Name Kuo, Chia-I
Title Assistant Professor
Research Interests Innovation management, technology management, strategic management
Office CM0029
Phone 4530

Education 2018, Ph.D., Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University
2007, Master, Department of Business Administration, National Cheng Kung University
2004, Bachelor, Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University
Experience 2019-02-01 ~ , Institute of Human Resource Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Assistant Professor
2018-08-01 ~ 2019-01-31, Policy & Industry Development Center, National Taiwan University, Postdoctoral Researcher
2017-08-01 ~ 2018-01-31, Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University, Adjunct Lecturer
2016-06-23 ~ 2017-02-23, Department of International Business, San Francisco State University, Visiting Scholar
2010-12-01 ~ 2012-01-31, Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University, Assistant Researcher
2007-11-01 ~ 2010-11-30, Dimension Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Sales Representative
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2019 Kuo, C.-I., Wu, C.-H., & Lin, B.-W (2019). Gaining from scientific knowledge: the role of knowledge accumulation and knowledge combinationR&D Management, 49(2), 252-263. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2017 Hsiao, Y.-C., Chen, C.-J., Lin, B.-W., & Kuo, C.-I. (2017). Resource alignment, organizational distance, and knowledge transfer performance: the contingency role of alliance formThe Journal of Technology Transfer, 42(3), 635-653. (SSCI)
Conference Paper 2018 Kuo, C.-I., Lin, B.-W., & Lee, Y. (2018). Pioneer and Follower: The Moderating Role of Organizational Knowledge on Pioneering. 2018 R&D Management Conference, Italy.
Conference Paper 2017 Kuo, C.-I., Wu, C.-H., & Lin, B.-W (2017). Gaining from Scientific Knowledge: The Role of Knowledge Accumulation and Knowledge Combination. 2017 Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, United States.
Conference Paper 2017 Kuo, C.-I., Wu, C.-H., & Lin, B.-W (2017). The Influence of Science Linkage, Knowledge Accumulation, and Knowledge Combination on Firm Performance. 2017 the 5th Cross-Strait Technology Management Annual Conference & Doctoral Student Consortium, China.
Conference Paper 2016 Kuo, C.-I., & Lin, B.-W. (2016). Differentiation or Imitation: The Effect of Strategic Heterogeneity on Firm Performance. Strategic Management Society 36th Annual Conference, Germany.
Conference Paper 2014 Lin, B.-W., & Kuo, C.-I. (2014). How knowledge strategy matters in firm performance: the interaction effect of knowledge specificity. The DRUID Society Conference 2014 on Entrepreneurship - Organization – Innovation, Denmark.
Case Studies 2013

(2013). CoCo都可茶飲之事業成長策略. 國立臺灣大學管理學院個案研究與推廣中心

Year Title
Year Name Degree Title
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 中華民國斐陶斐榮譽學會榮譽會員 中華民國斐陶斐榮譽學會
2017 獎勵人文社會領域博候選人撰寫博士論文 科技部
2016 補助博士生赴國外研究 科技部
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