Name Huang,Jen-Jsung
Title Associate Professor
Research Interests Fixed-income Instrument, Financial Management
Office 4101
Phone 4818

Education 1960, Ph.D., Business Management, New York University
Administrative Positions
Academic Services 2016-06-29 ~ 2019-06-28, Ample Electronic Technology, Director
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2016 Jen-Tsung Huang and Yu-Ching Lin (2016). Explain Innovation Patterns of an IC Foundry Firm by Technol-gical RegimesJournal of Quality, (), . (EI)
Journal Article 2013 Liang, Hueimei; Lee, Kuo-Jung; Huang, Jen-Tsung; Lei, Hsien-Wei (2013). The optimal decisions in franchising under profit uncertaintyECONOMIC MODELLING, 31(31), 128. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2010 Huang, JT; Lee, KJ; Liang, HM; Lin, WF (2010). Estimating value at risk of portfolio by conditional copula-GARCH method (vol 43, pg 315, 2009)INSURANCE MATHEMATICS & ECONOMICS, (), 436-436. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2009 (2009). Estimating value at risk of portfolio by conditional copula-GARCH methodINSURANCE MATHEMATICS & ECONOMICS, (), 315-324. (SSCI)
Conference Paper 2011 黃振聰 (2011). Innovation Space, Network Governance, and the Modes of Open Innovation: The Case of UMC in the Semiconductor Industry.. International Joint Conference on Service Sciences 2011, IJCSS,, .
Conference Paper 2011 黃振聰 (2011). Analysis of Managerial Alignment Based on Technological Environment for High-Tech Industry in Taiwan.. International Conference on Business and Information, ICBAI, .
Conference Paper 2011 黃振聰 (2011). Characteristics of Technological Environment and investment modes: The Case of UMC in the Semiconductor Industry.. International Conference on Business and Information, ICBAI, .
Conference Paper 2011 黃振聰 (2011). Generic Technology, Modular Design and Strong Network Governance as a Follower`s Early Strategy.. The 25th Annual australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, ANZAM, .
Conference Paper 2011 黃振聰 (2011). Line Extensions, Multi-application Technology, Modular Product Architecture and Strong Tie with Partners as a Fast-second`s Strategy.. World Business and Economics Research Conference, WBERC, .
Book and Chapter 2012

(2012). 聯發科技的投資決策. 聯發科技的投資決策 () . 前程出版社

Book and Chapter 2012

(2012). 奇美與群創合併. 奇美與群創合併 () . 前程出版社

Book and Chapter 2012

(2012). 南亞科技的資本結構. 南亞科技的資本結構 () . 前程出版社

Book and Chapter 2003

(2003). 現代銀行管理. 華泰書局

Book and Chapter 2003

(2003). 股東財富探求. 三民書局

Book and Chapter 2002

(2002). 哈佛學不到的創業典範:9個台灣科技創業個案剖析. 天山文化出版社

Book and Chapter 2002

(2002). 企業價值:股東財富的探求. 三民書局

Year Title

TFT-LCD 產業價值分析:群創併購奇美電案例研究. 科技部 (99-2815-C-110-001-H)


