Title Professor
Research Interests Strategic Human Capital, Firm Growth, Entrepreneurship, International Business,Strategic Management
Office 管4076室
Phone 4935

Education 2007, Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Journal Article 2017 Pao-Lien Chen, Yasemin Kor, Joseph Mahoney and Danchi Tan (2017). Pre‐Market Entry Experience and Post‐Market Entry Learning of the Board of Directors: Implications for Post‐Entry PerformanceStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 11(4), 441-463. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2017 Charles Williams, Pao-Lien Chen, and Rajshree Agarwal (2017). Rookies and seasoned recruits: How experience in different levels, firms, and industries shapes strategic renewal in top managementStrategic Management Journal 38(7): 1391–1415 , 38(7), 1391-1415. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2017 Pao-Lien Chen (2017). External ties of managers and firm performance in an emerging industry臺大管理論叢, 27(3), 137-162. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2016 Pao-Lien Chen, Danchi Tan and Ruey-Jer Jean (2016). Foreign knowledge acquisition through inter-firm collaboration and recruitment: implications for domestic growth of emerging market firmsInternational Business Review, 26(1), 221-232. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2012 Pao-Lien Chen, Charles Williams, and Rajshree Agarwal (2012). Growing pains: Pre‐entry experience and the challenge of transition to incumbencyStrategic Management Journal, 33(3), 252-276. (SSCI)
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現代鄭和下南洋-跨國創業家. 科技部 (107-2410-H-110 -080 -MY3)


高階經理人離任和公司策略變革:經理人之團隊和公司特定經驗的不對稱效應. MOST (MOST106-2410-H-110-083-MY2)

Year Name Degree Title
Year Title Awarding Organization
2018 傑出研究獎 科技部
2017 E. SUN Academic Award 玉山金控
2015 科管院傑出導師獎 清華大學
2014 Recommended Paper Award Management Theory and Practice Conference
2010 Conference paper included in the Winner of OMT Division Best Symposium Proposal Award: Ambidexterity and Dynamic Capabilities: Unraveling the Role of Managers and the Environment Ambidexterity and Capabilities Strategic Management Society
2009 第二屆財團法人溫世仁文教基金會服務科學新苗獎 財團法人溫世仁文教基金會
2006 Ewing Marion Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship of the 2006-2007 academic year Ewing Marion Kauffman Fundation
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