Name Chin, Chang-Chiang
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests nternational Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory and Policy
Office 4054
Phone 4811

Education 1960, Ph.D., Economics, University of North Carolina
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2014 Liang, HM; Kao, RH; Tu, CC; Chin, CC; Chung, WC (2014). The Influence of Education and Training on Work Attitudes and the Moderating Effect of Supervisor Attitudes: Examining Chinese EmployeesSOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH, 119(119), 853-875. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2009 Chin, CC; Liang, HM (2009). The long-run uncovered interest rate parity in view of a trading strategyAPPLIED ECONOMICS, (), 2727-2739. (SSCI)
Book and Chapter 2003

(2003). 總体經濟學初版. 高立書局

Book and Chapter 2003

(2003). 總經濟學(二版). 高立書局

Book and Chapter 2002

(2002). 總体經濟學(初版)(二版). 高立書局

Year Title

A comparison of the hedging strategy in the forward foreign exchange markets. Ministry of Science and Technology (106-2813-C-110-045-H)


Taiwan’s 22K and small happiness – A comparison with South Korea. Ministry of Science and Technology (104-2815-C-110-073-H)


大麥克指數預測匯率能力之評估. 科技部 (98-2815-C-110-030-H)


中國鋼鐵公司民營化員工認股及持股意願調查之研究. 中國鋼鐵股份有限公司 (136)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Jongrakchokchai Sasipa Master Human Resource Management Practices for Aging Workforce: A Case Study of a Non-profit Organization in Thailand
2017 Chin-lan Tsai Master The Characteristic of Investor and Their Investment Performance by a Sample from a Branch of a Bank
2017 Erh-chieh Yang Master An Empirical Study on Taiwan’s Automotive Sales Forecasting
2017 Pei-hsin Cheng Master The Research on the Credit Cooperatives after the Second Financial Reform
2017 Nai-yu Wang Master Taiwan’s Onshore/Offshore Fund Performance Comparison
2017 Yu-shan LIU Master The Impacts of Net Stable Funding Ratio on Banks’ CAMEL Rating:A Case Study of Taiwan
2017 Tsung-lin Tsai Master The Study of Warren Buffett's Stock Picking Strategy
2017 Cian-Siou Shen Master Forecasting Emerging Markets Index with Macroeconomic Factors
2017 Te-hsin Chang Master Bargaining Power and Financial Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationship
2017 Yi-han Lin Master The Financial Relevance for an Integrated Supply Chain – A Case Study on China Steel Corporation
2017 Sung-An Lee Master A Trading Strategy of Taiwan's Stock Index by Random Forest
2017 Yi-mei Wang Master Research on the Mid-term and Long-term Investment Strategy of Global Fund
2017 Chia-Wei Hung Master Forecasting Stock Price of Shipping Industry in Taiwan with Macroeconomic Factors
2016 Kuan-Hung Liu Master The Impacts of Economic News on Australian Exchange Rate
2016 Jirasak Rakkarn Master A comparison of Automotive Industry Location Factors between Thailand and Indonesia
2016 Che-Hong Chen Master Exchange Rate Forecasting based on Economic and Financial Information
2016 Bey-In Shen Master Mutual Fund Investment Strategies by Sector Rotations
2015 Zong-Yuan Yu Master Momentum Strategies in Emerging Stock Market
2015 Hsin-pei Lin Master A Comparative Study on the Effect of Immigration in France, Britain, and Taiwan
2015 Yueh-Ling Hsu Master The Default Intensity of China Municipal Bond
2015 Yu-Hsiang Huang Master Exchange Rate Investment Strategies Of The Economic Data Release—USD/CAD Case Study
2015 Shih-en Huang Master The Relationship between Business Cycle、Exchange Rate and Taiwan Manufacturing
2015 YU-CHI KUO Master The effect of discount rate change on financial markets in Taiwan
2015 Huan Chen Master Application of economic factors in investment
2015 Hui-Wen Liu Master The impact of Japanese yen's exchange rate on Taiwan's major machine tool industry and the automotive industry
2014 Chuan-Hsien Ou Master The Analysis of the China's Internet Loans Industry under the Perspective of Credit Risk
2013 Chao-hung Yu Ph.D A Study on Transfer Pricing of Aviation Industry in Cross-Strait
2012 Fei-chun Tsao Master Bank Asset Allocation in Business Cycle
2012 JUNG-TSUNG LEE Master Exchange Rate Pass-Through Effect to Taiwan Export Price
2012 Wan-Yu Tsai Master The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on the U.S. Stock Index
2012 Samuel Dickson Master Investment Strategy Utilizing the Volatility Index
2012 迪生山姆 恐慌指數在投資的應用
2010 Jia-shiang Liou Master The Disposition Effect of Taiwan Stock Market in Financial Tsunami
2010 Chiung-wen Kang Master Determinants of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention by the People's Bank of China and RMB Exchange Rate
2010 劉嘉翔 金融海嘯期間台灣股市法人與散戶處分效果之研究
2010 康瓊文 人民銀行外匯市場干預與人民幣匯率決定因素之探討
2009 Cheng-chun Wang Master The relationship between the term structure and the exchange rate
2009 朱鉅偉 Master 動能策略運用在外匯期貨市場
2009 Chu-wei Chu Master Momentum Strategies in Foreign Exchange Futures Market
2008 Chung-cheng Hsu Master Momentum Strategies in International Equity Markets
2003 Yi-pei Li Master A study of auto-parts industry's internationalization, knowledge management and organizational innovation
2003 Shih-de Yang Master The study of warships commercial maintenance system applied to commercial shipyards.
2003 Jung-Chang Su Master Optimum Model of Mergers And Acquisitions Study on Steel Industry--An Example of China Steel Mergers And Acquisitions Yieh Loong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
2003 Yung-fu Chen Master A Study of Strategy Technology Construction on Taiwan For Wire & Cable Industry
2002 陳榮信 Master 高雄港務局推動自由貿易港區成功關鍵因素之研究
2002 李聰昌 Master 鋼鐵產業流程創新與競爭優勢之研究
2002 Chiu-Miao Chen Master The effect of supplier’s expected cost by using the sharing sales information in VMI.
2002 Tsung-Chang Lee Master Research for Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage of Iron & Steel Industry
2002 Rong-Shin Chen Master Research of Promotion FTPZ with Key Successful Factors by KHB
2001 戴良安 Master 長期均衡實質匯率之研究
2001 Chia-Hsiu Kao Master The study of Correlation between Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty in Insurance company
2001 Tai Liang-An Master None
2000 Shih-Ching Yang Master The Causes to Deviation from Interest Rate Parity in Taiwan.
1999 Shih-Wei Lan Master The impact of unanticipated news on foreign exchange rate
Year Title Awarding Organization
Period Activity Description Role
2008-05-22 ~ 2008-05-22 對學生家長談選組 其他活動
2008-06-24 ~ 2008-06-24 對老師演講 其他活動
2006-10-30 ~ 2006-10-30 招生宣導 其他活動
2007-03-26 ~ 2007-03-26 招生宣導 其他活動
2008-03-21 ~ 2008-03-21 招生宣導 其他活動