Name Hueimei Liang
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests Logistics Management, queuing theory
Office 4060
Phone 4660

Education 1960, Ph.D., Operations Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1960, Master, Mathematics, Illinois State University
1960, Bachelor, Department of English, National Kaohsiung Normal Univeristy
Experience 1992-08-01 ~ 1999-07-31, National Central University, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
1989-06-01 ~ 1992-07-31, IBM-Research Triangle Park Raleigh, N.C. USA Architecture & Telecommunication, Staff
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 0 梁慧玫 (0). 精敏生產典範N/A, (), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2014 Liang, HM; Kao, RH; Tu, CC; Chin, CC; Chung, WC (2014). The Influence of Education and Training on Work Attitudes and the Moderating Effect of Supervisor Attitudes: Examining Chinese EmployeesSOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH, 119(119), 853-875. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Liang, Hueimei; Lee, Kuo-Jung; Huang, Jen-Tsung; Lei, Hsien-Wei (2013). The optimal decisions in franchising under profit uncertaintyECONOMIC MODELLING, 31(31), 128. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2012 Hueimei Liang, Chan-Fu Chuang, Cho-Miao Chen (2012). Exploring the Effects of Sharing Information on Expected Cost under the VMI ModelJournal of E-Business JEB電子商務學報, 14(14), 329-352. (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2007 Hueimei Liang, Shulan Wu, Jiejong Jan (2007). Adoption timing of Standard-based technology under uncertaintyN/A, (), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2006 梁慧玫 & 李信興 (2006). 永續發展觀點下的產銷模式:以溪底遙學習農園為例N/A, (), . (其他期刊)
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Journal Article 1999 Liang, Huei-mei (1999). Service Station Factor in Monotonicity of Retrial QueuesMathematical and Computer Modelling, (), 189 - 196. (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2017 Yi-Chun Lin, Pi-Yu Kuo, Yan-Yan Chen, Hueimei Liang (2017). “ Service Innovation in SCF of China”. Service Frontiers, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Chih-Ying Wu, Hueimei Liang, Su-Mei Chiu, Chih-Hung Yuan (2017). “A Study of Impact of Instant Messaging on Job Performance Through Employee Empowerment”. PICMET, United States.
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Conference Paper 2013 Chung-Cheng Tu, Chun-Fang Li, Huei-Mei Liang, and Chih-hung Yuan (2013). (2013) “B2C Service Innovation Creating the Second Business Growth: A Case Study of the 7-Eleven in Taiwan”. 2013 Frontiers in Service Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, (BEST PRACTITIONER PAPER AWARD FINALIST), Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2013 Chung-Cheng Tu, Chih-Hung Yuan, Huei-Mei Liang (2013). (2013), Reborn of City Cafe, the 2013 Systamatic Innovation Conference,2013系統性創新研討會暨第五屆中華系統性創新學會年會,Chung-Li City, Taiwan, (最佳論文獎). (2013), Reborn of City Cafe, the 2013 Systamatic Innovation Conference,2013系統性創新研討會暨第五屆中華系統性創新學會年會,Chung-Li City, Taiwan, (最佳論文獎), Taiwan.
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Conference Paper 2011 Yi-Wen Hsu、Hueimei Liang、Bih-Shiaw Jaw, (2011). Key factors research of Cooperate Human Resources Integration in merger– By case study of Carrefour and TESCO. ISQM 2011, Taiwan, .
Conference Paper 2010 Chung-Cheng Tu, Hueimei Liang, Jeng-Tsong Huang (2010). Key Success Factors in Implementing LOHAS in Convenient Chain Stores, a Case study of 7-11 in Taiwan, . ANQ Congress, .
