Name Feng Lee Lin
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests Operations Research, Business Statistics, Strategy Process, Chinese Strategic Management Philosophy, Tao-Te Jing, The Art of War of Sun Zi
Office 4110
Phone 4631

Education 1960, Master, Transportation Engineering Program, University of Maryland
1960, Ph.D., Management Science, University of Maryland
1960, Bachelor, Department of Agricultural Engineering, National Taiwan University
Experience 2019-09-18 ~ , Office of Global Industry-Academe Collaboration and Advancement, National Sun Yat-sen University, Director
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2019-09-06 ~ 2019-09-06, China Steel Corporation, Lecturer
2019-08-13 ~ 2019-08-13, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd, Lecturer
2012-09-06 ~ 2012-10-24, 教育部高中高職教育評鑑, 到南區9所高中職進行專業科評鑑
2000-07-08 ~ 2019-07-19, National Academy of Civil Service, Lecturer
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2014 林峰立 (2014). Intellectual Capital from Taoist PerspectiveTSSCI journal, (), . (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Lin, Feng-Lee (2013). The Composing Mechanism of Intellectual Capital: Fusion of the Three Primal Factors, Knowledge, Belief, and ActivityTSSCI journal, (), . (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2011 林峰立 (2011). 從道家修煉看企業執行力心鏡宗教季刊 INSOUL Quarterly, 一(31), 15-19. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2009 林峰立 (2009). 從內家修練看「資源基礎觀」的資源建構機制(RBV’s Resource-Building Mechanism Perceived from the Practice of the Internal Kong-Fu.)管理學報, 26(2), 111-126. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2009 林峰立 (2009). 中華文化的策略觀點中山管理評論, 17(1), 227-248. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2009 林峰立 (2009). 創新哪裡來?探討創新六大方法經理人月刊, (), 136-143. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2002 Lin,Feng L. (2002). A Cross-Strait Two -Side High-Tech Co-Opetition System Dynamic Model,upcoming, (), . (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2002 Tu, Yi-Ming and Lin, Feng Lee (2002). The Cross-Strait Co-petition Strategies of the High-Tech Industries --- BCG System Dynamics Model. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Information Management, .
Year Title

學術單位研究生產力:智慧資本觀點. 科技部 (103-2410-H-110-074-)


智慧資本的理論、操作化、與量表測量:精氣神三元合一. 科技部 (102-2410-H-110-073-)


以道家精、氣、神觀點探討便利商店經營模式:7-ELEVEN和全家便利商店為例. 科技部 (101-2815-C-110-054-H)


定性和定量的企業資源評量:精氣神三元合一. 科技部 (NSC100-2410-H-110-004-)

