Name Chin-Tarn Lee
Title Professor
Research Interests Business Law, Law and Market, Law and Society, Entrepreneurship Management, Law and Science & Technology
Office 管3032
Phone 4659

Education 1960, Ph.D., Law, University of Warwick
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2007-11-01 ~ 2008-02-01, Taiwan Finance Association , Reviewer
2000-12-01 ~ 2008-03-01, Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Associate Editor/ Editorial Committee
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2016 Su, YS; Chiang, WL; Lee, CTJ; Chang, HC (2016). The effect of flow experience on player loyalty in mobile game applicationCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, 63(63), 240-248. (SSCI)
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Journal Article 2013 Hsu Chen-Te, Tsai Ching-Hwa, Lo Kai-Yang, Lee Chin-Tarn, Hsu Hsiu-Tao (2013). A Study on the Core Data Model of Data Warehouse of the Sports Industry in Taiwan‘Collection of Essays of 2013 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2013), (), . (其他期刊)
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Journal Article 2009 李清潭、曾惠蓮 (2009). 台灣政體對大陸社會形象建構之分析:《海基會》台商經貿糾紛個案之常規政策為例中山管理評論, 17(1), 159-194. (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2008 李清潭、曾惠蓮 (2008). 高鐵時代南台灣科學園區設置與周邊地區產業網絡發展變遷」城市發展, (), 46-75. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2008 Yang Szu-Chi, Lee Chin-Tarn, Lo Y. H. (2008). Customer Satisfaction Survey and Customer Characteristic in Festival Actively: A case of Kenting 2006 Wind Chime Festival”2007 IJCTHR Taiwan Special Issue, International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research,, (), 234-249.. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2008 李清潭,楊斯琦,冷澤森 (2008). 企業非核心職務人力外包決策因素及評估之探討中華管理評論國際學報(Web Jl. of Chinese Management Review; 香港公開大學, 11(2), 1-24. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2008 李清潭 (2008). 建構通識課程的公民法治教育的建議通識在線, (18), 22-24. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2008 楊斯琦,李清潭,羅容恆(2008) (2008). 《墾丁風鈴季之遊客特性及滿意度調查之研究》真理觀光學報, (), . (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2019 C.T. Lee (2019). 'Analysis of Innovation Factors in the Asia-Pacific Economic and Trade Environment: A Case Study of Taiwan's Industrial Experience'. The International Conference on Innovation & Knowledge Management (iKM 2019;3rd Conference), 2019/04/19-20., China.
Conference Paper 2018 李清潭 (2018). 《治理的新模式與新殖民主義的商品化:台灣的資本主義發展》. 「第一屆亞洲馬克斯主義傳播學術研討會」, China.
Conference Paper 2018 K.C. Zen and C.T. Lee (2018). “Will Internship Experience Affect Entrepreneurial Intentions for Students Major in Food & Beverage Management?”. Global Internship Conference (GIC) 2018, United States.
Conference Paper 2016 李清潭 (2016). 《台灣長照產業的演變:一項政策與法律商品化的觀察》. 2016台灣社會研究學會年會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2016 李清潭 (2016). 《亞太地區經貿環境的創意與創業要素分析:以台灣產業經驗為例》. 第六屆山海論壇(廣州中山大學、高雄中山大學、廈門大學三邊研討會), China.
Conference Paper 2016 C.H. Sung, T.M. Chang, C.T. Lee (2016). Introduction to International Consulting Program in Taiwan (ICPT). Global Internship Conference 2016, United States.
Conference Paper 2015 Y.S. Su, C.T. Lee, H.C. Chang, W.L. Chiang (2015). The Effects of Flow Experience on Player’s Loyalty in Mobile Game Application. Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Management (GEIM) Conference, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 C.T. Lee, Y.S. Su, H.C. Chang, C.C. Liu (2015). The Effects of Consumer’s Experiential Value on Satisfaction in Mobile Shopping. Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Management (GEIM) Conference, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 Y.S. Su, C.T. Lee, H.C. Chang, C.Y. Tsai (2015). The Factors Influencing User’s Benefits of Mobile Communication Application. Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Management (GEIM) Conference, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2014 Lee, Chin-Tarn (2014). The Future And Challenges Of Asian Management Education. The 10th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Economy & Global Management, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2014 Lo, Kai-Yang, Lee, Chin-Tarn & Tsai, Shu-Fen (2014). Reformation of Traditional Sport under a Modern Business Model: Diabolo Sport and its Entrepreneurship in Kaohsiung. 山海論壇(第四屆,高雄), Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2013 Hsu Chen-Te, Tsai Ching-Hwa, Lo Kai-Yang, Lee Chin-Tarn, Hsu Hsiu-Tao (2013). A Study on the Core Data Model of Data Warehouse of the Sports Industry in Taiwan. 2013 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2013), Japan.
Conference Paper 2013 李清潭 (2013). 契約塑造做為遊戲軟體製造商的競爭優勢資源:以台灣SW國際公司對電子契約的管理為例. 第三屆山海論壇, China.
Conference Paper 2011 Hsiu-Tao Hsu, Chen-Te Hsu, Kai-Yang Lo and Chin-Tarn Lee (2011). The Self-aware Employment Competition of the Outstanding Athlete -- Case of the Normal University Without Any Department of Physical Education. 2011 Academic Conference of National Outstanding Athletes and Promotion of People’s Health, December 3rd, 2011, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan., .
Conference Paper 2011 Chen-Te Hsu, Kai-Yang Lo and Chin-Tarn Lee (2011). Put What You Have Learned Into Practice? A Case Study of A University 1996-2006 Graduates in The South of Taiwan. 2011 TERA International Conference on Education: Imagination & Creativity – Wellspring and Streams of Education. (Session C-C2). December 15-18, 2011, NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, .
Conference Paper 2011 (2011). 醫藥技術移轉法律議題. 藥物技術移轉與智慧財產權研討會, .
Conference Paper 2002 Chin Tarn James LEE (2002). The Rule of Law and Economic Development In Taiwan during the Post-Cold-War Era:Examination between Legal Form and Content. in Forth Conference on Asian Jurisprudence, .
Conference Paper 2002 Chin Tarn James LEE (2002). The Rule of Law in East Asia:Formation and Development. Faculty of Law, .
Book and Chapter 2010