Year Title

台灣早餐產業現況研究-以高雄為例. 科技部 (97-2815-C-110 -049 -H)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Mei-Chun Mou Master A Study on the influence of the relationship between Partners in the supply chain on operating effectiveness - A case of automobile industry
2017 PI-YU KUO Master An Attempt to Investigate the Risk of Supply Chain Finance
2017 Yi-Chun Lai Master Research on B2B Service Strategy- By Value Chain and Resource Based View
2017 Jia-Huei Lin Master A Study of Simple Investment Strategy in Taiwan Stock Market
2016 Chung-Cheng Tu Ph.D A Study on Crisis Management Strategy: A case of food industry
2016 Ming-kai Cheng Master Exploration of Health, Safety, Living Model with Home Safety Checklist Design
2016 Chin-shen Lin Master The Business Model Feasibility Study about Wholesale Chain Store of General Merchandises at the Multi-island Region
2015 Chih-ying Wu Master A Study of the Impact of Instant Messaging on Job Performance
2014 Yu-Hsueh Liu Master The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Commitment - with Corporate Motivation as a Moderator
2013 Shu-Min Ho Master The relationship between characteristics and innovation of the museums in Taiwan
2013 Pei-yu Chen Master The Impact of Social Network Websites' Atmospherics on Purchasing Intention - A Case of Parenting websites
2013 Shuo-Shun Liang Master A Market Research on Digestive and Hepatobiliary Diseases at Nantz Kaohsiung Area
2013 鄭勝峯 Master 醫療從業人員的專業承諾與通報意願之關係-以自尊為干擾變數
2013 Shu-Hsing Ho Master Influence of Employee Turnover Rate on Customer Service Center in Insurance Companies – T Company as an Example
2013 Hsing-Lin Chen Master A Study on High-Tech Innovation by Real Options Approach
2013 Yu-Wen Fang Master A study on the effect of special exhibitions on revisit intention in Taiwan museums.
2013 Chih-Hsiung Tien Master The research in elements of enterprise collaboration trust.
2013 Chieh-hao Wu Master A study on the relationship among role conflicts,job stress,and job burnout: With the moderating effect of social support and personal recreation
2013 Jen-Wei Hsieh Master The Innovation of Internet Business Model of Four Treasures of Study – A Case Study of W company in Managing Online Community
2013 徐韶瑜 Master 三星集團組織文化與經營績效之探討
2013 吳冠誼 Master 求醫考量、知覺價值與知覺風險對求醫意願之影響 ─以肌肉骨骼疾患為例
2013 Sheng-Fong Jeng Master The Association among Medical Staffs’ Professional Commitment, Self-esteem and Intention to Report Incident
2012 Chunchieh Yang Master A study on the Effect of Team Diversity, Team Leader Innovative Characteristics on Team Innovation
2012 陳俊穎 Master 主題樂園產業的企業社會責任對組織認同及企業形象之影響-以義大遊樂世界為例
2012 Jui-Hsin Chu Master The Effects of Employees’ Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification – Supervisors’ Support as a Moderator
2012 Yu-Shan Hung Master A Study of the Effects of Knowledge Characteristic, Self-Efficacy, and Industrial Environmental uncertainty on Innovation Capability
2012 Chen-ni Wang Master The Business Benefits and the Benefit of Parents' Expectation of High Tuition Kindergartens
2012 Li-cheng Wang Master A Study of Dangerous Equipment Producers’ Job Satisfaction
2012 Chia-wen Lo Master The Effects of Organizational Trust on Professional Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior-A Case of Kaohsiung City Government
2012 Po-Kai Tsai Master The Effects of Knowledge Characteristics on Self-Efficacy and Innovativeness–A Case of Revenue Service Bureau
2012 Chiu Su-mei Master A Study of the Innovation in Architecture Industry- A Case of Builders
2012 Chang-i Huang Master A Research on the Expansion Strategies of a Medical Chain System in China – A case of K Company
2012 Chun-Ying Chen Master The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification and Corporate Image in Theme Park Industry - A Case of E-DA Theme Park
2011 Ta-Ju Liu Master A Study of Medical Beauty Tourism for China's Tourist to Taiwan
2011 Chin-Tai Lee Master A case study of the Resource-Based View to Acer group's Reengineering
2011 Tsui-Feng Lin Master A Study of Key Success Factors in Touch Panel Rework Industry
2011 Chun-shian Lin Master Perceived Organizational Support and Organization Citizenship Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Voluntary Workers Motivations –A Case of Revenue Service Bureau, Kaohsiung City
