Name Ping-Yi Chao
Title Professor
Research Interests Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Patents and Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurial Management
Office 管4059
Phone 4645

Education 1960, Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
Administrative Positions
Academic Services ~ , 中衛發展中心, 顧問
~ , 聖島事務所, 顧問
~ , 行政院青年輔導委員會, 顧問
~ , 金屬中心, 顧問
2008-02-01 ~ 2009-01-31, 暘月事業有限公司, 諮詢
2003-06-01 ~ 2003-11-30, 行政院青年輔導委員會, 顧問
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2013 (2013). Education on Entrepreneurship through Practice -oriented Courses – A Case and Its Practices,”(in Chinese)Journal of Entrepreneurship Research, 8(8), 35-54. (其他期刊)
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Journal Article 2011 許淮之, 高明瑞, 趙平宜 (2011). 非營利組織企業化之困境與挑戰創業管理研究, 6(1), 55-80. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2010 趙平宜 (2010). 創業管理教學經驗:美國西雅圖華盛頓大學與國立中山大學比較 創業管理研究, 第五卷,第一期, 95-119(1), 5. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2009 趙平宜 (2009). 教學與學習-從哈佛的個案與參與式學習方法談起商管科技季刊 , 4(10), 761-769. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2003 Chen, ZL; Chao, PY; Chiu, SH[287,企管系,趙平宜|287,機電系,趙平宜] (2003). Empirical viscosity model for polymers with power-law flow behavior (vol 88, pg 3050, 2002)JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 89(), 2011-2011. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2003 Chen, ZL; Chao, PY; Chiu, SH[287,企管系,趙平宜|287,機電系,趙平宜] (2003). Empirical viscosity model for polymers with power-law flow behaviorJOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 88(), 3045-3057. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2003 Chen, ZL; Chao, PY; Chiu, SH[287,企管系,趙平宜|287,機電系,趙平宜] (2003). Proposal of an empirical viscosity model for quality control in the polymer extrusion processPOLYMER TESTING, 22(), 601-607. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2003 Chen,Zwea-Long;Chao,Ping-Yi;Chiu,Shih-Hsuan[287,企管系,趙平宜] (2003). Erratum: Empirical viscosity model for polymers with power-law flow behavior (Article in J Appl Polym Sci (2003) 88 (3050))Journal of Applied Polymer Science, v 89(n 7), p 2011. (EI)
Journal Article 2001 Chao, PY; Wang, YC[287,機電系,趙平宜] (2001). A data exchange framework for networked CAD/CAMCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY, 44(), 131-140. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2001 Chao, PY; Chen, TT[287,機電系,趙平宜] (2001). Analysis of assembly through product configurationCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY, 44(), 189-203. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2001 Chao, P.Y., and Wang, Y.C.  (2001). A Data Exchange Framework for Networked CAD/CAM Computers in Industry 44 , (), . (其他期刊)
Journal Article 1999 Chao, PY; Yeh, SC[287,機電系,趙平宜] (1999). Representation of standard mechanical components in a STEP-based product data management systemINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY, 12(), 16-26. (SCIE)
Conference Paper 2014 Kao, Ming-Rea, Chao, Ping-Yi, and Sheu, Huai-Zhi (2014). The Dilemmas and Challenges Confronting Non-profit Organizations’ Commercial Activities (in Chinese). Collection of papers: Issues of social Enterprise(I), .
Conference Paper 2009 (2009). Research Review on Entrepreneurial and . The 9th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, .
Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). :創業精神. 前程文化事業有限公司

Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 管理學. 前程出版

Book and Chapter 2006

(2006). 企業概論. 前程出版

Book and Chapter 2001

(2001). 產品資料管理. 滄海書局

Year Title

人力制度建立及品質管理改善輔導計畫. 沅泰食品有限公司 (N104068)


事業營運規劃書委託研究. 財團法人工業技術研究院 (99125)


活動網路服務平台市場調查分析研究案. 世穎資訊股份有限公司 (98120)


『事業營運規劃書』委託研究. 財團法人工業技術研究院 (98123)


企業智慧資本動態規劃與評估. 科技部 (NSC94-2416-H-110-010)


93H20023九十三年度國立中山大學中小企業創新育成中心計畫(合約編號︰B2933021). 經濟部中小企業處 (93007)


恆春海洋開發股份有限公司輔導專案. 資通電腦股份有限公司 (93141)


協同開發之流程分析與模擬. 科技部 (NSC92-2213-E-110-039)


92A10513青少年創業教育相關專題研究. 行政院青年輔導委員會 (1395)

