Name Hsien-tang Tsai
Title Professor
Research Interests Management Sciences, Quantitative Analysis, Sampling Survey
Phone 4622
Email 管4061

Education 1960, Master, Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina
1960, Ph.D., Management, Purdue University
1960, Master, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
1960, Bachelor, Department of Agronomy, National Taiwan University
Experience 2003-08-01 ~ 2006-07-31, National Sun Yat-sen University, College of Management, Dean
2001-08-01 ~ 2001-10-31, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Management Science, Research Fellow
1995-09-01 ~ 1996-09-30, University of Edinburgh, Department of Management, Visiting Scholar
1988-07-01 ~ 1988-09-30, Purdue University, Business School, Visiting Scholar
1986-08-01 ~ 1991-01-31, National Sun Yat-sen University, Department of Business Management, Associate Professor
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2009-01-01 ~ , Taiwan Broadcasting System, Board member
2008-01-01 ~ 2009-01-01, The Central News Agent, Board member
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2019 Ho, T.Y., Tsai, H.T., & Lin, P.H. (2019). The effects of technology innovation and network presence on Otaku identityTechnological Forecasting and Social Change, 144(), 82-92. (SSCI)
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Journal Article 2016 Wu, TJ; Tsai, HT; Tai, YN (2016). Would Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Consumers` Attitudes towards Brand and Purchase Behavior? Buyer-seller Guanxi as the ModeratorREVISTA DE CERCETARE SI INTERVENTIE SOCIALA, 53(53), 272-287. (SSCI)
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Year Title

An Integrated Assessment Model on Gap and Vulnerability for Food Safety. 科技部 (106-2410-H-110-077-)


The mediation effect technology innovation between subculture social systems and social identity from internal and external perspectives. 科技部 (105-2410-H-110-077-)


食安風暴下消費者對於觀光工廠資訊揭露、信任修復追蹤和代言人效應之實證研究. 科技部 (104-2410-H-110-080-)


二階部份實驗中幾何設計的理論與應用. 科技部 (101-2410-H-110-009-MY2)


經濟篩選模式應用於食品安全管理之研究-以三聚氰胺為例. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-024-MY3)


經濟篩選模式應用於食品安全管理之研究-以三聚氰胺為例. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-024-MY3)


海峽兩岸可持續發展核心指標與綜合態勢比較分析(2/2). 科技部 (NSC96-2415-H-110-005-MY2)


海峽兩岸可持續發展核心指標與綜合態勢比較分析. 科技部 (NSC96-2415-H-110-005-MY2)


從知識網絡理論探討創新與外部知識移轉之關係. 科技部 (NSC95-2416-H-110-025)


目標限制式誤差項對永續經營多目標規劃模型之影響. 科技部 (NSC94-2415-H-110-007)


田口方法於聯合分析中之應用. 科技部 (NSC94-2416-H-110-009)


應用柯西-史瓦茲不等式於最佳投資組合決策之研究. 科技部 (NSC93-2416-H-110-009)


應用多目標規劃於台灣永續發展指標系統之研究. 科技部 (NSC93-2415-H-110-005)


93A10432人力低度運用衡量方法之研究(案號︰0930406). 行政院主計處 (93079)


應用選擇權定價理論於旅遊業代理問題之研究. 科技部 (NSC92-2416-H-110-009)


