Name Lee, Wei-Po
Title Professor
Research Interests Artificial Intelligence, Natural Computing, Bionic Systems, Data Mining
Office 管(CM) 4075-2
Phone 4728

Education 1960, Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh
1960, Bachelor, Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University
1960, Master, Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2018 Chen, CH; Lee, WP; Huang, JY (2018). Tracking and recognizing emotions in short text messages from online chatting servicesInformation Processing and Management, 54(6), 1325-1344. (SSCI, SCIE)
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Journal Article 2014 Hsiao, YT; Lee, WP; Wang, RY (2014). A hybrid approach of dimension partition and velocity control to enhance performance of particle swarm optimizationSoft Computing, 18(12), 2501-2523. (SCIE)
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Conference Paper 2018 Wang, SH; Huang, JY; Lee, WP; Lee, KT (2018). Scaling up matrix factorization with cloud computing for collaborative recommendation. IEEE International Conference on System Science and Engineering, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2017 Huang, JY; Lee, WP; Yang, TH; Ko, CS (2017). Resource sharing for cloud robots: Service reuse and collective map building. IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics, Hong Kong.
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Conference Paper 2013 Yang, TH; Lee, WP (2013). A service-oriented approach with neural networks and knowledge ontologies for robot control. International Conference on Neural Information Processing, South Korea.
Conference Paper 2012 Hsiao, YT; Lee, WP; Wang, RY (2012). A new cooperative PSO approach for the optimization of multimodal function. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, South Korea.
Conference Paper 2010 Lee, WP; Yang, TH; Jong, JS (2010). Intelligent computing for demonstration-based robot learning. IEEE/RAS-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics, Japan.
Year Title

運用擴充實境及文字探勘技術於旅遊導覽之研究. 科技部 (107-2813-C-110-043-E)


行動美妝成份分析管理資訊系統. 科技部 (105-2815-C-110-067-H)


物聯網環境下人機互動的根源: 語意解析與知識轉換. 科技部 (105-2221-E-110-077-MY2)


雲端機器人的研究與實作: 作業平台建置、資源分享、和計算效能提升. 科技部 (103-2221-E-110-053-MY2)


以知識為基礎的居家服務型機器人服務組合之研究. 科技部 (102-2221-E-110-074-)


智慧型代理人自動生成開會時間運用於智慧型手機應用程式. 科技部 (101-2815-C-110-044-E)


結合服務導向架構、網路知識及機器學習達成機器人任務之研究. 科技部 (NSC101-2221-E-110-094-)


知識導入基因網路自動重建之進階研究. 科技部 (NSC100-2221-E-110-086-)


架構Kinect體感技術結合未來智慧電視操控與實際應用-動TV. 科技部 (100-2815-C-110-029-E)


細胞訊號傳遞網路計算推論之研究. 科技部 (NSC99-2221-E-110-077-)


《音樂星球--能分析並表達音樂特徵之虛擬行星構成系統》. 科技部 (98-2815-C-110-023-E)


結合知識本體論及機器學習方法建構大型基因調控網路之研究. 科技部 (NSC97-2221-E-110-063-MY2)


應用於行動裝置上之無線藍芽多軸控制器遊戲與平台之開發研究. 科技部 (97-2815-C-110 -035 -E)


Your Pet,Your Future Life-結合影像及聲紋辨識之人工智慧電子寵物機器人. 科技部 (96-2815-C-110 -035 -E)


以演化計算建構仿生自我重組型機器人之研究. 科技部 (NSC96-2221-E-110-081)


生物網路的模組性發展與演化. 科技部 (NSC95-2221-E-110-143)