2011 林世鴻 外商企業導入客戶關係管理之研究-以X公司為例
2010 Jia-shiang Liou Master The Disposition Effect of Taiwan Stock Market in Financial Tsunami
2010 盧慧雪 Master MDA:微軟.NETFramework開發平台使用者介面轉換方法論之研究
2010 劉育明 Master 積體電路自有品牌成功關鍵因素之探討--以散熱風扇馬達驅動IC市場為例
2010 洪松嘉 Master 3C連鎖零售業導入電子商務購物平台之研究-以S公司為例
2010 Shu-Ching Chuang Master A Study on Restaurant Repositioning: A Case of Canton Court of Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung
2010 Yung Hua Wu Master The Study on Sales Strategy of Super Sport Cars- Ferrari and Bentley in Taiwan
2010 蕭鈞安 Master 台商在中國飼料產業經營的關鍵成功因素-以統一企業為例
2010 Wu-chung Chung Master A Study on the Relationships between training, organizational commitment, professional commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior-The Moderating Effect of attitude for the supervisor
2010 Cheng-Tung Chen Master A Study of the Selling Strategy of the Metrology-- Case Study of Coordinate Measuring Machine
2010 Tzu-Fei Sun Master A Marketing Strategies Study on the Tan-dao Corporation move to Tianjin Condiment Market
2010 Jun-Hong Chen Master The Marketing Strategy and Perceived Value Research for The Tea Drink in China
2010 Hsin-cheng, Chang Master Study of DaHan Co. Ltd educational robot implementation in supplementary industry
2010 Yu-Ming Liu Master A Study of the Key Success Factors of Own Brand -- Case Study of DC-FAN Motor Driver ICs Market
2010 Sung-chia Hung Master A Study of Adding 3C Chain Retail Businessto E-commercial E-shopping Platform– A Case Study of S Company
2010 Hui-Hsueh Lu Master MDA: A Methodology of User Interface Transformation for Microsoft .NET Framework Platform
2010 Chun-an Hsiao Master The Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Company in China Feed Industry- A Case Study of The Uni-President Co., Ltd.
2009 Chih-heng Liu Master The hub port selecting behavior model of container liners—An example of Kaohsiung Harbor's container liners
2009 Kuo-Yang Tseng Master The Study of Marketing of Timber Industry Association
2009 Shih-Ping Hsing Master Green Building Product Strategies
2009 Lu-mei Pan Master The Relationship among Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Job Involvement in Cross Selling of the Life Insurance Agents
2009 Tzu-yuan Liao Master The comparison between specialty illness and common illness-by marketing mix 7Ps
2009 Sheng-Ming Chang Master The Study of Sinyi Realty Corporate Social Responsibility
2009 Pao-yao Pan Master None
2009 Chin-hao Wang Master Marketing Strategy for Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Entering Leading Cities in China
2009 李明宗 欣亞數位公司前進中國零售通路市場之分析
2009 Cheng-chun Wang Master The relationship between the term structure and the exchange rate
2009 Fang-Tse Chan Master The influence of low-cost carriers for airline industry
2009 Ru-Mei Hsieh Ph.D Opportunity Recognition Process of the Entrepreneurial Cognitions View: Entrepreneurial Alertness as a Mediator
2009 Leng-chuan Chiu Master An Investigation of Organizations Trust Assessment- A Case Study in Business of Taiwan
2009 Mei-O Huang Master A Study of Improving Service Quality of Life Insurance Agents – Base on F Company
2008 李書政 Ph.D 吸收潛力、知識外尋策略、聯盟形式對廠商績效影響之探討
2008 Hsih-Shiu Lin Master none
2008 劉秀玲 Master 奢華品牌之品牌權益研究--以LouisVuitton為例
2008 Nien-Tzu Liu Master none
2008 Kuan-wei Wu Master Relationship among Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Word-of-Mouth of Social Network Service
2008 Meng-hsuan Chou Master Bicycle Rider's Bike Upgrade Model - Grounded Theory Approach
2008 涂忠正 Master 連鎖便利商店導入LOHAS(樂活)關鍵成功因素研究—以台灣7-11為例
2008 Chai-Cheng Chuang Master A Study on Relationship between Employee Needed Benefits and Satisfaction - A Case of Employee Benefits Committee of K Company
2008 許勢斌 金融海嘯對共同基金投資人投資行為及風險偏好影響之研究
2008 Huang-jui Chen Master Impact of E-commerce Development to The Business Strategy of Travel Agencies using A Resource-bsed Theory
2008 Hsiu-ling Liu Master Brand Equity of Luxury Brand -- Louis Vuitton
2008 Shu-Cheng Lee Ph.D The Effects of Absorptive Capacity, Knowledge Sourcing Strategy, Alliance Forms on Firm Performance
2008 Chung-cheng Tu Master none
2008 Shih-pin Hsu Master Study on mutual fund investor's investment behavior and risk preference after financial crisis