應用損失函數於投資組合績效指標之研究. 科技部 (NSC91-2416-H-110-005)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Po-Cheng Lin Master The Effect of Product Placement in CPBL-A Case of the Uniform of Uni-Lions
2018 Jia-Lin Syu Master The Effect of Green Product Cues on Purchase Intention- A Case Study of the Hair Shampoo
2017 Hsiu-Hui Chuang Ph.D Explore the Impacts of Information Disclosure and Health Consciousness on Purchase Intentions through Food Tourism Factories
2017 Cheng-Kan Shen Master The Research on Taiwanese Business Strategy toward Development of Machine Tool Industry in Mainland China: A Case of “KENT” Industry Company
2017 Ting-Kai Peng Master A Case Study on Business Strategy of System Integrator of On-line Analyzer
2017 Jung-Chueh Kao Master A Case Study on Operation Strategy of Ship Engine in After Business
2017 Wan-Yi Kuo Master The Purchase Intention of Gold Accessory: The Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model
2017 Wan-Ting Chang Master The Impact of Cosmetics Consumer’s Perceived Value on Purchase Intention: Multi-Moderating Effect of Involvement and Mere Exposure
2017 Ching-feng Wu Master The Competitive Advantage of Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Using Special Metal Material
2017 Kai-Chu Chang Master A Study of Consumers’ Switching Intention between General Skin Care Products and Cosmeceuticals
2016 Shih-cheng Liao Master A Study of Quality Forecasting for Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Using Neural Network Method─A Case of TF Company
2016 Chien-An Tsai Master A Study on Competitive Advantages and Business Strategies of Taiwan-funded Aquaculture Industry in Malaysia
2016 Bing-Fong Tsai Master A Study on Continuous Using of Digital Distribution for Digital Game
2016 Hsin-ming Hsieh Master A Study of Employee’s Role Perception, Job Involvement, and Career Commitment in Shipping Industry
2016 陳建廷 Master 品牌建立與創新行銷對地方特色產業之影響-以新北市萬里蟹為例
2016 Ching-Hui Chiu Master A Study on Holistic Financial Insurance Arrangement
2016 范剛覺 Master 平版印刷業的經營管理之研究-以飛鴻公司為例
2016 Mi Huang Wei Master The Impact of Maker Economics to Cutuaral and Creative Industry-A Case of Maker Wisdom Corp.
2016 Chin-Jung Hsu Master A Study on Key Successful Factors of Energy Management System for Talin Refinery
2016 Kang-Chueh Fan Master A Study on Operation and Management of Lithographic Printing Industry -A Case of Graphichome
2016 Jian-Ting Chen Master The Impacts of Brand Building and Innovative Marketing to Local Feature Industry - A Case of New Taipei City WanLi Crab
2015 Shi-Zheng Huang Ph.D An Empirical Study on Triangle Innovation Model of Innovation Policy, Organizational Innovation and Technological Innovation Capability- A Case of Pearl River Delta Enterprises in China
2015 KO-LI LEE Master A Study of Self-Congruence and Emotional Brand Attachment for Consumers' Purchase Behavior of Apple
2015 MING-FU WANG Master A Study on Competitive Advantages of Unbundling Sales Agent
2015 Wen-Lin Wang Master A Study on Enterprising Nonprofit Organizations– A Case of Kaohsiung Maker Association
2015 Ping-Yuan Chiu Master A Study of Innovative Products in Printed Acrylic Puzzle
2015 Chao-yu Cheng Master The Study on Operation Strategy for Semiconductor Equipment Supplier under Dynamic Environment
2015 Che-liang Liu Master A Study on Business Strategy of the Natural Gas Industry in Taiwan-A Case of SH Company
2015 Chih-chen Juang Master A Study on Implementation Barriers of Knowledge Management System in CPC Corporation Taiwan - A Case of Project & Construction Division
2015 Chung-chia Huang Master Key Success Factors and Innovative Applications of Technical Marketing in Steel Industries
2014 Wen-Hsuan Lee Master A Study on the Customer Behavior of Using Retail Industry Application
2014 Yu-jung Lo Master The Effect of Information Disclosure to Consumers' Trust on Food Safety and Brand Equity - A Case of Chih Wei Peanut
2014 Hung-pei Chen Master Consumers’ Behavioral Intention for Tainan Hayashi Department Store - Theory of Consumption Values
