Name Hao-Chieh Lin
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests 動態競爭、高階經營團隊、文化雙融管理
Office 4046-2
Phone 4616

Education 2005, Ph.D., Institute of Human Resource Management, National Sun Yat-Sen University
Experience 2011-08-01 ~ 2014-01-31, National Cheng Kung University, Associate Professor
2009-08-01 ~ 2011-07-31, National Cheng Kung University, Assistant Professor
2006-08-01 ~ 2009-07-31, National Chung Cheng University, Assistant Professor
2005-08-01 ~ 2006-07-31, Shu-Te University, Assistant Professor
Administrative Positions
2016-02-01 ~ , CSEMBA, Director
Academic Services 2019-01-01 ~ 2022-12-31, Ministry of Science and Technology, Review Committee
2018-10-15 ~ 2018-10-15, TN Soong Foundation , Review Committee
2018-03-01 ~ 2019-04-30, Ministry of Education , Review Committee
2018-01-01 ~ 2020-12-31, National Chengchi University, AOM specialized conference committee
2015-01-01 ~ 2020-12-31, Taiwan AOM, Editor of Strategic Field
2014-08-01 ~ 2019-12-31, Ministry of Science and Technology, Committee member
2014-01-01 ~ 2016-12-31, NTU Management Review , Editorial Committee
2013-01-01 ~ 2015-12-31, Ministry of Science and Technology, Review Committee
2008-12-01 ~ 2021-01-31, Journal of Management, Editorial Review Board
2007-01-01 ~ 2019-12-31, Journal of Management Studies (A journal), Leadership Quarterly, Group & Organization Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Asia Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Business Research, 管理學報、管理評論、中山管理評論、產業與管理論壇、科技管理學報、人力資源管理學報, Reviewer of SSCI and TSSCI journals
2006-01-01 ~ 2019-12-31, 科技部, 各項專題計畫、申覆案、倫理案、博士生/學者參加研討會案、千里馬案...審查委員
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2019 Ryu, J, Capistrano, EP*, & Lin, HC (2019). Non-Koreans’ preferences on korean popular music: A two-country studyInternational Journal of Market Research, (), . (SSCI)
Journal Article 2019 Lin, HC & Lin, PC (2019). The Interplay between CEO-TMT Exchange Level and Differentiation: Implications for Firm Competitive Behaviors and PerformanceJournal of Business Research, 95(1), 171-181. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2018 陳明哲著,林豪傑、連婉茜譯 (2018). 動態競爭研究與教學的「合一」:邁向文化雙融的整合管理學報, 35(4), 415-436. (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2015 郭嘉博、余明助、林豪傑、王議賢 (2015). 影響部屬知覺不當督導的原因:心理契約違背觀點人力資源管理學報, 15(15), 25-45. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2014 Lin, HC; Rababah, N (2014). CEO-TMT exchange, TMT personality composition, and decision quality: The mediating role of TMT psychological empowermentThe Leadership Quarterly, 25(25), 943-957. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2014 陳明哲著,林豪傑譯 (2014). 文化雙融:一位管理學者的反思與行踐。管理學報, 4(4), 263-282. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Chen, M.-J., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Michel, G. J (2010). Navigating in a Hypercompetitive Environment: The Roles of Action Aggressiveness and TMT IntegrationStrategic Management Journal,, 31(13), 1410-1430. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Lin, Hao-Chieh & Hou, S.-T. (2010). Managerial Lessons from the East: An Interview with Acer’s Stan ShihAcademy of Management Perspectives, 24(4), 6-16. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2009 林豪傑 (2009). 聚焦:研究的整合與延伸組織與管理, 2(2), 33-35. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2008 Lin, Hao-Chieh & Shih, C.-T. (2008). How Executive SHRM System Links to Firm Performance? The Perspectives of Upper Echelon and Competitive DynamicsJournal of Management, 34(5), 853-881. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2006 Huang, I.-C., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Chuang, C.-H (2006). Constructing Factors Related to Worker RetentionInternational Journal of Manpower,, 27(5), 491-508. (SSCI)
Conference Paper 2019 Trung H.N., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Chang, S.C. (2019). TMT gender diversity and firm relational and rivalrous competitive behaviors. Asia Academy of Management Conference, Indonesia.
Conference Paper 2019 Luo, S.C. & Lin, Hao-Chieh (2019). How a top team’s risk appetite impacts firm outcomes: Examining an integrated model. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2019 Song, C.N., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Tsai, C.M. (2019). The Effects of Vertical and Horizontal Trust among Top Executives on TMT Conflict in Hospitals: Moderating Roles of Environmental Dynamism. AAOM & TAOM Joint Conference, Indonesia.
Conference Paper 2019 Lin, Hao-Chieh, Trung, H.V., Lien, W.C., & Wu, X.E (2019). Motivate to learn: Antecedents and consequences of learning goal orientation in teams. 2019 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2018 Lien, W.C., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Chen, M.J. (2018). CEO Paternalistic Leadership, Competitive Boldness, and Performance: Roles of Relational Practices. 2018 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2018 Lien, W.C., & Lin, Hao-Chieh (2018). Human Origins of Competitive Dynamics. International Competitive Dynamics Research Conference , Canada.
Conference Paper 2018 Shih, S.I., Lin, S.J., Lin, Hao-Chieh, & Yeh, S.J. (2018). Team Work Meaningfulness and Competitive Advantage: The Moderating Role of Team Innovation Strategies. 2018 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Liu, Leigh Anne, Lin, Hao-Chieh & Lien, Wan-Chien, & Chen, Ming-Jer. (2017). TMT Strategic Cohesion in the Paradox of Competition and Cooperation: A Moderated Mediation Model.. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Trung Hai Nguyen, Yannick Turkier, & Lin, Hao-Chieh (2017). Psychological Drivers and Contextual Forces of Competitive Initiatives: An Awareness-Motivation-Capability Perspective. Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Lin, Hao-Chieh, Pei-Chun Lin, & Kai-Han Yang (2017). The Interplay between CEO-TMT Exchange Level and Differentiation: Implications for Firm Competitive Behaviors and Performance. Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference, Thailand.
Conference Paper 2017 Viet H. Nguyen & Lin, Hao-Chieh. (2017). The Moderating Effects of Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation on Individual Social Processes and Job Performance: A Multilevel Examination. AAOM and TAOM Joint Conference, Japan.
Conference Paper 2017 蔡瓊滿、林豪傑 (2017). 動態環境對醫療機構經營團隊信任的影響及其對團隊衝突的意涵. 智慧醫療邁向健康管理新時代學術研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2016 Lin, Hao-Chieh & Lien, Wan-Chien (2016). TMT Social Capital, Competitive Behavior, and Firm Performance: Examining the Moderated-Mediation Effects of Contextual Forces. 2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, United States.
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Book and Chapter 2010

