Name Tsuang-Yih Kuo
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests Productions and Operations Management, Information Management, Quality Management
Office 3053
Phone 4653

Education 1982, Bachelor, Industrial Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University
1960, Master, Industrial Engineering, Ohio University
1960, Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Cincinnati
Administrative Positions
Academic Services
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2017 Kuo, T; Tsai, GY; Wu, YCJ; Alhalabi, W (2017). From sociability to creditability for academicsCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, 75(), 975-984. (SSCI)
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Journal Article 2017 Kuo, T., Tsai, G. Y., Lu, I. Y., and Wu, R (2017). USER’S PERCEIVED QUALITY OF MOBILE MESSAGE APP: EXPERIENCE FROM TAIWAN品質學報, 24(24), 235-250. (其他期刊)
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Journal Article 2013 Lu, Iuan-Yuan(1); Kuo, Tsuang(1); Lin, Ting-Syuan(1) (2013). Coopetition and recompense between suppliers and retailers in a Duopoly petroleum marketJournal of Quality, 20(20), 233-250. (EI)
Journal Article 2011 戴志言、黃北豪、郭倉義 (2011). 微型創業與管理控制系統:文藝復興咖啡館興亡錄中山管理評論個案專刊, 0(0), . (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2009 Tsuang Kuo, Ju-Peng Shen, Mei-Ling Yang (2009). An exploratory study of service quality on children’s websitesQuality magazine, 45(12), 24-27. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2008 Tsuang Kuo, Chung-Han Lu, Hsien-Tang Tsai, Yi-Yuan Tseng, (2008). User Acceptance of E-learning System: A Self-Directed Learning Perspective電子商務學報, 10(4), 963-988. (TSSCI)
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Journal Article 2008 郭倉義、陳英美、蘇姿菱、楊傳銘、邱琡紋 (2008). 運用 DMAIC 降低成衣製程在製品存量品質月刊, (), 43-45. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2007 石孟勳、林志益、蔡憲唐、郭倉義、戴貞德 (2007). 鋼鐵業 ERP 關鍵模組 評選之研究數據分析, 2(3), 11 - 28. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2007 石孟勳、戴貞德、蔡憲唐、郭倉義 (2007). 企業內部知識分享之研究商業現代化學刊, 4(1), 1-6. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2005 盧淵源、郭倉義、常志泰 (2005). 傳統產業知識管理建構工程之探討 - 以中鋼為例產業管理學報, 6(1), 44-50. (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2017 Tsuang Kuo, Chih-Ta Chen*, Iuan-yuan Lu and Yu-Chi Lee (2017). Factors inducing consumers to Mobile Commerce - an Empirical Study. ISQM, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2017 Tsuang Kuo, Jian-De Lu*, Iuan-Yuan Lu, Yueh-Hsiang Wang (2017). Perceived Service Quality, Customers’ Satisfaction toward Loyalty of low-cost airlines. ISQM, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2017 Tsuang Kuo, Chih Ta Chen* and Chih-ching Chen (2017). The Relationship between Participation and Satisfaction for online career community - a Case of LinkedIn. The 4th Hong Kong International Conference on Social Science, Hong Kong.
Conference Paper 2015 Tsuang Kuo, Chih-Ta Chen, Iuan-yuan Lu and Chun-yu Chen (2015). Users’ perceived quality of self-service technology: a study of airlines’ check-in kiosks. ANQ Congress, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 Tsuang Kuo, Chiasan Chang, Iuan-yuan Lu and Ka-Seng Ng (2015). What drives customers toward online brand community: Experience from 3C products. ANQ Congress, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2015 Tsuang Kuo, Gwo Yang Tsai*, Iuan-yuan Lu and Rune Wu, (2015). Users Perceived Quality of Mobile Instant Messaging – Experience from Taiwan,. ANQ Congress 2015, September 23-24, Taipei, Taiwan. (Best paper awarded), Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2014 Tsuang Kuo, Chih TA Chen and Wan Jung Cheng (2014). Will customers patronize? Moderating Influences Regarding First-Time Customers and Patrons. 國際品質管理研討會(ISQM), Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2014 盧淵源、郭倉義、林廷軒 (2014). 吸收能力差異對高科技廠內跨領域技術移轉的組織績效影響. 第13 屆管理新思維研討會, Taiwan.