2014 Kai-yen Hsu Master Influence of Brand Image and Cause-brand Alliance Fit on Brand Equity - A Case of Uniqlo
2014 Hsin-yu Chen Master The Purchase Intention of Pop Musical Concert:The Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model
2014 Chao-yuan Lu Master A Study on Consumer’s Word-of-mouth Motive for Food and Beverage Industry - A Case of WowPrime.
2014 Hui-jung Hsu Master Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Air Conditioning Engineering Enterprises - A Case of D Company
2014 Shun-cheng Hsu Master A Study on Developmental Strategies of Taiwan Yacht Services Industry
2014 Yuan-her Lynn Master A Study on Marketing Strategies for Taiwan Luxury Cruise Vacation
2014 Shu-ling Chung Master A Study on Key Success Factors of Innovation Management for Lock Manufacturing Industry
2014 Chuan-mo Lee Master The Comparisons of Clinical Effect and Cost-effectiveness between Response Guided Therapy and Fixed Duration Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Patients
2014 Shih-lei Chen Master A Study on Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of Real Estate Industry in Taiwan
2014 Chung-hsun Chuang Master A Study of Chinese Willness to Use Taiwanese Health Exam-A Case of Xiamen Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital
2013 Tung-Ju Wu Ph.D A Study of Guanxi Type and Leadership Behaviors in Taiwan Family Business Manager
2013 Jai-Tsung Hong Master An Empirical Study on Consumers' Acceptance Model for Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System
2013 YA-FANG CHEN Master A Study on Male Customer Loyalty for Purchasing Male Care Products and Cosmetics
2013 Jyun-Yi Li Master A Case of Customer-Driven Foundry Solution Key Success Factors for Semiconductor Industry
2013 WAN-TIN LIN Master A Study on Experiential Marketing and Revisit Intention at Pier-2 Art Centre
2013 Ya-wei Huang Master The Study of Consumer’s Awareness and Purchase Intention on Locally Produced and Marketed Vegetables and Fruits
2013 Jhih-fong Chen Master A Study on Consumer Behavior Influencing Factors of 12hotpot
2013 Cheng Hong Master A Study of media information influence on eating out decision making under food safety events
2013 Chun-Nan Lin Master A Study on Oversea Adaptation for Expatriates in Vehicle Electronics Indusry Using DEMATEL Method
2013 Wen-Yuan Li Master A study on Brand Image and Purchase Intension of 86 SHOP Fan Page
2013 Po-Jen Cheng Master A Study on Rising Opportunity of China Panel Driver IC Design House
2013 鄭嘉雄 Master 台灣租賃業對中小企業徵信風險之研究-以Ð公司為例
2013 Shuo-Shun Liang Master A Market Research on Digestive and Hepatobiliary Diseases at Nantz Kaohsiung Area
2013 鄭勝峯 Master 醫療從業人員的專業承諾與通報意願之關係-以自尊為干擾變數
2013 鍾政祐 Master 民間參與公有垃圾掩埋場垃圾移除及土地再生復育之可行性研究-以臺南市掩埋場為例
2013 Chao-nan Chen Master A Study on Taiwanese Enterprises Entering China Cold Chain Logistics Industry
2013 Sheng-Fong Jeng Master The Association among Medical Staffs’ Professional Commitment, Self-esteem and Intention to Report Incident
2013 Chia-Hsiung Cheng Master A Study on Credit Risk Assessment to Small and Medium Enterprises by Leasing Industry in Taiwan - A Case Study of D Company
2013 Cheng-Yu Chung Master A Feasibility Study of Removal Action and Rehabilitation of Public Landfill of Private Paricipation - A Case Study of Public Landfill of Tainan City Government
2012 Chuan-Hsuan Teng Master An Investigation of the Key Success Factors of the Strategic Philanthropy Conducted by Corporate Foundations-A Case of Advantech Foundation and Chinatrust Charity Foundation
2012 Chin-Han Wu Master A Study on Consumers' Repurchase Intention for Bulk Food
2012 Ji-Ying Jhuang Master A Study of Consumer's Motivation and Behavior of Purchasing Health Food Permit Tea Beverage
2012 Xinwei Gu Master A Study on Market Competitiveness of Cross-Strait Independent Music
2012 Wen-Hua Lu Master A Study on Implementation of Enterprice Resource Planning for D Construction Company by Balanced Score Card
2011 Yung-Sung Chiang Master Comparison Research of Taiwan Adolescent Subculture Consumer Groups: Empirical Studies of Otaku and Pop Music Fans