國際學生理財差異影響因素之探討. 科技部 (95-2815-C-110 -039 -H)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Jiun-Hong Tsai Master A Research on the Relationship between Information Technology Innovation and Business Strategy Evolution
2017 李佩珊 Master 半導體封測業收購策略之研究—以日月光收購矽品為例
2017 Chiao-Pi Hou Master Options and Deep Learning Application in Cobweb Trading Strategy
2017 謝婉君 Master IFRS9實施對金融風險影響之研究-以預期信用損失模型評估金融資產之可能減損
2017 Pei-Shan Lee Master Acquisition Strategies on Packaging and Test of Semiconductor: The Case of ASE Acquires SPIL
2017 Wei-kang Lee Master Exploring the technical tendency of telecommunications
2017 YI-TING KO Master Empirical Study on Trend-Factor Trading Strategies in Taiwanese Stock Market with Markov Regime Switch Regression Models
2017 Jung-Chun Mi Master Constructing Call Warrant Trading Strategies with Deep Learning in Taiwan
2017 Wan-Chun Hsieh Master A Study on the Impact of IFRS 9 on Financial Risks – Assessing the Possible Impairment of Financial Assets with Expected Credit Loss Model
2017 Hung-kai Chen Master Improving Trading Strategy in Stock Pattern Recognition by Deep Learning
2016 Tzu-Chuan Lu Master Exploring the Development Strategy of a New Business Unit –The Case of H Company
2016 Ying-Lan Chang Master A Study on the Brand Extension Strategies of Eslite Book Store
2016 Kuo-wei Tseng Master Exploring the Factors Impacting the Credit Spread of International Financing of Banks
2016 Yu-fang Tseng Master Relationship between Financial and Non-Financial Performance-the Case of Galvanizers and Coil Coaters in Taiwan and China
2016 Wei-Ming Lee Ph.D Discussion on Business Model of Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Economy
2016 Hsien-Kuang Lin Master A Study on the Transformation of Several Asset Management Companies in Taiwan and Mainland China
2016 Chin-Wei Lin Master A Study on the Development of E-commerce in Taiwan's Insurance Industry
2016 Ting-Kai Bai Master The Large-scale Project Planning-The Case of a Coal-to-gas Project in North China
2016 Hui-jou Tsai Master Online Gambling - Successful E-Gaming Strategy
2016 Chih-Chin Su Master Study on the Development Trend of Logistics Real Estate - “Global Logistic Properties” as an Example
2016 陳弘崙 Master 基因圖形辨識結合技術分析與機器學習之交易策略研究-以台灣股票市場為例
2016 Pi-ching Chen Master A discussion on the second-generation succession problem of family business
2016 謝信誠 Master 技術分析型態辨識與機器學習之SmartBeta交易策略應用
2016 Shin-cheng Sie Master Smart Beta Strategy with Technical Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
2016 Hung-lung Chen Master Genic Pattern Recognition with Technical Analysis and Machine Learning
2016 Yi-Chang Chen Ph.D Market Fundamentals, Rational Expectations and Herding Behavior
2016 Kuo-Hui Huang Master A Study on the Credit Risk Evaluation at T Leasing Company
2015 Hsiu-Ping Ho Master The Application of Technical Indicators In Taiwan Stock Market-Evidence From Taiwan 50 ETF
2015 Chang-Yang Yu Master The Research of Car Display Applications From Internet of Things
2015 Tung-yen Wu Master Pattern Recognition with the Fuzzy Theory in Taiwan Stock Market
2015 Chih-Hung Liao Master A study of strategy trading in Taiwan stock market-An application of Markov Switch Regression Model on Smart Beta
2015 Cheng-Chien Chang Master The Competition Analysis for the IC Design Industry of Taiwan and China
2015 Ya-ting Chang Master Kelly Criterion under Stock Price Pattern Recognition Method
2015 Shin-Yi Peng Master Construction of ETF Portfolio in Taiwan Stock Market
2015 Kun-lin Lee Master Discussion on Taiwan`s Financial Industry to Implement the Reverse Mortgage Practical Issues
2015 Feng Jiang Master The Establishment of New Rural Credit Cooperative System in China
2015 Zih-yu Hong Master Trend Trading Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market
2015 廖志鴻 Master 馬爾可夫狀態轉換模型對SmartBeta之應用—以台灣股票市場之交易策略研究
2015 盧泰源 Master 最適化SmartBeta策略組合型基金之應用—以台灣股票市場之交易策略研究
2015 彭心怡 Master ETF投資組合建構組合之研究
2015 Tai-Yuan Lu Master Fund of Funds with optimal Smart Beta strategies in Taiwan Stock Market