Conference Paper 2014 Gwo Yang TSAI, Tsuang KUO, Yen-Chang LIU and Iuan-yuan LU, (2014). Study of Consumer Attitude Towards Online Shopping of Seafood. ANQ 2014, Singapore.
Conference Paper 2012 Yen-Chun Jim Wu, Tsuang Kuo and Ju-Peng Shen (2012). Social Entrepreneurship Education Programs: A Recent Development. 3rd International Conference on Technology Enahnced Learning,, .
Conference Paper 2011 Iuan-Yuan Lu, Tsuang Kuo, Jyung-Yau Chen, and Wen-Pin Lee (2011). THE IMPACT OF PERCEIVED QUALITIES ON E-LEARNING USER SATISFACTION: AN EMPERICAL STUDY, 9th ANQ Congress. 1. 9th ANQ Congress, Sep 28-30, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam., .
Conference Paper 2011 Iuan-Yuan Lu, Tsuang Kuo, and Wen-Pin Lee, (2011). THE IMPACTS OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE ON E-LEARNING USERS SATISFACTION: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION. 2011 International Conference on Management Learning and Business Technology Education, May 9-11, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan., .
Conference Paper 2003 郭倉義 (2003). 資訊技術取得之決策分析. 中華民國品質學會高雄分會92年度年會論文集, .
Conference Paper 2002 Cheng, J.L. and Kuo. T. (2002). An Exploratory Framework for Integrating Six Sigma with Business Strategy. The 12th International Conference on Comparative Management, .
Conference Paper 2001 鄭榮郎、郭倉義 (2001). 6σ整合經營策略模式架構初探. 中華民國品質學會第37屆年會 暨第7屆全國品質管理研討會, .
Conference Paper 2001 童惠玲、郭倉義 (2001). six sigma. 中華民國品質學會第三十七屆年會暨第七屆全國品質管理研討會, .
Book and Chapter 2007

(2007). 企業轉型知識領航:中鋼機械的重生再造,管理個案集. 前程文化

Book and Chapter 2001

(2001). 作業管理. 新陸書局

Year Title

Analysis of Civil Service and Tax Integrity Investigation 2017. Revenue Service Office, Kaohsiung City (106037)


Analysis of Civil Service and Tax Integrity Investigation 2016. Revenue Service Office, Kaohsiung City (105048)


Customized electroplating control system. Ketech Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. (N103076)


Analytical instrument remote real-time intelligent monitoring system. Ketech Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. (N102081)


電動車運行駕駛者與潛在消費者試乘體驗之問卷設計與調查. 財團法人工業技術研究院 (N101069)


裕祐漁業電子化採購模組專案. 裕祐漁業股份有限公司 (N100036)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Guo-Ting Laio Master A Study on E-Learning System in Using Satisfaction and Use Intention, the case of Chinese Petroleum Corporation.
2018 Sung-Yu Hung Master The Influence of Endorser Characteristics on Advertising Effectiveness - A Case of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade
2018 Ting-Ying Chen Master User Satisfaction of Mobile Payment- In the View of Service Quality
2017 Chih-Ta Chen Ph.D Perceived Benefits affect Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Longitudinal Study
2017 Wei-Hsuan Yang Master Research on Customer Satisfaction of Mobile Shopping
2017 Wan-jung Chung Master Correlation Between Income and Happiness
2017 Hsiu-Lan Pao Master The Impacts of Enterprises Accounting Standard on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan
2017 Chao-Liang Chen Master The Internationalization Strategy Mode of Cold Chain Logistics Equipment Manufacturer as Entering the Vietnam Market-A Case Study of T Company
2017 張裕鸘 Master 資產管理公司商業模式之轉變-從外部高影響力利害關係人論點探討
2017 Wen-te Yu Master Discussion on Tendency of FinTech Development – The Challenges in Financing for SME
2017 Feng-Hsu Pai Master The Discussion on the Business Strategy of Insurance Shops
2017 Pi-Chun Cheng Master The Industry of Analysis of Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse
2017 Liu I-Fen Master The Effect of Eco-labelling on Consumer Preferences
2017 Mao-Sen Yang Master Organization Change and Business Management of Transformation of An Agent Company–The Case of P company
2017 Pei-Hsuan Sun Master The Impact on the development of Hedge Funds from CRS regulation in Taiwan