2011 Chun-chi Sun Master A Study of Key Successful Factors to Lead Lean Production for Power Plant Operating Management
2011 Shih-hsiung Lwo Ph.D A study of risk index and measurement uncertainty for food surveillance – A case of melamine incident
2011 Chien-Fu Chen Master Assessing Real Estate Development in Kaohsiung Harbor Areas Using the Viewpoint of City Marketing
2011 Hsu-Sheng Fu Master A Study on Success Key Factors of Security and Surveillance Systems Integrators for Intelligent Buildings
2011 Tsui-Feng Lin Master A Study of Key Success Factors in Touch Panel Rework Industry
2011 Ming-Han Wu Master A Study of Impacts on Customer Loyalty by Service Quality Brand Image and Relationship Quality - The Case of Hot Pot Chain Restaurant
2011 Chien-Chia Fan Master A Study on Core Competence of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Industry- A Case of ST Company
2011 Shih-Hung Lin Master A Study of Introducing Customer Relationship Management in Foreign Enterprises - A Case of X Company
2011 Chiang-hua Yang Master A Study on Key Factors of Patient’s Choice for Changing Dental Clinics
2011 Chia-Chen Wang Master The Exploration of The way to Manage Strategic Alliances in The Hotel Industry: A Case of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
2011 Po-Wei Huang Master Business Model Analyses for Electronic Commerce Company in Taiwan
2010 Shin-Hao Chang Master The Study on the Effects of Carriers Performance Under the Proportion of Owned Containership
2010 Shian-Yang Tzeng Ph.D A Study on Construction of Joint Preventative Sustainable Indicators: A Case Study of the European Union
2010 Yu-hsuan Peng Master A Study on Intention of Using Tablet Computer
2010 Chin-Tien Lin Master A Study on Customer Satisfaction for Bank Wealth Management - A case of H Bank
2010 Yen-Chien Chen Master A Study of Key Successful Factors of Promoting Food Traceability System in Taiwan
2010 陳坤煌 Master 人力派遣公司評選模式之建立-以平面顯示器產業C公司為例
2010 Ming-Hsien Fan Master A study of Business Models for Quality Improvement Programs in Areas Deficient in Oral Medical Resources
2010 Ming-Han Hsu Master A study of consumer’s cognition-intention of healthy food and behavior of purchasing using the Theory of Planned Behavior
2010 高志豪 Master X,Y世代消費者選購新世代家用遊戲主機之研究
2010 謝坤吉 Master 以AHP建構機械維護關鍵績效指標之研究-以中鋼公司U廠為例
2010 謝坤吉 以AHP建構機械維護關鍵績效指標之研究-以中鋼公司U廠為例
2010 陳坤煌 人力派遣公司評選模式之建立-以平面顯示器產業C公司為例
2010 李宗鑫 頂升工法永續發展策略之研究-以R公司為例
2010 陳建南 提升壓克力塑膠原料競爭力之研究-以S公司為例
2010 梁雅棠 Master 企業危機之預防與管理之研究-中鋼集團之經驗
2010 China-Nan Chen Master A Study of Promoting Competitiveness of PMMA-A Case of S Company
2010 范銘顯 口腔醫療資源缺乏地區經營模式之研究
2010 Tsung-Hsin Lee Master A Study on Sustainable Development Strategy of Jack Lifting Method – A Case of R Company
2010 Ya-Tang Liang Master A Study on Prevention and Management of Business Crisis- Cases of China Steel Group
2010 Kuen-Jyi Hshieh Master A Study of mechanical maintenance Key Performance Index by AHP Method-A Case Study of CSC U-Plant
2010 Kun-Huang Chen Master A Study of Establishing an Appraisal Model for Manpower Dispatching Agency - A Case of C Company in TFT-LCD Industry
2010 Chi-hao Kao Master A Study on X, Y Generation Consumers’ Selection and Purchase of New Generation Game Consoles
2009 Feng-chi Lu Master A study of consumer’s decision for purchasing milk products affected by the Melamine event
2009 Chung-shihn Chang Master A Study on the Strategies of Value-added Supply Chain Management in Nuclear Medicine
2009 Yung-Liang Hsu Master Consumer Satisfaction research in TV shopping industry
2009 Wen-tsung Shih Master The Research on Innovative Business Model of Semiconductor Testing Design
2009 Cheng-Hsiang Lin Master A Study on Technological Innovation for High-Performance Engineering Plastic Scrap Recovery Industry
2009 Yi-Chun Lin Master The competition strategy research of Taiwan cloud computing industry
2009 Chan-Ao Hu Master Optimal Stock Management of Customized Products in Chemical Industry
2009 Chong-Han Su Master The Effect of Taiwan Public-Listed Companies’ Merger and Acquisition Announcement on the Shareholders’ Wealth