2007 Hsiu-Lan Wu Ph.D An Integrative Analysis of Service Quality, Perceived Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Empirical Study of Outpatient Services
2007 Hao-wei Liu Master none
2007 Kai-Chen Chen Master Marketing Strategy of Self-selective Cosmetics and Skincare Products—A Case Study of Watsons
2007 Chia-pin Chang Master Research on the Relation between Relationship Quality and Customer Satisfaction ─ The Case of Wealth Management
2007 Lang-kwei Huang Master Impact of consistency between brand image, involvement and brand extension on brand attitude - A case of Giant brand extension
2007 Hsin - ju Chu Master Experience marketing, value and customer experience of the relationship between intention - to dream of the era shopping mall as an example
2007 Po-Hung Lin Master A Study of Success Key Factors for Wei Chuan Wu Japanese Restaurant
2007 Cheng-Fei Yang Master A Study on the Relation of Brand Marketing Activities and Adolescent Consumers’ Buying Behaviors- A Case of Motorcycle Industry
2007 Chun-Sheng Hsieh Master A Study of Key Decision-making Factors of Coping Global Budget System and Reformed Hospital Accreditation of a Regional Military Hospital
2007 Wen-Ling Chen Master The effect of customers’ subjective cognition and innovation on Taiwan IT brand extension
2007 Ling-ying Chen Master The study of the correlation between relationship quality and customer loyalty─ A case study of performing art and visual art
2007 Hsien-Hsiu Chen Master The impact of the China new work contract law on human resource management - the case of Taiwanese companies in Dongguan
2007 蕭馭宭 Master 消費性筆記型電腦品牌知名度與網路社群對購買決策之影響
2007 Yu-Ying Huang Ph.D An empirical study of postponement application for large manufacturers in electronic/IT, clothing, and electric appliances industries
2007 陳聯寶 Master 保全業競爭策略分析─以中鋼保全為例
2006 Chia-Wen Liu Master Market Segments Based on Consumers' Attitudes Toward Luxury
2006 Chun-Yen Liu Master The problems and improvements of organization downsizing: From the perspective of social capital.
2006 Kuo-chu Liao Master Case study of planning the operation strategies for small-sized and medium-sized water and electrical engineering companies in Kaohsiung area
2006 Su-ben Tsao Master Study of Innovative Strategy and Innovative Business Model of Medical Cosmoceutical Managment in Plastic Surgery
2006 Jo-Lan Chu Master Cord Blood Saving-Donation Model Study – Bionet Incorp.
2006 I-Chen Lee Master Marketing Strategies of Passenger Service in High Speed Rail Transport – A case of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
2006 Dian-chen Wang Master Correlation between artificial buying desire and some of its influential variables, different price promotion on nth good and different buying motivation
2006 黃立元 Master 整合品質管理系統與績效管理系統之研究-以TFTLCD產業為例
2006 Hung-ming Pan Master Sales promotion effects on Brand equity-using fictitious brand as examples.
2006 Ming-chun Chang Master Study on Regional Strategy of China Insurance Industry
2006 Chun-Hsu Chen Master Taiwan in competition strategy of gloabl LCD(Liguid Crystal Display)TV panel industry.
2006 Shih-Wei CHEN Master The Study of The Effect of Free Premium Promotion on Consumers’ Overall Appreciation and Perceived Manipulation Intent
2006 Shueh-in Chen Master A Research for Netting Manufacturer K Company in International Human Resource Management
2006 Rong-shune Hwang Master none
2006 Yu-chang Huang Master The Study of the Impact of Experiential element on Experiential Satisfaction and Word of mouth-A case study of the spectators of Super Basketball League
2006 黃茂雄 Master STNLCD產業經營模式之研究--以E公司為例
2006 Mao-hsiung HUANG Master The study of business model on STN LCD industry—Case study on E company
2005 Fang-Sung Chang Master Marketing Reserch of Biotechnology Service Industry-Taiwan Equipment Supplier for Reserch Laboratory
2005 Cheng- Sheng Tai Master Neuroeconomics and model of decision making
2005 Hsin-Hsin Lee Master The Applications of Experiential Theories in the Meeting Place of Direct Selling
2005 Wei-chih Lin Master The Optimal Strategy for Executing Vendor Managed Inventory
2005 Garry Jen-Mo Master The effectiviness of Sports' brand endorser's credibility on consumers' buying decision - Case: Nike and Adidas' basketball endorsers for research purpose.
