姓名 鍾金才
職稱 副教授
專長及研究領域 電子商務、行動商務、消費者選擇模式
研究室 1025-1
分機 4568

學歷 2009, 博士, 行銷, 奧塔哥大學
2003, 博士, 企管經營博士, 南十字星大學
1960, 碩士, 資訊管理碩士, 格里菲斯大學
個人經歷 2020-02-01 ~ 2020-09-11, 國立中山大學管理學院, 副教授
2015-01-04 ~ 2017-12-31, 杜拜美洲大學, 副教授
類別 年度 名稱
期刊論文 2019 Kim Choy Chung (2019). Mobile (shopping) commerce intention in Central Asia: The impact of culture, innovation characteristics and concerns about order fulfilmentAsia Pacific Journal of Business Administration , 11(3), 251-266. (其他期刊)
期刊論文 2018 Kim Choy Chung (2018). Impact of entertainment-based events on the level of store visitors and retail sales in Kazakhstan & UAEStudies in Business and Economics , 13(3), 5-12. (其他期刊)
期刊論文 2017 Kim Choy Chung (2017). Effectiveness of advertising themes in reducing smoking tendencies in CIS countriesReview of Business Research , 17(2), 35-40. (其他期刊)
期刊論文 2017 Kim Choy Chung (2017). CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF PRICE-BASED SALES PROMOTION TECHNIQUES IN UAECanadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, 12(2), 104-109. (其他期刊)
期刊論文 2016 Kim Choy Chung (2016). Reducing Smoking Behavior in the Middle East: Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Message ThemesE-Leader International Journal, 11(1), . (其他期刊)
期刊論文 2014 Kim Choy Chung (2014). Gender, culture and determinants of behavioural intents to adopt mobile commerce among the Y Generation in transition economies: Evidence from KazakhstanBehaviour and Information Technology, 33(7), 743-756. (SSCI)
期刊論文 2014 Lisa S. McNeill, Kim Shyan Fam & Kim Chung (2014). Applying transaction utility theory to sales promotion – the impact of culture on consumer satisfactionInternational Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 24(2), 166-185. (其他期刊)
研討會論文 2019 Kim Choy Chung (2019). Transaction utility perspective of customer satisfaction towards m-commerce in Taiwan. ACM ICEMC 2019 - International Conference on E-business and Mobile Commerce, Taiwan.
研討會論文 2016 Kim Choy Chung (2016). Customer satisfaction of price-based sales promotion techniques in UAE’. Conference on Social Science, Arts, Business and Education, France.
研討會論文 2015 Kim Choy Chung (2015). The effectiveness of anti-smoking advertising themes among middle-eastern nationalities. Business and Social Science Research Conference, Thailand.
研討會論文 2014 Karina Biman & Kim-Choy Chung (2014). The impact of promotional events on the level of mall’ visitors and retail sales in Kazakhstan. KIRC XI Conference , Kazakhstan.
年度 名稱

行動商務的持續性: 網絡共存,人格特質和保證因素之間的關係. 科技部 (108WFA0810722 [MOST 108-2410-H-110-070])

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年度 名稱 頒獎機構
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