2009 Ting-Cheng Chiu Master An Assessment Study of Automotive Engine Carbon Removal Technology
2009 Yao-ching Kuo Master A Study on Decisions of Location Selection for Joining Bo Bo Coin Laundry
2009 林逸群 台灣雲端運算服務產業競爭策略研究
2009 Pei-yu Chen Master The Comparison of Synergy of Horizontal M&A from Viewpoint of Consumer based on Consumer-goods Classification
2009 Chien-Wei Huang Master Influence of Purchase Intention from Product Involvement and Advertising Effectiveness
2009 呂豐吉 三聚氰胺事件影響消費者乳製食品購買決策之研究
2009 徐永亮 電視購物產業消費滿意度研究
2009 施文宗 半導體測試設計之創新商業模式策略研究
2009 陳建榮 Master D營造公司引進工程管理電子化系統之研究
2009 郭燿境 加盟波波自助式洗衣店區位選擇之研究
2009 Hsien-hui Huang Master A study on project team organization for a company with flat functional department framework - A case of Formosa Heavy Industrial Cogeneration Department
2009 邱鼎承 評估車輛引擎除碳技術之研究
2009 Pao-Hui Lin Master A Study of Mobile Guide System for Local Culture Industry Development by Using Technology Acceptance Model.
2009 Chien-jung Chen Master A Study of Introducing an ERP system: The Case of the D Construction Company
2008 Jyh-Haw James Master A Study on Site Selection Decision Making for Multinational Tanning Industry’s Overseas Vertical Integration Investment– a Model from A Company
2008 Yen-yin Ho Ph.D A study of public sector training participation by using theory of planned behavior
2008 Yen-Hsing Hou Master none
2008 Shen-chung Wu Master The Study of the Medical Aesthetic Market Effected the Strategic Decision of the Purchasing Behavior for Consumers
2008 Ying-ying Wu Master none
2008 Chih-yu Yu Master A Study on the competitive strategies of the the small and middle enterprises faced with large enterprises.-An example of Taiwan 3C-chanel market.
2008 Kuo-Hsien Tu Master The effects of the healthcare quality on patient satisfaction: In terms of rehabilitation services
2008 Ying-Ying Lin Master Study of the Collaborative Relationship in Energy Conservation Technology Service Industry
2008 Su-shun Lin Ph.D A Study in Developing Knowledge Management Strategies in a Medical Laboratory–a model from a military hospital in southern Taiwan
2008 Yung-ching Tang Master The Strategy of Integrate Green House and Renewable Energy That Energize Organic Agricultural Industry in Sustainable Management.
2008 I-fen Hu Master The Competitive Strategy of Taiwan Enterprises in Netbook Industries─the Case Study of Asus Computer Inc.
2008 Nathan Fan Master An Action Research of Improve the “Word cafe” Model
2008 Chi-cheng Yeh Master none
2008 Cheng-ying Tsai Master First mover advantage─ an example of P&G's Pampers diapers
2008 Hsiao-Ming Chao Master The operation and competitive strategy for new LED company in Taiwan-case study of the company
2008 林曉君 城市行銷策略之研究-以臺北國際牛肉麵節為例
2008 胡逸芬 台灣NB廠商在Netbook產業競爭中的策略發展分析─以華碩電腦為例
2007 Hsin-Lu Liu Master A Study of Strategy Evaluation of Steel Materials Shot-Blasting and Painting Industry
2007 Jerry Chun-Teh Wu Ph.D A Comparison Study between Weighted and Fuzzy Algorithm on Organizational Performance Assessment
2007 Wen-Hao Wu Master A study of key factors for country life in a health resort
2007 Chung-Han Lu Ph.D Understanding Self-Directed Blended Learner’s Usage Behavior of E-Learning System
2007 Wen-shiang Peng Master A Study of Loan Evaluation for DRAM Industry by Analytic Hierarchy Process
2007 Po-hung Lee Master The competitive strategy of Taiwan steel industry---taking China Steel Company(CSC)for example--
2007 Hong-yu Lin Master On the Entry Mode of American Electronic Firms Entering Taiwan
2007 林師歡 台商赴大陸投資醫療機構之研究
2007 Shih-huan Lin Master A study of Investments from Taiwan on PRC’s Medical Institutions.
2007 Kuo-Lung Yeh Master Strategic Position and Tour Manager Performance Measurement Model in Travel Agency Industry
2007 Hsin-chin Kuo Master A Study of Connection Between Manager’s Core Competencies and Their Enhancement Methods in Case Company of China Steel Corporation.
2007 Po-chih Kuo Master none
2007 Hung-yang Cheng Master The Study of Convergence of Telecom service company in Taiwan - the View of sustainable competitive advantage