Year Name Degree Title
2016 Chin-shen Lin Master The Business Model Feasibility Study about Wholesale Chain Store of General Merchandises at the Multi-island Region
2016 Ming-nan Chen Master A Study on the Staff Performance Indicators of Purchasing Department-A Case Study of A Manufacturing Company
2016 Hsin-Pao Chen Master Business Plan for Industrial Equipment
2015 吳介允 Master NANDFlash記憶體產業之專利分析與研究
2015 Chieh-yun Wu Master Patent Analysis and Research of NAND Flash memory industry
2015 Lee-kai Chang Master A Study of Business Model for Carbonization Equipment
2015 Huai-zhi Sheu Ph.D A Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Business Sector: Case Study of Taiwan
2015 Kuo-tung Chen Master Research on A Company's Difference Based on the Service Marketing Strategy
2014 Chun-ying Lee Master Analysis of Strategy for Virtual Profit Center in Different Departments
2014 Tung-Lin Tsai Master A Study of Brand Revitalization and Business Model : A Case Study
2014 蘇容嬋 Master 少量多樣產業之供應商策略研究–以Z公司製造醫療器材為例
2014 Jung-Chan Su Master A Study on the Supply Chain Strategy – A case on A Medical Equipment Manufacturer
2014 Huang-yao Huang Master The Influence of VIX Index in Taiwan Wealth Management Industry
2013 Zi-Bin He Master The Strategic Analysis of Taiwan’s Technology Enterprises Attracting Taiwanese Staff to Expatriate in Pearl River Delta Region:A Study of Foxconn
2013 Sheng-jhe Lin Master The Effects of Sports sponsorship on Brand Equity
2013 Hao Chu Master Cultural and Creative Industrial District as City Marketing Strategy-A Study of Pier-2 in Kaohsiung
2013 Paulius Pranckevičius Master Feasibility Study on Small-Scale Solid Waste Incineration
2012 柯有澤 Master 快速時尚產業經營模式-以ZARA及H&M為例
2012 Cheng Fu Master The Analysis of Global Yachting Industry and Corperate Strategy - A Study of H Group
2012 Lu-chen Lin Master The Establishment and Extension of the Value Chain of Media Industry: A Case Study of GO! DuLaLa
2012 Yu-Tse Ko Master Business model of Fast Fashion Industry-A Case Study on ZARA and H&M
2012 Li-cheng Wang Master A Study of Dangerous Equipment Producers’ Job Satisfaction
2012 Li-Chen Hu Master A Research of Transformation Strategy for Refractories Manufacturer – case study of S company
2012 Ping-Shou Su Master A study on SCRM model – A case of “A” Company
2012 Shu-mei Hsu Master The research of service quality of wholesale – based on the A sales place in C wholesale Abstract
2012 Tai-wen Yen Master A study of the Social Marketing Strategy of Retailer Industry-A case study of 7-ELEVEN
2012 Cheng-lun Tao Master Investment Assessment of Environmental Protection Industry in China- A Case of Environmental Protection Enterprise in Suzhu
2012 Chang-i Huang Master A Research on the Expansion Strategies of a Medical Chain System in China – A case of K Company
2012 Shih-yun Kung Master The Effect of City Placement—A Case of Taiwan Movies.
2011 Uyanga Purevjav Master A Study on the Credit Guarantee System (Scheme) for SMEs in Mongolia
2011 Sheng-pei Hou Master Impacts of Consumer Attitudes toward Mobile Advertising on Advertising effect
2011 侯昇佩 消費者的行動廣告態度對廣告效果的影響
2011 Hui-wen Cheng Master The E-business Opportunity of Selling Women's Boutique Plus-Size Shoe in Taiwan
2011 鄭惠文 大腳丫的煩惱:台灣流行女大尺碼鞋網路創業機會
2010 葉錦新 Master 商船甲級船員之管理策略研究-以S公司為例
2010 黃坤生 Master 工業超純水處理設備之競爭與發展趨勢研究-以S公司為例
2010 Kun-lung Liao Master Strategy for Product Development in the Gear Production Industry – Company A as Research Subject
2010 Hung-sen Chang Master The research on the demand and investment willingness of energy-saving products and services for medium and small enterprises
2010 邱于純 行動應用軟體商店之媒體通路策略探討
2010 Yu-chun Chiu Master The media channel strategy of mobile application store
2010 張宏森 中小企業對節能產品與服務之需求與投資意願研究
2010 葉錦新 商船甲級船員之管理策略研究 - 以S公司為例
2010 黃坤生 工業超純水處理設備之競爭與發展趨勢研究 - 以S公司為例
2010 Jiin-Shin Yeh Master A Study on Management Strategy of Seafarer Officers for Vessel – Taking the S Company as Example