2017 Hsin-Yi Lee Master A Research on Transformation Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized of Family Business
2017 Kung-Chun Tsai Master A Study on Business Strategy of Network Surveillance Camera Manufacturers - A Case Study of Foreign C Company
2017 Yu-Shuang Chang Master The Transformation of Business Model of Asset Management Companies – A Viewpoint from External High-Influence Stakeholders
2016 Yu-chi Lee Master Study of Impact Factors on Mobile Commerce -An Empirical study on Line commerce
2016 Yi-fei Lee Master What Drives Successful Social Media Service? An Analysis of User Acceptance of Facebook and Instagram
2016 Ching Ying Chung Master Customer satisfaction, complain, Loyalty, and Churn of Mobile user
2016 Tsai-Yen Yu Master A Study of User Acceptance on mobile platform for order placement of securities firms
2016 Bo-Cheng Hu Master Research on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Professional Electromechanical Engineering Company
2016 Tsung-Hua Chang Master The Study of Cruise Passengers Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction-An Empirical study on Port of Kaohsiung
2016 Chun-Nien Lin Master Research on B2B Professional Engineering Service Quality-A Case of China Steel
2016 Li-wei Chang Master The Influence of User’s Intention on Their Behavior of Third Party Payment
2016 Yi-Cian Chen Master Customer Satisfaction of Real Estate Service - A Perspective of Co-creation Behavior
2016 Wei-Chiang Hsiao Master The Study on Users’ Satisfaction of Facebook Fan Pages Toward Buying Behavior. ─ A Case of Hotel Industry.
2016 Chun-chia Chu Master Research on Key Success Factors of Small and medium-size Panel in Taiwan: From the View of the Diamond Model
2016 KUEI LAN CHU Master Key Successful Factors of Supply Chain Management-An Empirical Study
2016 Hsiu-Huan Ke Master The Study of the Key Factors' Impact on Acquisition of the First Housing - Taking the Shunagpei Metropolis as an Example
2016 Hwa-Shuoh Lee Master Research on Land Development of State-owned Enterprise in Specialized Industrial District:Based on the Kaohsiung Nantzu Park Example
2016 Ming-Li Tung Master A Study of Development Strategy for Shipping Industry Invest on Offshore Wind Power Marine Construction Industry by Resource-Based Theory Approach-A Case Study of China Steel Express Corporation
2016 詹舒涵 Master FinTech在壽險業之應用-以有效契約管理為例
2016 Cheng-Hui Chen Master The Study on the Operation of Monuments’Activation:Taking Company S’s L Historic Site as an Example
2016 Chien-Cheng Lee Master The Study of Accounting Statements of Environmental Costs
2016 蔡國揚 Ph.D 員工感知組織文化、教育訓練、品質管理規範和績效:
2016 Gwo Yang Tsai Ph.D Employees Perceived Organizational Culture, Education and Training, Quality Management Practices, and Performance: the Moderating Effect of Management Maturity
2016 Shu-Han Chan Master The Application of FinTech in the Life Insurance Industry-Taking the Management of Effective Contracts as an Example
2015 Chih-Hung Yuan Ph.D National Logistics Competitiveness in APEC
2015 Ting-Syuan Lin Ph.D Coopetition and Remuneration between Suppliers and Retailers in a Duopoly Energy Market
2015 Shih-Hsing Wu Master The Study on End User Satisfaction Toward Enterprise Information Portal (EIP):Moderating Effect of Task-Technology Fit
2015 HSIN HUAN WU Master The Relationship between Over Service and Customer Satisfaction
2015 Jung-chu Ho Master The Relationship Among Quality Control Circle Activities,Mentoring and Knowledge Management and Technical Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness:The Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation
2015 吳維修 Master 以風險評估模型探討行動支付系統:ApplePay
2015 楊子逸 Master 跨越語言的鴻溝:外語及雲端口譯事業創業機會
2015 Kuei-Nian Lin Master The Relationships among Service Quality,Perceived Value and Customers Satisfaction: a Study of National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium
2015 Chun-yen Liao Master Empirical Research on Service Quality of Long-term Care Facilities under the Aged Society.
2015 Ting-chieh Lu Master The Study on Users Intention of Using Public Bicycles Information Systems- A Case Study of Taipei City
2015 Kuang-Tsan Su Master Relationship between Employee Involvement and Performance on Lean Production
2015 Yi-Chun Chen Master A Study on Factors Affecting Word of Mouth of Blog
2015 Wei-Hsiu Wu Master Risk Model Assessment Mobile Payment Systems:Apple Pay
2015 Tzu-Yi Yang Master The Enterpreneurship Opportunity of the Foreign Language Education and Cloud Interpretation
2014 魏兆璟 Ph.D 破壞性創新策?影響企業價值之動?系統研究
2014 Tik Xyan Phang Master Creative Value of The Pier-2 Art Center
2014 WEI HUNG ALIAS JOSEPH CHANG Master Facebook profile pictures, motivations and personality
2014 許依嵐 Master 探討社群商務設計模型對產品購買意願之影響-以Facebook統一星巴克粉絲專頁為例
2014 Jun-Chia Wu Master A Research on The Factors Affecting User Acceptance of Mobile Instant Messaging Application:An Example of LINE
2014 李曄星 Master 餐飲業服務品質、顧客滿意與再購意願關係之研究-以餐飲類型為干擾變數
2014 Jung-sen Chang Master A Study of Relationships Among Service Quality,Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty for Mobile Shopping APP
2014 Ruei-Lin Shen Master A Study of Harbor Asset Management Using Geographic Information Systems
2014 Li-chen Lin Master An Empirical Study of Reengineering of Local Tax Information Systems
2014 Chih-ching Chen Master The Relationship between Participation and Satisfaction for online career community - a Case of LinkedIn
2014 Chung-Te Chen Master Employees' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility:A Case of a Multinational Steel Enterprise
2014 Ngoc Lam Tran Master Study of Customers’ Service Quality Management: A Case from Hanoi, Vietnam
2014 Chun-ting Huang Master A Study on the Relationships among Hospital Managers’ Positive Leadership, Optimism and Self-Efficacy : Examples of Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas
2014 Ying-Ju Cheng Master The Effect of Organizational Climate on Employee Engagement and the Mediation Effect of Job Satisfaction in Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry
2014 Yi-chia Hsieh Master The Impact of Employees’ Participation in Decision Making on their Job Involvement and Job Satisfaction -Taiwanese Financial Industry as an Example
2014 YI-HUA LIN Master The Research of Constructing Financial Service Business Model Innovation By Quality Function Deployment
2014 Ying-Tsung Lin Master A Study of User Acceptance on Foldable Displays
2014 Ye-sing Li Master A Study on the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention in Catering Industry - The Moderating Effect of Catering Type
2014 I-Lan Hsu Master The Impacts of Social Commerce Design Model on Purchase Intention-A Case of Facebook President Starbucks Fan Page
2014 Chao-ching Wei Ph.D The Research of System Dynamic Model of Disruptive Innovation Strategy Influence Enterprise Value
2013 Sheng-Chan Chiu Ph.D A Study of Food Consumption Attitude and Intention toward Food Miles
2013 Ya-Ting Yang Master The Influence of Shopping Values on Continuance Intention in Online Shopping
2013 Chin-Ping Huang Master The study of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intention - a case of TIPC
2013 Chun-yu Chen Master A Study of Passengers' Technology Acceptance of Airlines Check-in KIOSK
2013 Pei-Hsun Tsai Master The Relationship among Perceived Price, Brand Image, Store Image and Perceived Value to Purchase Intention─The Case Study on a Spanish Clothing Brand ZARA
2013 Yu-Chan Lin Master A Research on Lean Safety Management for Campus Buildings — the case of elementary schools in Kaohsiung
2013 王煥文 Master 企業內部稽核服務品質與稽核績效研究—以C公司為例
2013 Che-hao Chang Master An Analysis of key success factors on Facebook business fan pages
2013 陳裕智 Master 網路打卡之口碑傳播效果對消費者購買決策之影響─以美髮服務業為例
2013 Po-Jen Cheng Master A Study on Rising Opportunity of China Panel Driver IC Design House
2013 Chih-Chuan Chiu Master A Study on Customer Repurchase Intention in Online Fast Fashion Industry
2013 Ting-yu Chang Master A Study of the Purchasing Intention of Online Group-Buying Customers in Taiwan
2013 吳嘉誠 Master 線上品牌社群參與因果關係之研究-以台灣Mobile01論壇3C版為例
2013 Yueh-Hsiang Wang Master The Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty of Low Cost Carriers
2013 Meei-Shouan Her Master A Study on Integration and Renewal of Tax Information Systems and Work Performance
2013 Sheng-hsien Lee Master A study on attractive quality and experiential marketing of restaurants-An empirical case of 85°C Bakery Café