2007 Chih-cheng Cheng Master To Analyze Intelligent Living Spaces Industry in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with Diamond Model
2007 Guan-ming Feng Master A Study of Management System for Medical Quality to Buccal Cancer Patients at E-Da Hospital
2007 吳俊德 加權與模糊演算法於組織績效評估之比較研究
2006 Ming-Tan Liu Master Marketing innovation on constructional steel bar - A Case study of H Company
2006 Chun-Hsien Wu Master Research of Strategies for Making Products Luxurious
2006 Li-Hua Wu Master A Study on Relationship between Organizational Identity and Knowledge Sharing
2006 Su-ben Tsao Master Study of Innovative Strategy and Innovative Business Model of Medical Cosmoceutical Managment in Plastic Surgery
2006 Jo-Lan Chu Master Cord Blood Saving-Donation Model Study – Bionet Incorp.
2006 Le-Jen Wang Master Key Performance Indicators Construction for Printing Industry- A Case Study In Printing Company.
2006 Meng-hsun Shih Ph.D The study of knowledge sharing and transfer based on knowledge network and co-opetition theory
2006 Chin-i Chan Master A study of key factors for a processing trade to China
2006 Chiao-ling Hsieh Master Cross-border Acquisition: On the Cases that Taiwanese Companies Acquire Developed Country Companies
2006 I-chung Lien Master A study of enhancing the operational performance for automated control equipment distributors
2006 邱士峯 Master 補習教育事業導入平衡計分卡之研究—以同心教育事業聯盟為例
2006 Huey-Ming Chiou Master The International Marketing Key Success Factors for Chemical Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Industry – A case study of F company
2006 Yi-chu Chen Master A case study for MBP(Management By Policy) on the performance of organization
2006 Cheng-nan Chen Master A Study of the Factors of Business Growth Strategy of Taiwan Pump Industry - A case of H Company
2006 Yu-Te Chen Master Project management research on BOF slag revitalizing.
2006 Shueh-in Chen Master A Research for Netting Manufacturer K Company in International Human Resource Management
2006 林伯峰 Master Web2.0之創新應用服務與經營模式之研究
2006 Po-Feng Lin Master A Study of Business Model of Web2.0 Innovative Application
2006 Ming-chun Chang Master Study on Regional Strategy of China Insurance Industry
2006 Shih-fen Chiu Master The Design of the Balance Scorecard Applied to the Carming Education Enterprise-A Case of Tung-Hsin Educational Enterprise Alliance
2006 Chi-Ming Lu Master Management development: A study of multi-national managerial activities and skills
2006 Chen-yu Kung Master The Key Success Factors of the SGS Commercial Laboratory Management
2005 Shao-Yu Wu Master The influence of design ability to brand equity-Case study for BENQ
2005 Yung-Chi Chang Master A Study on Relationship of Private Label and Nation Brand Competition
2005 Chi-ching Lin Master A Study on Pharmacist Work Types and Job Satisfaction in Kaohsiung
2005 Wan-Li Lin Master Operation and Management of Learning Organization—A case study of the Central Personnel Administration, the Executive Yuan
2005 Peter Chih-Yu Master Study of Preventives of Avian Influenza in Taiwan—a Case of Kaohsiung Min-Sheng Hospital
2005 Ying-Chen Hung Master The Future Trend of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Taiwan
2005 Kuang-tsai Wang Master Managerial Ownership and Risk for Holding Banks
2005 Tsai-mao Ho Master A study of Quality Function Deployment(QFD) on domestic construction of warships
2005 Shih-Jang Cheng Master An lmprotance-Performance Analysis of Hotel Selection Factors in Kaohsing International Hotels:Study of Mainland Chinese and Japanese Travelers
2005 Andy Jeng Master The research on effect of QA Department’s power position to quality sysytem’s performance — based on Kaoshung-Pintong area in Taiwan
2005 Wei-Ming Feng Master A Study of KSFs for Taiwan IC Design Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach
2004 Yi-pei Wu Master The study of Taiwan’s strategy in developing cultural and creative strategy-take the example of publishing industry
2004 Tseng-chang Lee Master A Study of the Regulatory Treatment of Operational Risk in the New Basel Capital Accord