(2010). 動態競爭(第二版). 智勝出版

Book and Chapter 2009

(2009). 動態競爭. 北京大學出版社

Case Studies 2013

(2013). 高雄市公車的民營化歷程 [個案及教學指引]. 成功大學個案中心

Case Studies 2012

(2012). 平板電腦引發的產業變革[個案及教學指引]. 成功大學個案中心

Case Studies 2010

(2010). 蘭奇下台後的宏碁電腦 [個案及教學指引]. 成功大學個案中心

Case Studies 2009

(2009). 行動通訊廠商的動態競爭與合作 [(A) (B) (C)個案及教學指引]. 成功大學個案中心

Case Studies 2009

(2009). 3C通路商的動態競爭:以「全國電子」為焦點廠商 [(A) (B) (C)個案及教學指引] . TMCC

Case Studies 2007

(2007). AMY’S活力休閒餐飲系列 [(A) (B)個案及教學指引] . TMCC

Case Studies 2006

(2006). 統茂休閒旅館系列 [(A) (B) (C)個案及教學指引]. TMCC

Year Title

An Integrated Examination of the Interface between CEO-TMT Exchange, Organizational Environment, and TMT Process Concerns: Implications for Competitive Behaviors and Firm Performance. 科技部 (MOST 105-2410-H-110 -065 -SS3)


