CTCI Corporation as an example.
2002 黃明清 Master TheoptimalstrategiesamongrelatedstakeholdersunderNationalHealthInsurancepolicy
2002 楊士賢 Master 台灣電影產業國際競爭力與全球化策略情境規劃——波特「鑽石體系」之應用
2002 Chia-Hua Wang Master After WTO The Strategy of Taiwan Shipping Industry Enter Into the Mainland China -Hansen Group as the Case Study
2002 黃明清 The optimal strategies among related stakeholders under National Health Insurance policy
2002 邱耀民 台灣被動元件產業(MLCC)之競爭優勢分析與經營策略建議
2002 Shin-Teh Wu Master A Feasibility Study on the Investment and Operation of a Second Bus Company by the KRTC.
2002 Hsiang-Tung Tseng Master none
2002 Pei-Lin Li Master A Study on The Influential Factors of Underwriters pricing decision in IPOs
2002 Chiao-Kuang Li Master The Research on Product Innovation Mechanism of Communication System Operators
2002 Chien-Hsing Lee Master Risk Management Research of Business High-Tech and High Risk Investment Strategy- The Third Generation Digital Mobil Communication System
2002 Thai-Hong Lin Master The evolution process of Chinese business group in China market place- a case study on Chia-Tai Group
2002 FANG-JU LIN Master The Relationship Between Strategic Alliance Type and Performance - In Airlines Industry
2002 Shih-Hsien Yang Master The scenario planning for the international competitiveness and global strategy of Taiwan film industry -- an analysis with Poter's "diamond" system
2002 Steven Wang Master The Marketing Strategy of Taiwan's Banks in the trend of Taiwanese Company invest in China - Investigation of Corporate Finance
2002 Kang Hsieh Master A Study on China’s Entry Strategies of the Multinational Satellite Television Channels
2002 Yao-Min Chiu Master Analysis of competitive advantage and suggestion of managing strategies for passive component industry in Taiwan
2002 YU-TING CHIU Master The Study of The Brand Equity Strategy of Taiwan Corporations in China Market
2002 Chen-Chang Chen Master A Study on Competitive Advantage of TFT-LCD Industies
2002 Ming-Ching Huang Master The optimal strategies among related stakeholders under National Health Insurance policy
2001 林雅雯 Master 台灣銀行業運用購併策略提升競爭力之情境分析
2001 廖堉君 Master 我國企業對企業電子市集經營模式之探討-以鋼鐵產業與汽車產業為例
2001 鄒立仁 Master 台灣晶圓代工業赴大陸投資價值鏈模式之探討
2001 溫程斌 Master 以鑽石模型探討台灣晶圓代工產業赴大陸投資之經營模式
2001 花于翔 Master 台灣創業投資經理人及公司特質與投資行為之相關性研究
2001 吳國立 Master 國際快遞業如何建構持續性企業競爭優勢-以DHL國際快遞台灣市場為例
2001 柯秋霜 Master 多國籍企業經營大陸市場對台灣子公司知識資源依賴程度之探討
2001 宮鴻華 Master 跨國企業之策略與組織變革研究---以ABB集團為
2001 張慧君 台灣創業投資經理人特質與評估準則之相關性研究
2001 吳國立 國際快遞業如何建構持續性企業競爭優勢 - 以DHL國際快遞台灣市場為例
2001 Ming-chen Lu Master A Study of Dynamic Resource on IC Design Industry
2001 Ming-Chuan Lee Master none
2001 Gwo-Li Wu Master How to Build Up Sustained Competitive Advantage for International Express Industry - A Case Study of DHL Taiwan Corporation
2001 hong-hua Gong Master A Study of Strategic and Organizational Change in Transnational MNCs --- an empirical study of the ABB Group
2001 Yu-Chun Liao Master Approach to the Business Model of the B2B E-Marketplace in Taiwan-Take the Steel And the Motor Vehicles And Parts Industry for Examples
2001 Ya-Wen Lin Master A Study on Competitiveness Gained by Using Merger and Acquisition Strategies in Taiwan Banks