2004 Chih-yi Lin Master Study of Selection Procedure on Critical Modules of ERP for Taiwan Flat Steel Industry.
2004 Jui-Ho Tsai Master A STUDY OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION FOR ENTERPRICE INSIDE E-SERVICE - Nan Zi export processing zone IC encapsulation and testing factory as example
2004 Kai-chung Cheng Master The study of OEM firms brand strategy in Taiwan information industry.
2004 Chi-Wen Huang Master The Creative Technological Management and Global Logistics Management added Selling to The Top in TAIWAN´s elevator property .
2004 黃立元 Master 整合品質管理系統與績效管理系統之研究-以TFTLCD產業為例
2004 Hui-fa Yu Master The Key Success Factors of Technology Innovation Process of 3C Product-based Housing Material Manufacturer
2004 林金賢 Master 新產品開發績效影響之研究--以半導體產業為例
2004 Menq-Hsing Tsai Master An investment valuation study on community-style senior living resort
2004 Shu-fang Tsai Master The research of green vender rating system:The study of IC assembly industry.
2004 Meei-yuan Cheng Master A Study on the City Image of Kaohsiung City- A Case Study of Love River
2004 Li-Yuan Huang Master An Integration Study of Quality Management System and Performance Management System On TFT LCD Industry
2004 Chin-Hsien Lin Master A Study of Effects of New Product Development-A Case Study in the Semiconductor Industry
2004 Chung-i Chan Master The Study of Development of Taiwan Aboriginal's sightseeing Career-for example of Maulin township
2003 Hwai-hui Fu Ph.D A Study on Medical Claim Payments Auditing Procedure in Taiwan National Health Insurance
2003 Ming-xian Lee Master A study on consuming behavior of female student of college cosmetics in Taiwan.
2003 Yi-pei Li Master A study of auto-parts industry's internationalization, knowledge management and organizational innovation
2003 Yon-yu Lin Master The study of Taiwan's biotechnology and pharmaceutical competitive advantage.
2003 Shih-de Yang Master The study of warships commercial maintenance system applied to commercial shipyards.
2003 Hung I-Jung Master Competition analysis of Contract Research Organization in Taiwan
2003 Hui-Ling Tung Ph.D The Research of DSR Indicator Framework and Multi-objective Programming for Sustainable Development in Taiwan
2003 Kai-yuan Hu Master A study of Knowledge Management for Medical Industry
2003 Shih-ren Yeh Master The influence of Cross-Strait direct shipping on Kaohsiung container Hub position
2003 Yen-Kuan Tung Master A Study on the Middle and High Level Managements' Perception Towards Six Sigma's Key Implementation Factors
2003 Fu-ching Tsai Master The customer satisfaction study of certification service - SGS company as an example
2003 Jung-Chang Su Master Optimum Model of Mergers And Acquisitions Study on Steel Industry--An Example of China Steel Mergers And Acquisitions Yieh Loong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
2003 Jung-shu Hhu Master Research on the competition strategies of our Chinese native medicine industry from the quality controlling Chinese native medicine
2003 Chien-Chung Hsieh Master The Anaysis of Sales' Strategies for Antibiotics within the Taiwanese Medicare System
2003 Jen-Lung Chen Master A Study on Suppressions and Preventions for Cleaning Out Property Issues in Publicly Held Corporations
2003 Chun-Wei Chen Master Research in Structural Equation Modeling Estimating for the Research and Development Performances of Biotechnology Industries in Taiwan.
2003 Hsin-Hung Chen Ph.D A Study of Optimal Portfolio Decision and Performance Measures
2003 Chen-chung Chen Master The Study of Development Strategy for Taiwan Laboratory Animal Industry.
2003 陳永宜 Master 生技製藥業供應鏈管理模式之研究─以LLY公司為例
2003 Yung-Yi Chen Master The Research In The SCM Of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry In Taiwan─A Case Study Of LLY
2003 Yung-fu Chen Master A Study of Strategy Technology Construction on Taiwan For Wire & Cable Industry
2003 Tung-Hung Huang Master A Study of Taiwan IT companies business strategy in biotechnology industry.