Environmental Antecedent and Performance Consequence of Management Initiatives in Healthcare Institutions: The Roles of TMT Integration, TMT Personality Compositions, and Organizational Absorptive Capacity. 科技部 (NSC 102-2410-H-006 -041 -MY3)


CEO-TMT Process Dynamics and its Decision and Competition Implications: An Examination of the Moderating Effects of TMT Compensation. 科技部 (NSC 99-2410-H-006 -004 -MY3)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Sheng-Tun Hour Master Brand Management and Transformational Strategy of Cultural and Creative Enterprises: Taking CFG Company as an Example
2018 Chih-Wei Chen Master An Analysis of the Competitiveness of Taiwan's Pineapple Export to the Mainland China
2018 Pai-Chun Yen Master An Analysis on the Relative Export Competitiveness of the Textiles and Garments in Indonesia and Vietnam
2018 Hsien-Chang Huang Master The Utilization and Stategy of Labor Forces in Labor Intensive Enterprises —The Case of JL Company in Chongzhou
2018 I-Hsiang Wang Master Exploring the Relationship between Game Players’ Type and Continuance Intentions
2018 Chia-Yu Chan Master The Effects of TMT Gender Diversity on Firm Competitive and Cooperative Behaviors: Moderating Role of Environmental Dynamism
2017 Cheng-Hao Hu Master An Examination of the Associations among Top Management Team Characteristics and Organizational Credit Risk
2017 Wei-chih Lu Master Competitive dynamics among mobile communications companies: Quantative and qualitative analyses
2017 Pi-Ju Tsai Master The Influence of Bancassurance on the Business and Agent of Life Insurance Industry
2017 Hong-Mei Lin Master Case Studies and Practices Analyses on Critical Issues in the US Anti-dumping Investigation
2017 Yuen-Hsia Lin Master The Effects of New Technology on the Development of the Security Industry
2017 Yu-Tse Yang Master Developments and Restrictions of New Business Models in Taiwan Legal Industry
2017 Shih-Hsien Shih Master Research on a Silver-Rated Green Building from the Perspective of Mechanical, Watering and Electrical Systems Integration- The Case of M Tower
2017 Pin-chun Lin Master Paradoxical Leadership and Work Meaningfulness:Moderating Role of Affective Trust in Supervisor and Mediating Effect of Procedural Justice
2017 Wuu-Shyong Wang Master An Application of the Critical Incidents Technique to Identify the Decision-making Ability and Leadership Capacity of Top Managers : Example of Z Company
2017 Hui-Chen Chen Master The Determinants and Effectiveness of Awarded Tour Packages: Perspective of Stakeholders
2017 Yu-hsuan Wu Master The Hero's Journey of Four Professionals in Traditional Industries
2017 Shu-Chin Huang Master Exploring the Trade Marketing and Global Customer Relationship Management of SMEs in Taiwan: Taking A Company as an Example
2017 郭惠軫 Master 高階經營碩士學程 (106-2) 碩士. 企業併購的關鍵成功因素-以日本A公司併購B公司為例..
2017 Huei-chen Kuo Master Key Successful Factors of Business Merger and Acquisition - The Case Study of a Japanese Company
2016 廖文銓 Master 以系統思考探討集團企業多角化之關鍵成功環路-以遠東集團為例
2016 chin-ling Liang Master Exploring Effective Store Operation Criteria of Mobile Communication Industry
2016 Guan-Yu Lin Master Analyses of Business Strategy and Competitive Dynamics in the FMCG Industry
2016 Ching jui Chou Master Strategic Orientations and Firm Performance:Examining the Moderating Effects of Internal and External Contextual Forces
2016 Tai-yun Lee Master The Effect of Mobile Payment on the Cross-Industry Competition and Consumers’ Use Intention in the Banking Industry
2016 Shu-Fang Cheng Master A Preliminary Exploration of the Dynamic Competition and Cooperation Relationships within and between the IoT Ecosystems
