姓名 陳先郡
職稱 助理教授
專長及研究領域 組織行為、人力資源管理、組織理論與管理
分機 4532

學歷 2017, 博士, 人力資源管理研究所, 國立中山大學
類別 年度 名稱
期刊論文 2017 Chen H-C, Chen I-H, Lin S-Y, Chen Y. (2017). Cultural influences in acquiescent response: A study of trainer evaluation biasesJournal of Selection and Assessment, 25(), 1-10. (SSCI)
期刊論文 2016 Chen, Hsien-Chun, Lee, Amber Yun-ping, Chen, I-Heng, & Wu, Hsin-Li (2016). The meaningfulness of managerial work: case of Taiwanese employeesChinese Management Studies, 10(), 138-154. (SSCI)
期刊論文 2016 Lin, S. Y., Chen, H. C., & Chen, I. H (2016). When perceived welfare practices leads to organizational citizenship behaviorAsia Pacific Management Review, 21(4), 204-212. (TSSCI)
期刊論文 2016 Uen, J. F., Chen, S. Y., Chen, H. C., & Lin, C. T. (2016). The effect of employer’s moral obligation violation on survivor’s commitment: The mediating role of justice climate. Personnel Review, 45(2 ), 214-231. (SSCI)
期刊論文 2014 李芸蘋、陳以亨、陳先郡、陳啟文 (2014). 台灣警務人員之工作使命感研究。公共行政學報, 46(), 29-58. (TSSCI)
研討會論文 2019 Chen, H-C, Chen, Yi-Ting, Chen, I-H. (2019). The Relationship Among Employee Demand-Ability Fit, Task Performance and Promotability Ratings. . 16th European Congress of Psychology, Russia.
研討會論文 2019 Chen, H-C, Chen, I-H., Ng ,Chin Tung Stewart, Liu, Cyong-Ru (2019). When and why people engage in self-management behavior:Interactive effects of guilt-awareness and sense of belonging. European Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Portugal.
研討會論文 2019 陳先郡、陳以亨與洪紫嫣 (2019). 兼職人員之高流動率:工作價值觀與情感承諾之重要性. 2. 2019 AAOM TAOM 聯合研討會, Indonesia.
研討會論文 2018 Chen, H-C, Shu-Yuan Chen, Chen, I-H. (2018). An Examination of Image Discrepancy Around Professional Work: A Moderated Mediation Study. . European Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Iceland.
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年度 名稱 頒獎機構
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