(2010). 1874年沈葆楨的變革管理. 中山大學出版社

Book and Chapter 2009

(2009). 活化海峽中線島嶼:資本、國家與澎湖的社會認同. 高雄:尚書坊出版社/台北:三民書局總經銷

Book and Chapter 2008

(2008). 新世紀宏觀法學之研究與展望. 元照出版有限公司出版

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 台商的命運?華人文化與企業的研究. 社團法人高雄市中山企業管理學術研究學會出版

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 管理個案集:實務解析與應用. 前程企業管理有限公司出版

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 管理學:整合觀點與創新思維. 前程企業管理有限公司出版

Book and Chapter 2001

(2001). 資本主義下現代契約法的變遷:法社會學對於契約自由的辯論. 高雄:尚書坊出版社/

Year Title

「新南向新創團隊交流團」勞務採購案. 教育部青年發展署 (106064)


106年度(高雄產業因應一帶一路之策略與相關措施研究計畫). 士堡投資股份有限公司/華盛營建股份有限公司/運錩鋼鐵股份有限公司 (N106074)


國防採購體系的比較:國防產業的法律與發展脈絡. 台灣區造船工業同業公會 (N105110)


綠能產業運用『研發聯盟』營運機制的先期研究. 長虹航運股份有限公司 (N101043)


研發聯盟推廣電動車的商業模式可行性研究-綠能產業的創新服務前導研究計畫. 瓦特摩科技服務股份有限公司 (N101061)


大學做為建教學習型組織的運作模式-以澎湖地區為個案. 季陽實業股份有限公司 (98009)