2013 Ka Seng Ng Master A Study on Online brand Community Participation’s Antecedents and Consequences: Using the 3C page in Taiwan's Mobile 01 forum as example
2013 HUAN-WEN WANG Master The effect of Service Quality on Performance for the Internal Audit —A case study
2013 Chia-Hsiung Cheng Master A Study on Credit Risk Assessment to Small and Medium Enterprises by Leasing Industry in Taiwan - A Case Study of D Company
2013 Yu-Chih Chen Master A Study on the Words of Mouth Effect of Internet Check-in Towards Consumer’s Purchasing Decision-a Case of Hairdressing Industry
2012 Yen-Chang Liu Master E-commerce of TAM Model—a study of seafood
2012 YA FEN LIU Master A Study on Employees’ Acceptance of a Enterprise Resource Planning System- A Case of a Power Company
2012 Wen-Pin Lee Ph.D A Study of Adopting New Technology in Corporations from Individual and Organization Perspectives
2012 Ju-Peng Shen Ph.D A Study of Social Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum on Sustainability Issues based on Asian Higher Education
2012 Evan Taylor Master A Feasibility Study on Kaohsiung’s Cruise Lines Ancillary Tourism – Tailor Made Tours Business Plan
2012 Chih-Yen Huang Master Implementation of the Lean Production System in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Manufacturing
2011 Hsu-Sheng Fu Master A Study on Success Key Factors of Security and Surveillance Systems Integrators for Intelligent Buildings
2011 Ming-Huang Chiang Master Trust in E-commerce community and it's effect of customer loyalty and purchase intention-an empirical case of yahoo shopping
2011 Cheng-Hsiung Hung Master Key Ingredients for the Implementation of Six Sigma - A Study of China Steel Corporation
2011 Jing-Yah Lu Master Quality Management and Supplier Integration—A Study of Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan
2011 吳書欽 Master 汽車業客戶環境策略與供應商環境承諾之研究
2011 Ya-Hui Hou Master B2B Information Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
2011 Shu-Chin Wu Master Research on Customer’s Environment Strategy and Supplier’s Environmental commitment in automobile industry.
2011 Ming-Shyan Lee Master The strategy study of international EPC contractor to establish long-term competitiveness
2011 Chien-Chia Fan Master A Study on Core Competence of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Industry- A Case of ST Company
2011 Wan-jung Cheng Master Catering service quality and customer satisfaction
2011 Chien-Fu Chen Master Assessing Real Estate Development in Kaohsiung Harbor Areas Using the Viewpoint of City Marketing
2011 Hsien-Chang Chen Master The feasibility study of teleworking
2010 Kuo-Liang Liu Master A Study on Quality management and Customization of Automotive Parts and Accessories
2010 Chun-Hsiu Chang Master Quality Management and Supplier Integration-A Study of Aerospace Industry in Taiwan
2010 Wen-bo Tseng Master The Analysis of Staff's Job Satisfication And Turnover Intention in Financial Industry
2010 Yi-Chieh Lin Master The research on the operation pattern of virtual community: Using Facebook page as an example
2010 Erh-jou Hsu Master The Effect of Smartphone’s Brand Equity on Purchase Intention
2010 Tsung-Hsin Lee Master A Study on Sustainable Development Strategy of Jack Lifting Method – A Case of R Company
2010 Shih-Feng Hung Master A study of lean production influences manufacturing performance
2010 Mei-Hsueh Wang Master The relationship study among employee motivation, satisfaction and job performance – A case study of A securities
2010 Ya-chi Wang Master A Study of Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction of F&B Industry, Base on Grand Hi-Lai Hotel
2010 Yi-Ling Tsai Master A Study of E-book Reader Adoption Based on the Technology Acceptance Model
2010 Mei-Rong Xue Master Study on Taiwan free trade port district---using Kaohsiung harbor as a case study
2010 Chia-Chi Hsu Master A Study of Professional Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction on MIS of Electronic Manufacturing Industry
2010 Jyun-Liang Chen Master Implementation Efficiency Analysis of JIT Kanban System in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing.
2010 Hsin-I Huang Master Brand Equity Research in NB Market
2009 Tung-hua Liao Master the study of the measure of the cyber university service quality-the case of NSYSU
2009 Tsung-yi Lin Master The Research on the Relationship Between Corporate Website Functionalities and Corporate Stock Price
2009 Ching-chih Wang Master A study on relationship between Knowledge management and R&D performance. –As the case Vehicle parts company for our survey case.
