Name Chiu, Chao-Min
Title Professor
Research Interests e-Commerce, Internet Community, Knowledge Management
Office 管(CM) 4103
Phone 4700/4733

Education 1997, Ph.D., Information Systems, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
1991, Master, Information Management, National Taiwan Institute of Technology (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
1989, Bachelor, Industrial Engineering, National Taiwan Institute of Technology (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Administrative Positions
2016-08-01 ~ , Department of Information Management, Chair
2013-08-01 ~ 2016-07-31, Information Center, College of Management, Director
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2018 Liang, T.P., Lai, C.Y., Hsu, P.H., Chiu, C.M., and Hsieh, C.T. (2018). Factors Affecting Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty to Smartphone Systems: A Perceived Benefits PerspectiveA International Journal of Mobile Communications , 16(5), 513 - 534. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2018 Chiu, C.M., Hsu, S.C., Liang, T.P., Lowry, P. (2018). Solving the Interpretational-Confounding and Interpretational-Ambiguity Problems of Formative Construct Modeling in Behavioral Research: Proposing a Two-Stage Fixed-Weight Redundancy ApproachJournal of the Association for Information Systems, 19(7), 618-671. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Chiu, CM; Fang, YH; Wang, ETG (2015). Building Community Citizenship Behaviors: The Relative Role of Attachment and SatisfactionJOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 16(16), 947-979. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Chiu, CM; Huang, HY; Cheng, HL; Sun, PC (2015). Understanding online community citizenship behaviors through social support and social identityINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, 35(35), 504-519. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Chiu, CM; Huang, HY (2015). Examining the antecedents of user gratification and its effects on individuals' social network services usage: the moderating role of habitEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 24(24), 411-430. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Lin, TC; Hsu, JSC; Cheng, HL; Chiu, CM (2015). Exploring the relationship between receiving and offering online social support: A dual social support modelINFORMATION & MANAGEMENT, 52(52), 371-383. (SSCI)
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Journal Article 2014 Shih, FJ; Fan, YW; Chiu, CM; Shih, FJ; Wang, SS (2014). Needs for Providing Overseas Organ Transplant Medical Function and Information With eHealth Telecare Systems-Instrument Development for Health Professionals in TaiwanTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, 46(46), 1014-1018. (SCIE)
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Journal Article 2013 Chiu, Shun-Po; Chou, Huey-Wen; Chiu, Chao-Min (2013). The Antecedents of Buyers' Perceived Justice in Online MarketsCYBERPSYCHOLOGY BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL NETWORKING, 16(16), 536. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Chiu, Chao-Min; Cheng, Hsiang-Lan; Huang, Hsin-Yi; Chen, Chieh-Fan (2013). Exploring individuals' subjective well-being and loyalty towards social network sites from the perspective of network externalities: The Facebook caseINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, 33(33), 539. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Chiu, Chao-Min(1,2); Fang, Yu-Hui(3); Cheng, Hsiang-Lan(2,4); Yen, Chiahui(5) (2013). On online repurchase intentions: Antecedents and the moderating role of switching costHuman Systems Management, 32(32), 283-296. (EI)
Journal Article 2012 Chiu, CM; Hsu, MH; Lai, HC; Chang, CM (2012). Re-examining the influence of trust on online repeat purchase intention: The moderating role of habit and its antecedentsDECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, 53(53), 835-845. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2012 Shih, FJ; Fan, YW; Chiu, CM; Shih, FJ; Wang, SS (2012). The Dilemma of "To Be or Not To Be": Developing Electronically e-Health & Cloud Computing Documents for Overseas Transplant Patients from Taiwan Organ Transplant Health Professionals′ PerspectiveTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, 44(44), 835-838. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2011 Chiu, CM; Wang, ETG; Shih, FJ; Fan, YW (2011). Understanding knowledge sharing in virtual communities An integration of expectancy disconfirmation and justice theoriesONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW, 35(), 134-153. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2011 Fang, YH; Chiu, CM; Wang, ETG (2011). Understanding customers'' satisfaction and repurchase intentions An integration of IS success model, trust, and justiceINTERNET RESEARCH, 21(), 479-503. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Shiue, YC; Chiu, CM; Chang, CC (2010). Exploring and mitigating social loafing in online communitiesCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, (), 768-777. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Fang, YH; Chiu, CM (2010). In justice we trust: Exploring knowledge-sharing continuance intentions in virtual communities of practiceCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, (), 235-246. (SSCI)
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Conference Paper 2010 Shiue, Y.C., Chiu, C.M., and Chang, C.C. (2010). Mitigating Social Loafing in Online Communities: An Integration of Risk Perception and Social Capital Theories,. e-Case 2010, .
Year Title

IT Employees' Turnover and Deviance: The Impacts of Job Insecurity and Moral Disengagement. Ministry of Science and Technology (107-2410-H-110-033-)


IT Professionals’ Turnover Intention: The Role of Job Crafting and Engagement. Ministry of Science and Technology (106-2410-H-110-012-)