創業與就業做為非政府組織、政府、企業三者競合的平台:全球化年代在地轉型策略的探索. 科技部 (NSC92-2416-H-110-030)


國內MBA教育發展研究計劃. 台灣賀利氏電測騎士股份有限公司 (1510)


國際MBA教育發展研究計劃. 台灣賀利氏電測騎士股份有限公司 (1511)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Chia-Jen Lin Master International Market Entry Modes of Automobile Parts Industry-Case Study of Automobile Parts Manufacturers in Central and Southern Taiwan
2018 Tung-Nan Nieh Master A Case Study on the risk management and resolution choice of a Medical Care Corporated Hospital from the Stakeholder Theory
2016 Chun-ting Shao Master The Impact of Promotion Chance on Counterproductive Work Behavior-The Analysis of Mediation and Moderation
2016 Min-Hung Liang Master The Impacts of Tax Regulations on Real Estate Market- A Case Study in Kaohsiung City
2016 林櫻蘭 Master 領導者人格特質與領導美學實踐關係之研究:以台灣庭園景觀工程專業為例
2016 Chen-Cheng Chiu Master Mei Nung Hakka Restaurant Attracting International Tourism by Combining Localization Strategy and International Accreditation
2016 Wei-shiun Huang Master Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment
2016 Chun-hsiu Liu Master A Study on the Relationships among Ethical Leadership, Global Self-Esteem and Counterproductive Work Behavior
2016 Ying-Lan Lin Master Leaders' Personality Traits, Aesthetic Leadership and Management Performance: A Case study of Garden and Landscape Project in Taiwan
2015 Shi-Wei Zhuang Master Value Co-creation Approach to Stakeholders Interaction of Taiwan Electric Scooter Industry
2015 TSAO FANG CHIN Master Innovation of Business Model-Tracing by NIDL & Taiwan sustaining OEM enterprises.
2015 Su-luan Chang Master Internationalization of Taiwan Cartering Industry ~The Joint Venture Contract Between Her-Bian Cartering Group and Beijing Bian Yi Fang Group
2014 Chin-Hsu Li Master The role of foundation in a family business group: A comparative study between Shin-Kong in Taiwan and Auchan in France
2014 蔡宛蓁 Master 外商便利店策略定位與顧客滿意度分析-以上海市場7ELEVEn與全家為例
2014 Chen-ge Sung Master A Study on Internet Marketing Strategy of an Online Women’s Apparel Brand ‘INMAN’
2014 Wan-jen Tsai Master The Strategic Position and Customer Satisfaction of Multinational Companies in Convenience Store-Taking Industry: A Comparative Analysis of 7ELEVEn & Family Mart in Shanghai City
2013 Yu-Cheng Liu Master The Role of Internal Audit Department in Green Supply Chain: The Perspective of Stakeholder Theory
2013 Camille Tauzin Master Which are the Factors that Influence the Use of Platform of E-Purchasing by Professional Buyers?
2013 Ya-Hsun Lin Master The New Entrepreneurial Model of Combinative Clinic-A Case Study of Homu Health Utilities Company
2013 Olivia Cohen Master What are the Effects of the Online Stealth Marketing on the Consumer’s Behavior?
2013 Shu-Fen Tsai Master A study of Diabolo Sport industry Business Model:A Case of Diabolo Association at Kaohsiung
2012 吳東亮 Master LED切入台灣照明市場策略建議研究-以A公司為例
2012 Yu-Hui Chang Master Financial Holding Company Maintains Customer Relationship by Integrated Marketing Strategy─An example of Corporate Banking Group
2012 徐宜穗 Master 跨國併購策略對競爭優勢之影響之研究-以冠捷科技公司攜手飛利浦為例
2012 Hsiao-Jung Lee Master An exploratory study of why customers resist the innovation of the electric motorcycles
2012 Che-Nan Lin Master The study of online game user’s experience and virtual sense of community affect their behavioral intentions
2012 Shan Lin Master A Study on the Performance Evaluation After M&A-The example of Company D
2012 Yi-Chen Chiang Master A Study on Performance Evaluation for Taiwan Pharmaceutical Company Diversification Strategy
2012 Fu-Min Chen Master Domestic life insurance companies to enter the low-interest environment lending market strategy and Operating mode – Example For Taiwan Life insurance Corp