2009 Tzu-ling Su Master Empirical study on the acculturation of business mergers in Taiwan
2009 Sen-mu Tzou Master A Study on the Integration and Management of the Electric Control Resources in Group Company – A Case Study of China Steel Group
2009 Ching-yun Chen Master A study of supplier service quality in electronic manufacturing industry
2009 Yung-Jan Cho Master Duopoly price games in markets with cross-sided network effect – eWallet service as an exampleWallet service as an example
2009 Chia-jung Lee Master A Study on the Relationship between Mobile Advertising Acceptance and Advertising Effect
2009 Yen-tsen Pan Master In the ability to Identify the relative between robotization and production efficiency, take S company as an example
2009 Po-chih Lai Master none
2009 Kuo-chin Cheng Master A Study of the Construction of Performance Management System in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry --Balanced Scorecard Perspective
2008 Yung-nan Chou Master The relationship among procedural/distributive justice and pay/benefit satisfaction to the job satisfaction– A Case
2008 Chi-hung Li Master The Impact of ISO 9000 on TQM and Business Performance
2008 Chien-cheng Lin Master Comparison of Managerial Model with the Concepts of Innovation and traditions: Micro-Cell Technology Co.
2008 Shu-hui Ko Master A Study of Blog User’s Behavior - the viewpoint of technology acceptance model, knowledge sharing motivation and social influence
2008 Mei-Leng Yang Master A Study on User Perceived Experience and Loyalty of Children's Web-based Service Quality
2008 Ling-Hui Huang Master An Exploration on the Satisfaction and Consumer Behaviors among Virtual Community Members by Social Cognitive Theory
2008 Cheng-chang Liao Master A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Enterprise Resource Planning
2008 Chia-yun Wang Master The factors to affect the performance of relationship marketing : by S company's B2B transaction example
2007 Chung-Han Lu Ph.D Understanding Self-Directed Blended Learner’s Usage Behavior of E-Learning System
2007 Mei-Chu Shih Master Research for Service Quality of KHB Information System and It's User Satisfaction
2007 Jui-Yang Li Master A Study on Technology Acceptance Model of Management Information System
2007 Shu-Hui Lin Master The Influence of Human Resource Flexible Utilization on The Harbor Organizational Performances─An Example of The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau
2007 Chung-cheng Lin Master A Study of key Success Factors for Shopping Mall
2007 Chi-cheng hung Master A Study of Strategic Alliancen for Conventional Industries - A Case Study of Screw Industry
2007 Hui-Cheng Hsu Master The Key Success Factors and Developing Strategies of Festivals in Taiwan
2007 Ruei-Er Cheng Master Study on the Employee’s Acceptance of the e-Learning
2007 Der-Shern Chen Master A study on the Critical Success Factors of Initiating the Supply Chain Management System for Integrated mill
2007 Ying -mei Master A study on Relationship Between Lean production practices and Manufacturing performance
2007 Wen-liang Chou Master An Empirical Study the relationship among Service Quality, Price, Corporate Image, and Customer Satisfaction on Power Dispatch
2007 Li-ying Sun Master The study of job satisfaction、 organization commitiment and turnover intention-- An example of employees of Bank of Taiwan
2007 Yih-guey Jan Master A study on the Impact of Service Quality by means of Theme Marketing - An Example of a Chain Motel
2006 Ming-Tan Liu Master Marketing innovation on constructional steel bar - A Case study of H Company
2006 Chih-Min Sun Master The Influence of Power Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction— An Empirical Study of Science Park Customers of Taipower Corporation
2006 Shih-Chi Chang Master Taiwan’s Valve Industry Competitive Strategic Research
2006 Ming-hung Hung Master A Study of Process Excellence and Quality Performance
2006 Cheng-chin Wang Master A Study of Internet User's Acceptance on Voice Over Internet Protocol
2006 Chin-i Chan Master A study of key factors for a processing trade to China
2006 I-chung Lien Master A study of enhancing the operational performance for automated control equipment distributors
2006 Ni-li Cheng Master Medical Service Quality and Satisaction - A Case Study of Psychiatric Hospitals
2006 Jung-kuei Chen Master The Influence of Employee Participation In Decision Making on the Job Satisfaction and Job Performances-An Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation
2006 Yu-lin Han Master Research from the resource base theory discussion medium shipyard reforming competitive advantage take J Corporation as the example
2006 Hsu-jung Huang Master A Study of The Financing Mode for Technology Service Industry -The Case of Energy Service Companies(ESCO)