Year Name Degree Title
2017 Yi-Li Yen Master Entrepreneurship Research from the Perspective of Tao Te Ching:The Case of the B Company of Food Oil
2012 JIA-MING SYU Master Explore the shunt by the Financial Accounting Standards
2012 Chun-liang Cheng Master The Entry Model Of Mega International Commercial Bank into Mainland China: Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective
2012 Shu-chuan Su Master The Research on Development Strategy of the A Software Company︰The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective
2012 申凱寧 Master A外商藥廠發展策略之研究:『資源建構機制』觀點
2012 Kai-ning Shen The Research on Strategic Management of the A Pharmaceutical Company : Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective
2011 Ju-Yuan Lee Master A Study on The Development of Channel Business-The Case of PCSC
2011 Liang-kun Hung Master Comparing The Business Models Of Chain Coffee Stores:The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective
2011 Chin-hsing Chang Master The Coherence of Corporate Knowledge, Belief, and Action: A Case Study of K Company
2011 張沁杏 企業知識、信念、行動合一之研究:以K公司為例
2010 Li-ying Cheng Master The Study on the Taiwanese-based M Company's Management Competency of It's Mainland China Human Resource: The Perspective of the Resource-building Mechanism
2010 Te-Hsien Chang Master Strategic research for religious leader facing dilemma and problem solving—case study of international Buddha's Group
2010 張德賢 宗教團體領導人面臨困境及解決問題策略之研究—以國際佛光會為研究
2009 Yu-Lung Lu Master The study of oragnization knowledge creation process and affecting factors—the example of china steel knowledge creation activities
2009 盧毓龍 組織知識創新過程及影響因素之研究—以中鋼公司知識創新活動為例
2008 Chun-kuang Liu Master Quantifiable research cluster effect: the diamond model
2006 李瑞國 Master 工業爐系統整合的市場區隔與定位策略之研究—以育華興業公司為例
2006 許智翔 Master 動態性競爭策略分析模式─以半導體封裝業為例
2006 Jui-Kuo Lee A Study of Market Segmentation and Positioning on Industrial Furnace System Integration from A Global Perspective
2006 Chih-Hsing Hsu The dynamics analysis model for competitive strategy of IC paking industry
2005 Hui-Ping Wang Master The M3 Perspective of Crisis Management: Three Cases
2004 Jiing-Lih Yu Master The research in the comparison of the strategic types of Taiwan Financial Holding Companies
2004 Chung-Yi Li Master The study of strategy dynamic mechanism on LCD-TV industry
2004 Feng Kuo-An Master The development trend of FPD technology research by using the path dependence theory
2004 Chih-chung Kang Master Examining the implication and application of management philosophy from Chuangtzu’s seven internal writings
2003 Jung-chang Lee Master Study the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering - System Dynamics thinking
2003 Kun-chu Cheng Master A Study on the Analysis of Competitive Strategy of Flip Chip Packaging Insdustry in Taiwan -Case Study on S Company
2003 Yeh-shun Chen Master A Study on the Competitive Strategies of Taiwan IC Packaging New Entrants Based on Path Dependence Theory
2002 陳建仁 Master 佛法矯正當代台灣企業弊端之研究
2002 丘偉民 Master 孫子兵法對企業經營的啟發之研究
2002 Chin-Yu Cho Master The developing strategies of biotechs in Taiwan
2002 Siu-Kei Kwok Master The study of competitive advantage in Haier enterprise
2002 Miau-Tang Chen Master The Research on the Growth Mechanism of Harbor Operation by using System Dynamics Methodology
2002 Wei-ming Choei Master Research of Sun Zi's on the enlightment of business management.
2002 Chen Chien-Jen Master The research of the Buddhist doctrines to rectify business corruption of the present age
2001 林佐振 Master 佛教影響企業經營的個案探討
2001 Yao-Chien Chen Master The implication and application of the Analects of Confucius on management
2001 Tso-chen Lin Master The influence of Buddhism to the enterprise operation.
2000 張群 Master 入口網站國際化策略之研究--以Yahoo!為例
2000 Cheng-Ching Tu Master The Entry Strategy of Taiwanese Firm’s Foreign Direct Investment in China
2000 Ching-Yi Tsai Master The Effects of R&D Motivations and Firm-Specific Features to R&D Strategy of Multinational Corporations---Empirical Research for MNE Subsidiaries in Taiwan.
2000 趙雨潔 Master 多國籍企業子公司角色與國籍對高階經營團隊影響之研究--以在台子公司為例
2000 Chun Chang Master The Internationalization of Portal Site--Empirical Research for Yahoo!
2000 Yu-Chieh Chao Master The Influences of the Strategic Roles of Subsidiaries and the Nationalities of the MNC on the top management teams--Empirical Research for MNC Subsidiaries in Taiwan.
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2017 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2016 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2015 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2014 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2013 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2012 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2011 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
Period Activity Description Role
2019-08-14 ~ 2019-08-14 國立中山大學中高階約用行政人員培訓專班 講授(1)「創意與創新思考」(2)「領導與激勵」 講座教師