2012 Tung-Liang Wu Master A Study on Strategies of Business Penetration in Taiwan LED Lighting Market-An example of A-company
2012 I-Sui Hsu Master The Influences of Acquisition on Competition Advantage-The Case of The Cooperation of TPV Technology Ltd. and Philips
2011 Yu-chen Hsieh Master A Study on the Implementation and Effects of Educational Training Among Cram Schools.-The Comparison Between Trained and Private Cram Schools
2011 Rueih-Chuan Wang Master The Study of Corporate University Operation Based on Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management-Take the TPC Training Unit as the Example
2011 Chih-Ting Liu Master Equity restructuring of Taiwanese businessmen back to Taiwan to the first listed
2011 Yao-Hung Chan Master The effects of perceived value and brand loyalty on e-commerce effectiveness
2011 Yen-Lin Huang Master User’s Risk Management for the Personal Data of the Cloud Computing Service Industires
2011 Liang-Chun Cheng Master A Study on Business Model and Channel Strategy of House
2011 Shih-hui Huang Master The Standardized Contract for Online Game and the Business Risk Management-Case of the Game Operating Agents
2011 Teng-Yu Huang Master Applying Visionary Leadership and Balanced Scorecard in the SME –The Case of Company Y
2011 Li-Yun Hung Master The Stakeholders Using Strategy of Diversification for Taiwan's Business Transformation: Case on Air Conditioning Industry
2010 Heng-chin Chen Master The Study in entrepreneurial process to influence of the entrepreneurial team :A case of Taiwan cultural and creative industry
2010 Yi-Yih Su Master Comparison of the Customer Relationship Management for Legal Services in Chinese Metropolis
2010 Huang-Chih Huang Master The Influence of Entrepreneur's Personal Resources and Social Capital on Start-up Resources - A Case Study of Kaohsiung Small and Medium Steel Companies
2010 阮氏翠瓊 Master 台商中小企業進入越南投資優勢之探討-以A紡織公司為例
2010 Thuy Quynh - Nguyen Thi Master A Case Study on the Competitive Advantages of Taiwan SMEs in Vietnam – An example of A Textile Company
2009 Su-Ju Lin Master The Competitive Advantage of Daily Rental Suites of Kaohsiung
2009 Kuang-ming Chang Master The Study of the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Customer to Service the Quality and the degree of Satisfaction Research, in Taiwan Area.
2009 Jhan-Peng Wang Master The Influence of Entrepreneur's Human Capital and Social Capital on Opportunity Identification and Development
2009 Sheng-Wei Chen Master Crucible experience: the cultivation and refinement of outstanding leadership - an example to Zuo
2009 Ai-Lin Lee Master On Tourist Satisfaction with Cultural Heritage Site- A Case study of the Malacca State
2009 Shu-Chuan Tasi Master A Study on Using Museums as a Cultural Knowledge Supply platform – Using the Cultural Creativity Industry as an Example
2009 Kon-ning Chiu Master Key Success Factors of a Fitness club
2009 Andy Yu-Yuan Master An Analysis on the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study on Western Fast Food Chains in Taiwan's Metropolitan Areas.
2009 Chi-han Chen Master The Research of Taiwan Tourism Development Policy
2008 Hung Yu Master none
2008 En-chi Chang Master Entrepreneur behavior and entrepreneur intention research
2008 Tzu-cheng Tseng Master The success factor to conclude Strategic Alliance in Taiwan's Cultural Creative Industries
2008 楊斯琦 Ph.D 保健政策不滿意對健檢行為意圖之影響:行銷傳訊與信任的調節效果
2008 Hsin-ling Lee Master The Key Success Factors of the Cross-industrial Strategic Alliance between Communication Industry and Tourism Industry - A Case Study of Pingtung County