2005 Chia-Hsin Chen Master The Effects of Effort Requirement on Consumer Preferences Towards Loyalty Program Rewards -The Moderating Effect of Monetary Cost
2005 Kai-ying Huang Master Evaluating The Value of Logistics Postponement Strategy via Real Options
2005 Li-Chun Huang Master Comparing business models of two Chinese medicine clinics using strategic alliances
2004 Chia-lung Ho Master Investment Strategy Under Differential Technology Competition:Using the Real Options Approach
2004 Hsin-Pao Wang Master The Analysis of Business Strategy of 7-ELEVEN in China by ”Sun Tzu on the Art of the War ”
2004 Wei-jen Lai Master The Effects of Framing Promotion Messages to Consumers’ Perceptions and Purchase Intentions from Retailers
2004 Cheng-Yao Huang Master A study on the participative motives of silver-haired Tai Chi Chuan Participants in Kaohsiung City
2004 Li-Yuan Huang Master An Integration Study of Quality Management System and Performance Management System On TFT LCD Industry
2003 Yi-ling Ting Master The influence of retailer's risk attitudes on the order quantity decision
2003 Pei-chi Hsu Master The optimal pricing strategy of golf clubs' membership
2003 I-Ching Lin Master To be Lean or to be Agile? The Choice of Supply Chain Strategy
2003 Kai-yuan Hu Master A study of Knowledge Management for Medical Industry
2003 Yen-Kuan Tung Master A Study on the Middle and High Level Managements' Perception Towards Six Sigma's Key Implementation Factors
2003 Yen-Chun Chen Master The optimal dynamic pricing strategy for fashion apparel industry
2002 陳祖強 Master 員工對高雄港拖船業務民營化政策認知與承接意願之探討
2002 楊國隆 Master 生物科技產業技術鑑價之研究
2002 Tzu-Chen Liao Master none
2002 Ching-chun Hsu Master A Study of Pharmacy Logistics for Different Chain Type in the Great Kaohsiung Area
2002 陳信宏 Master 寵物業網路商店與傳統商店關鍵成功因素之比較--以「狗」市場為例
2002 Chiu-Miao Chen Master The effect of supplier’s expected cost by using the sharing sales information in VMI.
2002 MORRIS YANG Master Intangible Assets Pricing Model in Biotech Industry
2002 Hsin-Hung Chen Master A study on pet dog business's key success factors comparison between web-store and traditional store sale path
2002 Tsu-Chiang Chen Master The employees’ recognition and takeover intention to privatization plans in Kaohsiung Port Tug serive
2001 Junn-Yih Wu Master The application of "Integrated Marketing Communications" to brand marketing-A case study of BenQ
2001 林家永 Master 用實質選擇權方法評價連鎖加盟契約-以投資者觀點
2001 黃毓瑩 Master 動態環境下的延遲決策-以標準化、模組化為例
2001 李正修 Master 品牌定位建立之研究-以泛亞電信為例
2001 雷賢偉 Master 連鎖加盟契約價值之研究-實質選擇權的觀點
2001 何山田 Master 低溫物流中心之規劃設計-以嘉豐低溫物流中心為例
2001 Hsan-Tan Hou Master none
2001 Cheng-Hsiu Li Master The Study of Establishment of Brand Position-The Case Study of TransAsia Telecommunications Inc,.
2001 John Lin Master none
2001 Hsien-Wei Lei Master none
2001 Yu-Ing Huang Master Postponement Strategies in Dynamic Environment—in terms of Standardization and Modularity
2000 柯志強 Master 歐盟對台灣不?袗?螺絲螺帽課徵反傾銷稅案例之研究
2000 Jimmy Ko Master The research of the European anti-dumping suit on imports of stainless steel fasteners and parts thereof originating in Taiwan
Year Title Awarding Organization
2012 Conference Award Chinese Enterprise Resource Planning Society
Period Activity Description Role