2010 Kun-sheng Huang Master The Competition and Development Trend of Ultrapure Water Systems - A Case Study of S Corporation
2009 Tsung-Hsien Lu Master The Research of investment evaluation on biotechnology company
2009 Te-Hsin Yang Master A Study of Partnership Management of New Venture Development of K Company
2009 張煥祥 Master 跨國公司供應商管理系統研究-以軌道運輸產業B公司為例
2009 Yueh-fen Wang Master Research of Intergrated Marketing Communication on Cultural and Creative Prducts- Take Anping Sword-Lion Square as An Example
2009 呂宗憲 生技公司創投投資評估之研究
2009 Tung-Chen Chen Master The Punching Industry Research for Management core Competence - a case of A Company
2009 Garrett Andrew Master A Study on Canadian Customers’ Attitude toward East Asian Products: An empirical study
2009 王悅芬 文化創意商品整合行銷溝通研究—以安平劍獅埕為例
2009 張煥祥 跨國公司供應商管理系統研究 - 以軌道運輸產業B公司為例
2009 Huang-Hsiang Chang Master Research on Supplier Management System of Multinational Companies- A Study on B Company of Track Transportation Industry
2008 葉長均 Master 供應商庫存管理系統對企業績效影響之研究 以某公司為例
2008 葉長均 供應商庫存管理系統對企業績效影響之研究 以某公司為例
2008 Cheng-chun Yeh Master A study of Vendor Managed Inventory Relating to Enterprise Performance Case of A company
2007 Yu-Lun Liu Master Analysis of Operating Performance of Companies based on Quality and Quantity of Patent Produced -An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Flat Panel Display Industry
2007 杰柏威 Master (英)MarketingTaiwaneseMBAProgramintheEEUMarket:ACaseofCzechRepublic
2007 HONG- WEN TSENG Master Contractor's strategy on management of Government Construction Outsourcing Project and Fullfillment - using the cases of Civil enginnering and electric machinery project of T city
2007 Duong Minh Master A Study on the Product Strategy for Internationalization of Taiwan Higher Education towards Vietnamese Market
2007 曾鴻文 政府營繕工程外包、履約管理與廠商因應策略之研究─以T市土木機電工程為例
2007 Pavel Cejka Master Marketing Taiwanese MBA Program in the EEU Market: A Case of Czech Republic
2006 Chun-Mei Shen Master Study on Multinational Corporations's Organizational Adjustment After Merger & Acquisition-Taking W as an Example
2006 Kuo-Tung Chiang Master Organization framework – a Case Study of ASP services for B2B Collaboration in Supply Chain Management
2006 Chun-Da Chen Master A System Dynamic Study in Steel Industry for the Strategy of CO2 Mitigation
2006 Ta-chih Huang Master Study On Failed Cases Of Information Products: Influence Of Failure Factors On Business Strategy For Information Products
2005 Chieh-Tsung Wu Master The Research of Industry Patent Application and Patent Strategy–Computer Heat Dissipation Industry
2004 Chih-Chin Yang Master A Study on the Relationship of Production Value, R & D Investment, and Intellectual Property in High Technology Industries
2004 Tsang-Min Chiu Master A Framework for Collaborative New Product Development Model: Experience of Steel Industry in Taiwan
2004 Tz-Jing Huang Master Organizational Innovation - A Case Study of the Traditional Industry in Taiwan
2003 Chi-Shun Lin Master The key successful factor research of pet industry --- to take dog market as an example.
2002 Wen-Ching Yu Master The research of diversification strategy development – based on Taiwan’s motorcycle production
2002 王誠敏 Master 工程知識管理之組織與流程設計—以W印刷電路板製造公司為例
2002 董健生 Master 台灣電子被動元件產業之競爭策略研究-以A公司為例
2002 Yueh-Kun Yang Master The study of cost allocation for heavy machimery company
2002 Char-Ming Wang Master The Organization and Process Design of Engineering Knowledge Management—A Case Study of W Printed Circuit Manufacturer
2002 Chien-Shen Tung Master A Competitive Strategies Study for Taiwan's EPC Firms - The Case Study for A Company
2001 Chiu-Hsiung Liu Master Knowledge Management Research On Accounting Department
2001 羅嘉文 Master 一貫作業鋼廠成本管理制度之探討─以中鋼公司為例
2001 Chia-Wen Luo Master Cost Management System for Integrated Steel Production─A Case Study for China Steel Corporation
Year Title Awarding Organization
Period Activity Description Role
2009-04-11 ~ 2009-04-11 地球日環保志工