2008 Chun-Hung Lu Master The Initial Study for Promotion Motive as Grounded Theory—An Example with Officers Promoted From Operators Within The State-owned Power Company.
2008 林正芳 Master 壽險業以策略聯盟經營銀行保險績效的決定因素-以某壽險公司為例
2008 Kin-Heng Lei Master The Model of New Product Innovation Activities Performed Company's Participate with Customer - An Example of Cultural Creative Industries
2008 Shi-Ming Chen Master Impacts of Relational Capital on the Devolopments of R&D Alliance
2008 Po-shung Huang Master Independent directors system introduction of Taiwan`s Corporate Governance
2008 Cheng-fang Lin Master The Determinants of Strategic Partnership by the Life Insurance Industry in the Running Bank-assurance - A Case Study of a Life Insurance Company
2008 Yun-lung Lin Master none
2008 Szuchi Yang Ph.D The Moderating Effect of Marketing Signaling and Trust on the Relation between Consumer Behavior Intention and Dissatisfaction with Health Policy
2008 Yi-teng Cheng Master none
2008 Bao-ching Huang Master Research on The Needs of After-School-Care at Remote areas – Zuo-Zheng, Tainan for sample
2007 Yu-Jen Chang Master The Influence that the Stock Options of the Salary Incentive Pay System have on the Management level of Chinese mainland Insurance Industry
2007 VU THI Master none
2007 Chin-chiu Wang Master none
2007 Chieh - Chen Master none
2007 Cheng-pai Chao Master A Study of Interactive Relationships between Administrative Power and Faculty Professionalism at National Universities
2007 Yen-chun Chen Master Sustainable Competitive Advantance of Enterprise in the Steel Industry – A Case Approach
2007 Siou-Ru Huang Master none
2006 Shu-Chuan Lee Master Taiwan steel industries H-Beam products anti-dumping research
2006 邱騰玉 Master 國際物流業應用VMI機制之展望與優勢分析
2006 Feng-Chou Lu Master A Study of the Problems in Implementing Entrepreneurship in State-Owned Enterprises
2006 Tsao-feng Peng Master none
2006 Sheng-Chieh Hsu Master Analyzing the influence of learning on transformation strategy: a case study of small and medium business in Taiwan
2006 Tung-shun Lee Master On Shen Pao-Chen’s Thought Applied in the Model of Glolocalization for Taiwan – The Responses of the Late Qing Dynasty’s “Westernization Movement” to the Globalization within the Process of the Capitalism
2006 Ming-wen Lin Master The study of business strategies For ceramic tile industry
2006 Yu-Shan Lin Ph.D The Influence of Different Types of Web Page Design on Attitude and Visit Intention of Browsers with Different Information Processing Styles
2006 林明賢 Master 傳統技術創新升級策略研究–以LED替代傳統光源為例
2006 Yu-Chun Lin Master The Study of transformation of Asia wealth management model
2006 Yun-Ju Lu Master A Research of the Relationship between Lifestyle and Product Attribute on Female Automobile Consumer-A Case Study of Kaohsiung City and County
2006 Chin-ho Tsai Master The research of a marketing strategy in the tourism of a fish village: an example of Mituo Village in the Kaoshiung County
2006 Ting-chung Hsieh Master Human Resource Management of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organization-on Recruiting the Volunteers of the 2009 World Games Kaohsiung
2006 Husan-wen Chen Master Key Success Factors of Taiwan’s Copper Alloy Strips Manufacturers in Managing Business in China
2006 Chien-Chih Chen Master A Study of the Technology - Structure Relationships in Design-Build Engineering Projects
2006 Tiao-lin Chen Master The research of policy letting mainland tourisms into Taiwan and its influence – taking complained behavior as an example
2006 Ling-huang Huang Master Exploring the Promotion of Harm Reduction Program in Social Marketing Strategies
2006 Hui-Ju Liang Master The research on the factors which affect the interaction types between Taiwan and China subsidiaries of MNC