2006 黃喜玲 Master 領導型態、組織文化、全面品質管理對組織績效之影響 --以台糖公司各事業部為例的實證研究
2006 Chao-Yeh Huang Master A study for the development of a bank - The case of Bank of Kaohsiung.
2006 Wei-Lin Ting Master 1+1 > 2 ? A Case Study Of Corporate mergers – The Case used is Two Apparel Group in Hong Kong
2006 Yi-Chia Chang Master A study of Electronic Service Convenient, Electronic Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention - The case of on-line purchase 3C products.
2006 Yun-Hsuan Lee Master On the Quality and Online user’s Satisfaction with Carnews via the e-Service Quality Model
2005 Chih-Kang Tsang Master none
2005 Hsiu-Kuei Fan-Chiang Master The study of relationship among Organization Change,Total Quality Management toward Organizational Operating Performance - The case of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation.
2005 Kuen-Tai Tsai Master An empirical study of the relationships among perceived service quality, satisfaction and behavioral intention for leisure farm:The case of Ping-Tung agricultural products exhibition
2005 Ting-han Lai Master The Effects of Organizational Innovation and Total Quality Management on organizational effectiveness--The case of China Steel Corporation.
2005 Yu-chen Chao Master A Study of Network User's Acceptance on Wireless Local Area Network
2005 Ying-Chou Cheng Master A Study of Employee’s Acceptance on Supply Chain Management System - The case of China Steel Corporation.
2005 Hsi-chou Chung Master A Study of The Connection Between Employees For Labor Pension Act On Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Organization Commitment and The Willing of Changing Job - The case of China Steel Corporation Group
2005 Jiean-Yuan Chen Master A study among organizational change recognition, organizational communication, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment - The case of Taiwan Sugar Corporation.
2005 Chung- Hsiung Chen Master A study on service quality of cell phone─take chunghwa telecom company for instance
2005 Chin-liao Chen Master A Study of Medical Service Quality - The Case of China Steel Coporation Employee Clinic
2005 Lo Yen-Ting Master A Study on the Relationships between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance for Dispatched worker.—An Example of Department of Transmission Line and Substation Projects, Taiwan Power Company
2005 Ying-pin Hsieh Master A Study of Employee’s Acceptance on Enterprise Knowledge Management System - The case of China Steel Corporation.
2004 Shih-Chien Wu Master A Choice Strategy of Investing The Economic & Technology Development Area in China
2004 Shao-Jung Lu Master The study of relationship among employees' job satisfaction, organizational commitment and change cognition toward change attitude
2004 YI-YUAN TSENG Master The Study of Technology Acceptance of employees to enterprise e-Learning Systems.
2004 Wen-hao Lin Master The Research of Integrated Steel Company's Overhead Allocation
2004 Ju-Peng Shen Master An analysis of Bullwhip Effect in type of multi-tiers and vertical partition under dynamic situation base on the TFT-LCD industry in Taiwan
2004 Chun-yu Hsu Master The Study of Service Quality for Supply Chain e-Procurement System
2004 Tsung-ming Hsieh Master The Research of Knowledge Management at TFT-LCD Firms---A Study of Private Enterprise in Tainan Area
2004 Wen-Ming Chiu Master Impact of the functions of the relationship of container shipping companies with the harbor operator on the relationship quality-a case study based on a harbor
2004 Chih-Heng Cheng Master Based on the Four Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard to Analyze the Project Selection of Six Sigma
2004 Kuo-Tse Chen Master The relationship study of job stress, job satisfaction,organizational commitment toward the intention of early retirement.