Year Name Degree Title
2017 Hao-Yi Wang Master The Impacts of Image Contexts on Dialogue Systems
2017 Pu-wei Tung Master Using Deep Learning Method Based on Short Text Classification to Track Emotions of Conversations
2017 Hsin-Wu Tsai Master Extending Knowledge in Different Languages with the Deep Learning Model for a Chinese Q-A System
2017 Yan-Bo Chiou Master A data-driven approach to recognize human daily living activity
2017 Yu-Yu Chen Master Analyses of Factors that Affect Viewing Behaviors of Live Streaming: A Case Study of Twitch
2016 Tsu-An Lin Master A Deep Learning Based Natural Language Conversation System: Studies on Financial Datasets
2016 Hsiu-ying Lin Master Identifying Potential Adverse Drug Events from Tweets
2016 Tsung-Lin Yang Master Combining Trust Relationships and Super Users for Collaborative Recommendation
2016 Shih-hao Wang Master Using Cloud Computing to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Matrix Factorization : A Case Study of Context-aware Data Set
2016 Kuang-Chun Tien Master Exploring the Differences and Associations of the Working Issues between Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait from Public Forums Using Texting Mining
2016 Yu-Feng Hsu Ph.D The Evaluation and Prediction of the Going-Concern Status for Companies: A Model Based on Structured and Un-Structured Data
2016 Yu-Ching Huang Master A Study of Emotional Text Mining
2015 Hsuan-hao Chang Master Integrating Bio-medical properties to predict drug side effects
2015 Chiang-Sen Ko Master Realizing a cloud system of map merging for robots - implementation and evaluation of proposed map merging strategy
2014 Chih-chang ChangChien Master Study on an Architecture-Oriented Semi-conductor Testing Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management Model
2014 Sheng-Jhe Ke Master A Classification Model with Data Analysis for Improving Collaborative Filtering: An Experimental Study on
2014 Chih-Chung Hu Master Study On Architecture-Oriented Smart Mobile Devices Support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Model
2013 梁展易 Master 結合音樂內容和協同過濾方法之音樂推薦
2013 Heng-yu Lin Master A Computational Model of Emotion Based on Biosystem
2013 Tsung-Hsien Yang Ph.D A Service-Oriented Framework with Knowledge Ontologies and Neural Networks for Robot Control
2013 Li-Kang Hung Master Study on Architecture-Oriented Mobile Application of Traffic Information System Model
2013 Yu-Ting Hsiao Ph.D Combining Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Modeling Approaches in Gene Regulatory Networks Inference
2013 Chun-ting Chen Master A Smartphone-based Activity Recognition Framework for Social Event Recommendation
2013 Chih-Hao Chen Master Recognizing Emotions in Short Messages for Instant Messenger Services Based on Coordinates and Trajectories
2013 Chuan-yuan Ma Master Combining Co-Ratings and Trust Relationships on Social Networks for Collaborative Recommendation
2013 Kuan-Yu Tseng Master Context-aware Collaborative Filtering Methods for Multimedia Recommendation
2012 Chung-Hsun Lin Master Using Microarray Time Series Data and Gene Ontology for Gene Clustering and Network Reconstruction
2012 Jhih-Yuan Huang Master Using Distributed Smart Cameras to Detect Abnormal Events among a Crowd of People
2011 Shan-Hao He Master A Boolean knowledge-based approach to assist reconstruction of gene regulatory model
2011 Chun-hung Chou Master An encoding approach to infer gene regulatory network by Bayesian networks concept
2011 Chun-Chieh Wang Master A Simulation of Wealth Distribution based on Scale-free Network: The influences of changes in network structure.
2011 李科翰 Master 以情境感知技術建立ECA模型預測使用者操作手機之意圖
2011 Wei-Jhe Huang Master Applying MapReduce Island-based Genetic Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization to the inference of large Gene Regulatory Network in Cloud Computing environment
2009 Chung-Wei Lee Master Personalized Recommendation Based on Consumer Product Reviews
2009 Ruei-yang Wang Master A New Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizer with Landscape Estimation and Dimension Partition
2009 Chung-han Tsai Master Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks by Mobile Agent and Mining Movement Patterns
2008 Hung-i Ke Master A multi-agent-based distributed computing environment for bioinformatics applications
2008 Che Kuo-Li Master Personalized Tag-based Collaborative Filtering & Context-Aware Recommendation for Multimedia
2008 Chi-Hsiu Chung Master Achieving Imitation-Based Learning for a Humanoid Robot by Evolutionary Computation
2008 Chun-Yu Chen Master none
2007 Chang-mou Lee Master Applying Data Mining Techniques to the Prediction of Marine Smuggling Behaviors
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