2006 Kai-peng Yang Master An Empirical Study of The Influence of The Characteristics of Value Activities and Unsymmetry of Resources of MNC Cross-Strait Subsidiaries on The Subsistence of Taiwan Subsidiary
2006 Chen-hung Yu Master none
2006 Chiao-ju Li Master A study of outsourcing performance of park and green land in Kaohsiung
2006 Ming-Hsien Lin Master none
2005 Tse-sen Leng Master The Study of Employee Outsourcing Decision Making in Corps’ Non-core Jobs—Use Four High-tech. Companies in Southern Taiwan as Study Cases
2005 Shu-Min Chang Master research of orchid industry
2005 Ying-hsuan Wang Master Investigation of Resistant Factors in the Process of Organizational Change---A Case Study of Vanguard Security Group
2005 Wang - Fang Master The key factors to the success of the Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) Program ---Case study : ROC Air Force 2nd Air Logistics Center (ALC)
2005 Yen-sheng Weng Master A nalyzing Fair Water rate of Taiwan Water Corporation
2005 Tsung-han Tsai Master The Research of Cross selling Strategy in Financial Holding Companies-- Case Studies of Cathay,Taishin and Mega Holding
2005 Mao-Lin Tsai Master none
2005 Jia-rong Hsu Master A Study into Business Strategy of Turnkey Engineering Enterprises in Taiwan – A case of C Company
2005 Chin-yi Lai Master International Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking Industry: Motives, Determinants and Performance of Profitability and Efficiency of Acquiring Firms
2005 Shih-hsiung Chen Master A Study on Fleet Maintenance Management Strategy and Performance In System Dynamics
2005 Chun-Hung Chen Master Critical Success Factors for Fire Departments in Taiwan to Implement Incident Management System
2005 Chun-Sung Chen Master The Effects of Internet on Bussiness Management of Real Estate Brokerage (Sinyi Realty for instance )
2005 Chien-pen Chen Master The research of using employee dispatching in the industry of convenience store
2005 Yen-hung Chen Master Theoretical review and compare on Bohm's dialogue
2005 Teng-Yu Chiu Master Solutions of pitfalls on“Third Party Logistics” industry
2004 Shao-Kun Sun Master Foreign trading company develops business in China’s dosmestic market – Analysis of laws and case studies
2004 Kuen-jye Liao Master The study in the management of industry safety and health between business and contractor in the petrochemical companies.
2004 Eun-ha Park Master The Innovation Strategy and R&D Management of Samsung Group – An Explorative Study
2004 Eric Lee Master none
2004 Chien-ming Chen Master The Opportunity and Challenge of Life Insurance Industry under The New Labor Retirement System.
2004 Ching-kuo Chen Master The Study of Expendiency & Benefit for Consumers Who Procure Vehicles from Second-hand Vehicles Vendors in A Propensity of Asymmetrical Information of Supply/Demand Market—by way of examples of the market in Taiwan & Japan
2004 Shih-pin Lee Master none
2003 Yi-li Wu Master Study of outsourcing operation in administrative affairs in law ─ example of Kaohsiung city
2003 Wan-ting Chou Master A Study on Teacher’s Compensation System of University in the Republic of China ~ Case of National Sun Yat-sen iversity
2003 Kuo-Shiang Sun Master The strategy of union beroadcasting for Radio station The case of Best Radio Corporation
2003 Lin Ming Master The Development Strategy of Taiwan Biopharmaceutical Industry In China
2003 Shih-chieh Hung Master The influence of industry cluster's effect between Taiwan and China to the change of the Multinational Taiwan subsidiary's role.
2003 Rong-Xiang Hong Master The Efficiency Study of Fishermen-Abroad-Employment in the Port of Kaohsiung Area