2001 Chiu-Shuang Ko Master The study of MVC relying on Taiwan subsidiaries’ knowledge resources while operating in Mainland market
2001 Cheng-Bin Wen Master Use Diamond Model to study the business model of Taiwan foundry industry as they invest in Mainland China
2001 Yu-Shiang Hua Master none
2001 Li-Jen Tsou Master Research of Value Chain in Taiwan Foundry Industry Investment in China
2000 曾志弘 Ph.D 多國籍企業子公司自主權與主導行為影響因素之研究—以多國籍企業在台子公司為例
2000 wen-chu Chang Master Analysis of the Competitive Strategies on Coated Steel Products in Taiwan ─ Taking Sheng Yu Steel as the Example
2000 張群 Master 入口網站國際化策略之研究--以Yahoo!為例
2000 Sung-An Chang Master The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Industry Structure and Key Successful Factors:The Case Study of Securities Industry 1998~2000
2000 Cheng-Ching Tu Master The Entry Strategy of Taiwanese Firm’s Foreign Direct Investment in China
2000 趙雨潔 Master 多國籍企業子公司角色與國籍對高階經營團隊影響之研究--以在台子公司為例
2000 Juder Yang Master The Study for Business Merger & Acquisition and its Procedure Management --- A real case of Philips PPCK
2000 Shu-Hui Tien Master The Motivations of International M&A : Discussing with Securites Investment Trust Industry
2000 Ching-Yi Tsai Master The Effects of R&D Motivations and Firm-Specific Features to R&D Strategy of Multinational Corporations---Empirical Research for MNE Subsidiaries in Taiwan.
2000 Da-Wei Hsu Master The Development of B to B E-Marketplace and Interactions Between Industries and B to B E-Marketplace in Taiwan--Take China Steel, SYSCO, and Yulon For Example
2000 Mei-Jin Chen Master A Study of Bricks and Clicks -the Case of Online Bookstore and Online Newspaper
2000 Chun Chang Master The Internationalization of Portal Site--Empirical Research for Yahoo!
2000 Cher-Hung Tseng Ph.D The Determinants of MNC Subsidiary’s Autonomy and Initiative—An Empirical Study of MNC Subsidiary in Taiwan
2000 Yu-Chieh Chao Master The Influences of the Strategic Roles of Subsidiaries and the Nationalities of the MNC on the top management teams--Empirical Research for MNC Subsidiaries in Taiwan.
1999 Tsung,Lang Chou Master Resources and global competitive advanatage: A study of the vacuum coating equipment industry in Taiwan
1999 Tzu-Ping Chou Master None
1999 蕭聿廷 Master 廠商特質與資源相似性對國產車競爭行為之研究
1999 蕭美惠 Master 多國籍企業母子公司之間程序公正性與子公司績效關係之研究--以在台子公司為例
1999 鍾經剛 Master 台灣系統與準系統廠商成長策略之研究
1999 吳育璋 Master 多國籍企業子公司角色類型與影響演變因素之研究
1999 Deng-Shan Huang Master None
1999 Yu-chang WU Master The determinants of multinational corporation subsidiaries' role and evolution--An empirical study of MNC subsidiary in Taiwan
1999 Hsiao, Mei-Hui Master Research on the relationship of procedural justice and subsidiary performance — A case study of MNCs’ subsidiaries in Taiwan
1999 Yu-Ting Hsiao Master The influence of firm's characteristic and resource similarity on the interaction in Taiwan's automobile industry
1999 Jin-Kuang Jung Master Research on growth strategy of Taiwan PC firm
Year Title Awarding Organization
1998 Academic Distinguished Research Award - New Faculty NSC
1997 Academic Distinguished Research Award - New Faculty NSC
1996 Academic Distinguished Research Award - New Faculty NSC
Period Activity Description Role