2003 Wen-ching Huang Master The study of brand image in wealth management bank
2002 謝輝煌 Master 高雄市北區有線電視顧客滿意度之研究
2002 唐嘉順 Master 新創事業投資計劃可行性分析─以A公司摩擦材料衍生產品計畫為例
2002 Chen-Peng Liu Master the Alarming Model over the Flow of Inferior Gasoline and Diesels and Its Application
2002 Ching-Liao Hsu Master The study of Correlation between Customer’s Satisfaction Degree and the Entire Quality of the Coal Tar industry
2002 李明道 Master 台電公司經營績效與核、火力電廠人力資源運用之研究
2002 Chih-Feng Kuo Master The Study of IT Outsourcing Decisions in Manufacturing Industry
2002 陳信賓 Master 鋼鐵業知識管理與創新阻礙因素之研究—以中鋼公司為例
2002 陳世凱 Master 中華電信公司組織變革之研究
2002 謝勝旭 製藥公司產品行銷策略之研究 以 ”大型點滴輸注液” 為例
2002 Ming-Dao Lee Master A Study of The Management Performance of Taiwan Power Company and also The Manipulation Situation of Human Resources of Nuclear and Fire Station in Taiwan Power Company
2002 羅世雄 Master 複雜系統於非營利組織之應用----以高雄市發展為例
2002 TUNG-MING CHEN Master none
2002 黃榮鵬 Ph.D 電子商務對旅行業經營管理影響之研究
2002 顏仲佑 Master 銀行實施金融資產證券化後之最適資產配置與利用金融資產證券化處理不良債權之研究
2002 陳祖強 Master 員工對高雄港拖船業務民營化政策認知與承接意願之探討
2002 陳榮信 Master 高雄港務局推動自由貿易港區成功關鍵因素之研究
2002 謝勝旭 Master 製藥公司產品行銷策略之研究 以”大型點滴輸注液”為例
2002 陳文泰 Master 具隨機性投資標的之風險管理-以台灣公益樂透彩為例
2002 李聰昌 Master 鋼鐵產業流程創新與競爭優勢之研究
2002 Jar-Shuen Don Master A Business Plan Feasibility Study of a new start up Company Base on the Project"Friction Material Derivatives Product"
2002 Tsung-Chang Lee Master Research for Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage of Iron & Steel Industry
2002 Shih-hsiung Lo Master none
2002 Sheng-Hsu Hsieh Master The Marketing Strategy Research of Pharmaceutical company About the Large Intravenous solution
2002 Shih-Kai Chen Master A Study of Organizational Change for Chunghwa Telecom
2002 Hsin-Pin Chen Master A Study of Obstruction to Knowledge Management & Innovation of Steel Industry - Taking The China Steel Corporation as Example
2002 Wen-Tai Chen Master Risk Management of Stochastic Investment -- with the Instance of Public Welfare Lottery in Taiwan
2002 Rong-Shin Chen Master Research of Promotion FTPZ with Key Successful Factors by KHB
2002 Tsu-Chiang Chen Master The employees’ recognition and takeover intention to privatization plans in Kaohsiung Port Tug serive
2002 Tsung-Yu Yen Master The study of Optimal Asset Allocation of Banks after Asset-backed Securitization and write off NPL with secreturization
2002 Leo Huang Ph.D The Effects of Electronic Commerce on Business Management of Travel Agencies
2001 Huei-Jiun Chang Master none
2001 Meng-Hsun Shih Master e-Supply Chain Management Study on Taiwan Flat Cold-Rolled Steel Industry
2001 楊文城 Master 軌道車輛研發品質管理重要因素之研究
2001 鄒立仁 Master 台灣晶圓代工業赴大陸投資價值鏈模式之探討
2001 花于翔 Master 台灣創業投資經理人及公司特質與投資行為之相關性研究
2001 Chia-Hsiu Kao Master The study of Correlation between Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty in Insurance company
2001 Ven-Chen Yang Master none
2001 Yu-Shiang Hua Master none
2001 Li-Jen Tsou Master Research of Value Chain in Taiwan Foundry Industry Investment in China
2000 Tsai-Yun Huang Master The research of Competitive Strategy Under the environment of Hypercompetition-for exemple Liberty Times
2000 Chun-Pong Wong Master The Research of Outsourcing Management for Shipbuilding
2000 Nelson Huang Master Information Technology Application on Customer Relationship Management for Steel Industry, an example of Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd.
2000 許長祿 Master 新經濟時代機電業創業與經營模式之探討--以全球華人機電採購網為例
2000 Chih-Min Sun Master The Study of the Competitive Strategy by the Integrated Steel Mills in the New Century,an example of China Steel Corporation
2000 楊崑山 Master 檢驗、驗證公司經營管理之探討--以台灣檢 驗科技股份有限公司SGSTaiwan為例
2000 吳耀明 Master 電信服務事業顧客關係管理之研究
2000 楊崑山 檢驗、驗證公司經營管理之探討--以台灣檢 驗科技股份有限公司SGS Taiwan為例
2000 Yaw-Ming Wu Master A Study of Customer Relationship Management for Telecommunication
2000 Dennis Yang Master NONE
2000 CHANG-LU HSU Master none
1999 蔡燕明 Master 起重機產業之經營管理研究-以台銚公司為例
1999 Yen-Ming Tsai Master None
Year Title Awarding Organization
2015 社團法人中華民國品質學會
2013 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
Period Activity Description Role