2016 Tzu-Heng Wei Master An examination of the associations between competitive dynamics and firm performance among smartphone companies
2016 Hung-Chieh Wang Master A Study of New Bussines Model of Cloud POS – A Case of iCHEF
2016 Mei-Tsu Lin Master Research on Competitive Strategy of Credit Card in Domestic Public Bank
2016 Hsiao-Hsia Lu Master The Impact of Fintech and Adaptive Strategy for Taiwanese Conventional Commercial banks -a Case Study of CHB
2016 Ting-Ya Yu Master The Evolutionary Profile of the Composite Retail Industry:Perspectives of Industry Life Cycle and Business Ecosystem
2016 Kuo-Han Su Master Research on Commercialization and Market Entry of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Taiwan
2016 Wei-Yen Teng Master A Study of the Business Model For Part Time Human Resources Matching Platform
2016 Yi-Men Lin Master Factors Affecting Customers’ Purchase Decision on Industrial Products: Taking Imported Gear-reducers as an Example
2016 Kai-Yu Yang Master Analyses of the Business Model, Strategy and Competition in a Leisure Hotel:The example of C hotel
2016 Ting-yi Juan Master A Study of Service Model Innovation: A Case Study of Dadaocheng Business District
2016 Wen-Chuan Liao Master An Application of the Systems Thinking Approach to Explore the Key Success Loops of a Conglomerate's Diversification Strategy - The Case of Far Eastern Group
2015 Shu-hui Yang Master CEO-TMT Exchange and Decision Quality:Examining the Mediating Role of Decision Consensus and Moderating Effect of Competitive Tension
2015 Shu-Ai Wang Master An Application of Historical Events and In-depth Interview Approaches to Explore the Process and Wisdom of Business Management
2015 張鈞婷 Master 以EdwarddeBono的思考工具PMI結合系統思考之應用---分析DreamMakers的創業決策
2015 Wan-yu Chen Master The Management of Competition and Cooperation during the Trasnformation from OEM to OBM:Taking U Company as an Example
2015 Shen-Nien Wang Master CEO-TMT Exchange in Healthcare Organizations: Implications for TMT Trust Climate and Management Innovation
2015 Jen-yu Lin Master Paradoxical Leadership Behaviors and Goal Orientations: The Mediating Role of Team-Member Exchange
2015 劉又升 Ph.D 董事會屬性如何影響廠商績效?競爭積極性在豐裕環境中的角色..
2015 Yu-Sheng Liu Ph.D How do board attributes affect firm performance? The roles of competitive aggressiveness in munificent environments
2015 Chun-ting Chang Master Applying PMI and Systems Thinking Techniques to Investigate Dream Makers’ Entrepreneurial Decision-making Process
2015 Pei-chun Lin Master CEO-TMT Exchange Quality and Firm Performance: The Role of Competitive Behaviors
2015 Yi-chia Chuang Master The effects of paradoxical leader behaviors on subordinates' trust in leader in the financial industry: Exploring the mediating roles of leader-member exchange
2014 Chun-hao Hung Master CEO-TMT Exchange Differentiation and Firm Performance: Examining the Mediating Role of TMT Trust and the Moderating Effect of Competitive Tension
2014 朱梅英 Master 精品禮服品牌策略研究--以D-S Wedding為例..
2014 Cheng-chuan Lee Master Strategic Marketing Analysis of Wedding Industry
2014 Jui-ying Tien Master Competitive Strategy Analysis for 'C' Airlines
2014 Su-jen Yu Master The research for promoting post future mail to drive mail business development-a case study of Chunghwa Post
2014 Yi-te Chung Master The Relation among Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility, Role Stress, and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of the Service Industry
2014 Wen-jung Chen Master A Study on the Key Success Factor for the Growth of Population in Traditional Chinese Medical Industry