2004 Kuei-chung Hung Master The study of relationship between TQM,quality performance and ISO 9000
2003 Ying-yen Liaw Master A study of plant location factors that effects the decision making of enterprise’s new plant
2003 Wen-chyi Chang Master The Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for Power Industry- A case on the high voltage customer of Taiwan Power Company
2003 Hong-chang Chang Master Employee’s Acceptance of Intranet Implementation -A Case Study
2003 Shih-kai Tzeng Master Reserch of Transnational Enterprise Merging and Production Management Strategy
2003 FANG-TSAI LIN Master The research of service quality for manufacturing industry--take China Steel Corporation for example
2003 Li-feng Lin Master The Balanced Scorecard Applied to the Diversification Business -A Case Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation
2003 Cheng-ping Shih Master Supply Chain Management: Practices, Concerns, and Performance Issues- An Emperical Study
2003 Chien-hung Chen Master A study on application of knowledge management to project purchase
2002 Wen-Chen Liu Master none
2002 鄭榮郎 Ph.D 6σ系統整合經營策略模式之研究
2002 陳俊霖 Master 醫療採購運用電子商務研究
2002 林明遠 Master 入口網站服務品質及顧客滿意之研究
2002 丁德樹 Master 多角化策略與知識移轉績效之研究-以中鋼集團為例
2002 張守誠 Master 高雄市內惟埤文化園區住宅之產品定位策略研究
2002 Cheng-Tsai Hsu Master Research of Knowledge Creation & Spread In Company—Case Study
2002 吳韞德 Master 網際網路消費者購物意願之跨國比較
2002 Hung-Yu Wang Master Each corporation discusses for the mode of information system technology sourcing --The information technology industry
2002 蔡瑜明 Master 半導體後段IC封裝最適排程之研究─禁忌搜尋法之應用
2002 Der-Shuh Ting Master Diversification strategies and performance of knowledge transfer in a conglomerate - case study of China Steel group
2002 Yun-Te Wu Master The Comparison of Factors That Constitute Different Internet Consumer Behavior among Countries
2002 Shou-Cheng Chang Master Study on Product Positioning Strategy of Residential Buildings in Kaouhsiung Nei Wei Pi Cultural Park
2002 Ming-yuan Lin Master A Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for General Portal
2002 Wen-ying Weng Master A Study of Service Quality Toward Knowledge Management : The Case of The District of The Taipower Company.
2002 Yu-min Tsai Master The most appropriate process scheduling for Semiconductor back-end Assemblies--Application for Tabu Search
2002 Jung-Lang Cheng Ph.D A Study of Integrating Six Sigma program with Business Strategy
2002 Chun-Lin Chen Master The Study of Medical Purchase Through Electronic Commerce Service
2001 廖堉君 Master 我國企業對企業電子市集經營模式之探討-以鋼鐵產業與汽車產業為例
2001 常致泰 Master 從企業競爭優勢的觀點探討知識管理模式的建構-以中鋼公司為例
2001 Chiu-Hsiung Liu Master Knowledge Management Research On Accounting Department
2001 楊文城 Master 軌道車輛研發品質管理重要因素之研究
2001 張城鐘 Master 知識管理在員工績效管理制度之應用
2001 羅嘉文 Master 一貫作業鋼廠成本管理制度之探討─以中鋼公司為例
2001 施義雄 Master 多準則決策方法應用於線上學習系統選擇之研究
2001 蔡美絹 Master 電子商務之顧客價值研究
2001 Jen-Shin Hsu Master The Application of Knowledge management to Capital Expenditure:A study of China Steel Corporation
2001 Chih-Tai Charng Master Research on the Construction of Knowledge Management Model based on the Viewpoint of Business Competitive Advantages
2001 Yu-Chun Liao Master Approach to the Business Model of the B2B E-Marketplace in Taiwan-Take the Steel And the Motor Vehicles And Parts Industry for Examples
2001 Cheng-Chung Chang Master Application of Knowledge Management on Performance Appraisal and Management System
2001 I-Hsiung Shih Master The Selection of e-Learning System:A Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach
2001 Ven-Chen Yang Master none
2001 Jay Hong Master none
2001 Chia-Wen Luo Master Cost Management System for Integrated Steel Production─A Case Study for China Steel Corporation
2001 Mei-Chuan Tsai Master The Customer Value Research of The eBusiness
2001 Yao-Wen Kuo Master Key success factors of commercial laboratories management – A case study of Material & Engineering Laboratory of SGS Taiwan Ltd.
2001 Chieng-Chuan Huang Master A Research on the feasibility for Cable TV system entering into Leased-Circuit service providers
2000 巫芳森 Master 不同科技產品使用程度的上網行為之研究
2000 Da-Wei Hsu Master The Development of B to B E-Marketplace and Interactions Between Industries and B to B E-Marketplace in Taiwan--Take China Steel, SYSCO, and Yulon For Example
2000 Mei-Jin Chen Master A Study of Bricks and Clicks -the Case of Online Bookstore and Online Newspaper
2000 Fang-Sen Wu Master None
Year Title Awarding Organization
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