2003 Ning-kai Tu Master To investigate players' actions when price variable is added in Beer Game
2003 Wang Po-sheng Master Analyse the operation tactic of Taiwan cosmetics industry─the example of Taiwan Salt’s transformation compare with S-company
2003 Annie Wong Ph.D A exporatory of paradigm happening from Taiwan shipping forwarders loading on China market
2003 Fu-Jin Hu Master The Study of Overseas Investment and Immigration affect Taiwan Enterprise Closures and Unemployment
2003 Hui-Fang Cheng Master The determinants of localization of China subsidiaries of multinational companies
2003 Hsiang-ling Chen Master The effects of MNC subsidiary's initiative on it's mandate of other markets
2002 Hui-Shan Chang Master Policy Network and its Application to Policy Making in Grade 1-9 Curriculum
2002 莊育珊 Master 台灣地區銀行白金卡競爭策略之研究
2002 林芬英 Master 女性領導者領導特質與領導風格之研究
2002 范朝棟 Master 非營利組織領導功能之探討
2002 陳國書 Master 公共工程履約爭議處理之研究
2002 張緒中 Master 中華電信工會產業民主實踐之研究
2002 Hsu-Chung Chang Master A Study of the Implementation of the CTWU Industrial Democracy
2002 Fen-Ying Lin Master A Study on the Leading Traits and Leadership Styles of Female Leaders
2002 Chau-Dung Fan Master A Study on Leadership in Non-profit Organization
2002 Yu-Shan Chuang Master The research for banks’ competitive strategies on platinum card in Taiwan
2002 Kuo-Shu Chen Master Disputes Settlement For Contract Execution of Public Construction
2001 Yung-Hsun Huang Master Non-Price Vertical Restraints under the Fair Trade Act in Taiwan
2001 謝宏裕 Master 首次發行可轉換公司債折價發行現象之探討
2001 鄭光政 Master 我國加入WTO後,對中國農民銀行營運影響之研究
2001 白美香 Master 中美破產制度之比較
2001 Mai-hsiang Pai Master none
2001 Hung-Yu Hsieh Master The discounting for initial public offering of convertible bonds
2001 Kuan-Cheng Cheng Master The Study of The Impact for The Farmers Bank of China Operation After Joining WTO
2000 Ching-lin Lu Master The Necessity for Consolidation and Related Problems of the Securities Industry
2000 Jennifer Tu Master Research on the Advantages and Strategies of Foreign Investment as Regards to the Localization of FOC Vessels, in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Under the Development Tendency of International Fisheries Management Convention
2000 Yih-Yuh Jan Master The Study of The Impact on the Operational Advantages and Employees' Rights In The Case of Merger of Financial Institutions ─ The Case of Merger of Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank of Taiwan and Central Trust of China.
2000 陳炳璋 Master 國內開放式股票型基金流量影響因素之探討
2000 柯志強 Master 歐盟對台灣不?袗?螺絲螺帽課徵反傾銷稅案例之研究
2000 Ming-wei Hung Master The Study of the Role of Government in Merger and Acquisition: Bank Merger in Taiwan
2000 郭清寶 Master 企業併購契約及陷阱分析--以台積電公司及元大京華證券公司為例--
2000 戴明宗 Master 中小企業收購股權契約分析-商業限制條款合理之探討
2000 Li-Chiu Sung Master The Role of Contract within the Liberalization of Gas Station Market in Taiwan
2000 Ming-Chung Tai Master none
2000 Jimmy Ko Master The research of the European anti-dumping suit on imports of stainless steel fasteners and parts thereof originating in Taiwan
2000 Ching-Pao Kuo Master The Analysis of Traps and Contracts of Merger and Acquisition of Enterprises-The Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd and Yuanta Core Pacific Securities Co. Ltd.-
2000 Bing-Jang Chen Master The influence factors of fund flow of Taiwan open-ended equity funds
1999 吳春池 Master 電業自由化對台電員工工作權之影響研究
1999 Yuung-Yeh Su Master A Comparision of the Electricity Industry Liberalization and Electricity Acts
1999 Chun-Chih Wu Master A Study of the Influence of Electricity Liberalization on Working Rights of Employee of Taiwan Power Company
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