2014 Che-wei Chung Master The Operation and Management Model of Bedding Industry in Taiwan in Response to Free Trade Policies-A Case of Tianen Bedding
2014 Meng-hsien Wu Master Game theory and Co-opetition Strategy in Medical Service Industry – With Cheng-Ching Eye Clinic As An Example of Case Study
2014 Cheng-hui Hsieh Master Hotel Renovation Case Study-Legend Hotel Kaohsiung
2014 Chien-chang Hsu Master The research of competition strategy for Microcontroller (MCU) market—M company is used as the research case
2014 Jui-nan Lu Master Marketing Strategy Application Research of Big Data Analysis
2014 Heng‐jhu Dong Master The Study of Clothing Industry’s Strategic Marketing─The Case of Hong Shin Company
2014 Chia-Ying Lee Master The analysis of competition-cooperation strategies for facing price war
2014 Ching-hua Hsu Master Cost and Management Analysis in Taiwan’s Pelagic Squid Fishing Fishery:In the Case of H Company
2014 Chih-Hua Wu Master Three Cases of Organizational Change from the Dimension of Organizational Communication
2014 Jia-ling Hung Master International Market Business Strategy Analysis-A case study of G company
2014 Kai-Ting Hsu Master A Systems Thinking Perspective to the Study of the Obstacles to a Textile Company development
2014 Wen-Chun Wu Master TMT Risk Propensity and Firm Performance: The Roles of Competitive Interactions
2014 Mei-Ying Chu Master A Study on Brand Strategy of Exquisite Dress- Case Study Based on D-S Wedding
2013 Kuo-Lung Huang Master A Study of the M&A Strategy and Benefit in the Banking Industry
2013 張翔傑 Master 保險經紀人公司的經營策略與競合策略分析-以台大保經為例
2013 Chine-Ching Lee Master An Analysis of a Public Construction Project
2013 Che-Chung Chen Master Construction Management of Large Public Buildings : Perspective of the Engineering Consulting Firm
2013 Po-jen Hu Master An Indentification of the Critical Value in Evaluating Financial Performance for Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan
2013 周家賢 Master 壽險公司與商業銀行之通路競合分析-以新光人壽為例
2013 Hung-Tai Chiu Master Competitive Advantage Analysis of Iron & Steel Shearing Processing Industry- The Case of JC Company
2013 陳昭銘 Master 地區醫院營運管理之研究 ─ 以新華醫院為例.
2013 Li-Ni Kuo Master Strategy Analysis of Floral Industry in Taiwan- A Case Study of Eternal Myth Flower Workshop
2013 Chia-Hsien Chou Master The Co-opetition Relations in Life Insurance Channels between Insurance Company and Commercial Banks - A Case Study of Shin Kong Life Insurance
2013 Hsiang-Chieh Chang Master The Analysis of the Business and Co-opetition Strategies of Insurance Broker Companies : A Case Study of Tada Insurance Broker Company
2013 Chao-ming Chen Master A Study of Operational Management for District Hospitals - A Case Study of Shin-Hua Hospital
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 Paper included in a Best Symposium 2018 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
2018 EMBA商管聯盟個案競賽兩岸組銀獎(指導老師) EMBA商管聯盟
2017 Best Paper Award 2017 Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Chapter
2017 EMBA商管聯盟個案競賽中華組最佳團隊獎(指導老師) EMBA商管聯盟
2017 ATCC全國大專院校商業個案大賽和泰汽車組南區冠軍、全國季軍(指導老師) ATCC
2017 TCS Thesis Award (Mentor) TCS
2017 University Outstanding Teaching Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2017 College Outstanding Teaching Award Management Department, National Sun Yat-sen University
2016 EMBA商管聯盟個案競賽中華組金獎(指導老師) EMBA商管聯盟
2016 全國大專倫理個案分析競賽優勝(指導老師) Chinese Business Ethics Education Association
2015 EMBA Alliance Case Competition Gold Metal (Mentor) EMBA Alliance
2015 Planner 101 National Championship (Mentor) Taiwan Business Strategy Association
Period Activity Description Role
2019-03-01 ~ 2019-12-31 讓-愛-走動志工尋寶計畫 培訓榮總志工 輔導老師/教練