Impact of Psychological Capital on IS Professionals’ Strain and Subjective Well-Being. Ministry of Science and Technology (105-2410-H-110-023-)


The Central Role of Subjective Well-being in Virtual Communities. Ministry of Science and Technology (104-2410-H-110-061-)


Impact of Online Social Support on IS Employees' Strain and Psychological Well-Being. Ministry of Science and Technology (103-2410-H-110-026-)


Understanding Motivations to Offer Help in Online Support Communities: A Test of Self-Determination Theory . Ministry of Science and Technology (102-2410-H-110-054-)


藉由人際與非個人機置以促進虛擬社群成員主觀幸福感. 科技部 (NSC101-2410-H-110-012-)


虛擬社群公民行為會促進知識分享績效嗎?共同聯結依戀與共同認同依戀所扮演的角色. 科技部 (NSC100-2410-H-110-013-)


資訊管理學術趨勢研習營. 科技部 (NSC99-2420-H-110-003-)


探討網路購物再購意圖:習慣之角色. 科技部 (NSC99-2410-H-110-034)


了解網路拍賣顧客忠誠度:公平與心裡契約違反之角色. 科技部 (NSC98-2410-H-110-073)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Yen-Yu Chen Master Exploring the Trust Transference of Chatbot and its Influence on Online Repeat Purchase Intention
2018 林鴻裕 Master 討醫院採用達文西機械手臂手術提升競爭力之研究-以南部某大型醫院為例
2018 許旆瑄 Master 創新醫材優勢分析暨推廣策略之研究:以單拋棄式腎臟軟鏡為例
2018 李明倫 Master 探討現有網路購物平台的使用慣性對新網路購物平台之認知及使用意圖的影響-以Line購物為例
2018 陳奕伶 Master 品牌信任轉移現象之探討—以LINE及LINE Pay為例
2018 梁小青 Master 應用推敲可能性模型於探索高中生選擇就讀資管之意圖
2018 陳秋媚 Master 以推力-拉力-維繫力理論探討消費者對智慧商店之轉換意圖
2017 Chong-Ning Cheng Master The Impact of Moral Disengagement and its Antecedent Variables on Negative Word-of-Mouth
2017 Yi-Hsin Shen Master A Study of Employees’ Information Security Policy Violation Intention: A Moral Disengagement Perspective
2016 Ching-an Liu Master The impact of online shopping website with different promotions on customer satisfaction and regret
2016 Hung-yu Lin Master Enticing and Engaging Consumers via Online Product Value Presentations
2016 Bay-Erl Lai Master Research on Determinants of Online Staffing Adoption
2016 Hsien-Chun Tsai Master Exploring the Impacts of Value and Environmental Consciousness on Intention to Use Circular Economy Websites
2016 Sin-cih Syu Master The Impact of Big Data Privacy Risks and Information Privacy Concerns on User Disguises
2016 Sin-yi Lin Master Effect of Time Pressure on Consumer’s Purchase Intention: A Neuroscience Study
2015 Yi Chen Master Understanding Social Network Sites Stressor And it’s impacts on Exhaustion, Online Social Well-Being, and Continuance Intention: The Facebook case
2014 Yi-chin Wong Master Investigate the Impact of Brand Attachment and Habit on the Mobile Shopping Intention
2014 Nai-Ching Chen Master Discussion of attitude toward the ad and advertising effectiveness in social network sites—the influence of position, type and mechanisms
2014 Cheng-hsueh Kuo Master Understanding the Continuous Self-Disclosure Intention in Social Network Sites through the Social Exchange Theory
2013 Jui-Fen Chang Master Investigate the Impact of Inertia on Social Presence, Task-Technology Fit and Students' Intentions to Continue Using Distance Education
2013 Yu-Shan Lin Master Understanding the Intention to Continue Participating in Open Innovation Contests through the Self-Determination Theory
2013 李明怡 Master 社交網站成癮程度對使用者幸福感之影響─以台灣Facebook為例
2013 Ming-Chun Lee Master Exploring Factors Affecting Consumers’ Intentions to Use Virtual Display Stores
2013 Ming-yi Lee Master Research on Social Network Sites Addiction And It's impacts on User's well-being --The Facebook Case in Taiwan
2012 Juei-hsueh Tsao Master Examine the Formation of Brand Community Identity and Its Effect on Purchase Behavior
2012 Chien-yun Lin Master Examine the Effect of Online Social Support on Individual’s Community Engagement and Mental Health
2012 Ming-Chien Lin Master Investigate the Impact of Inertia Formation on The New System Acceptance-An Empirical Study of Social Network Sites
2011 Ting-Wei Chu Master A Study on the Brand Identity and Customer Loyalty- iPhone as an Example
2011 Chiu-yu Chen Master An Investigation on the Relationship between User Value and Loyalty to Social Network Sites ─ The Case of Facebook
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 National Science Council Superior Research Award Ministry of Science and Technology
2016 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2015 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2014 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2013 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2006 MOST Ta-You Wu Memorial Awards Ministry of Science and Technology
Period Activity Description Role