2015 Hsin-min Hsiao Master An Exploration into the Overseas Technology Acquisition Strategies of Chinese Heavy Equipment Enterprises – The Case of SANY
2015 Yen-Ting Su Master TAIEX Trend Prediction with Support Vector Machine
2015 Min-Chih Hsu Master The Establishment of Crowdfunding and Startups Accelerator in Taiwan
2015 蕭昕旻 Master 中國裝備產業海外技術取得策略之探討-以三一重工為例
2015 Mei-lan Hsu Master An Exploration into the model of Open Innovation-The case of Softbank
2015 Ching-Chi Hsu Ph.D Low Volatility Anomaly and Investor Sentiment
2015 Pi-Chung Chao Master Evaluation on the effectiveness of HE biotech company’s new business model with MLM
2015 Wen-Jin Kuo Master A Discussion on the Feasibility of Taiwan’s Sovereign Wealth Fund
2015 Hsiu-Ju Chen Master A Study of Bank Performance Evaluation Model in Taiwan's Financial Institutions
2014 Li-chih Lu Master A Discussion on the Relationship between Real Estate Investment and RBC in Insurance Industry
2014 Yun-chih Chiang Master The Study of the Strategy of Business Development for Small and Medium Enterprises Loan on Japanese Banks in Taiwan
2014 Pei-chun Shih Master A Study of Third Party Payment Platform and Strategy Innovation – Case Study on China Alibaba Group Company
2014 Chang-hsiang Tsao Master A Study of M&A in Taiwan Financial Industry ─ The Case of Cosmos Bank
2014 Guan-Hung Lin Master The Singapore experience:A study of banking operation and bank mergers under SWF
2014 Su-mei Lin Master A study of the relationships between the NBI Index and the stock prices of Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese BioPharm Firms
2014 Pei-shin Wang Master Discussion of Cross-border Wealth Management Business under the Internationalization of RMB
2014 Chien-chi Yeh Master Quantitative Stock Selection Strategy- Using Taiwan Stock Market as Example
2014 Sin-ying Cai Master Forecasting TAIEX under Regime Switch Model with Macroeconomic and Financial indicators.
2014 Shih-yuan chiang Master Explore the Co-opetition Strategy of Taiwan Display Industry in Depth through Porter’s Diamond Model Analysis
2014 Kuo-tsung Chen Master Performance Evaluation of Taiwan Applied Biotechnology Industry-from Financial Perspectives
2013 Liu Mei Chen Master A Study of the Co-development of High Thermo-Resistant Substrate and Debonding Processes
2013 Chien-Yu Wu Master An Analysis for Firms Profiting Ability in Business Ecosystem: A Case Study of iPhone Suppliers
2013 Jui-Hsuan Lu Master Is Investor Sentiment Important to Low Volatility Anomaly?
2013 Chi-Chun Chiang Master The Co-opetition of Cellular Phone Mobile Payment Platform and Key Successful Factors of NFC Module Industry
2013 YEN-CHIANG CHANG Master The Apply of Wavelet Analysis to Improve the Return by the Simple Moving Average of Technical Analysis - Based on Taiwan’s Security Market
2013 洪千雅 Master 華人地區之迎合理論、市場錯價、盈餘管理對投資決策與公司價值的影響
2013 張瑞珍 Master 全球物流倉儲外包策略及建置程序-以Y公司為例
2013 Jui-chen Chang Master Global Warehouse Outsourcing Strategy and Implementation – The Case of Y Company
2013 Jung-Yi Hsu Master The Study Of Third Party Payment Models Of Banks In Taiwan
2013 SHIH-CHIA LEE Master Study for Slow Moving Managing in NB Industry – The Case of X Company
2013 Li-Chun Lee Master The Free Cash Flow Compositions of Touch Panel Industry and Their Impact Factors
2013 Hui-ming Lin Master A Empirical Study on Risk and Performance of Bond Funds issued by Local Investment Trust Companies
2013 Ya-Hsun Lin Master The New Entrepreneurial Model of Combinative Clinic-A Case Study of Homu Health Utilities Company
2013 Chih-Hsiang Yang Master How Price and Volume Affect the Performance of Trading Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market
2013 Chian-Ya Hung Master The Impact of Catering Theory、Market Mispricing and Earnings Management on Investment Decisions and Firm Value in Chinese Area
2013 Chia-fang Yeh Master A Study of the Free Cash Flow Structure of IC, LCD, LED and PV Industries
2013 CHENG YING YUAN Master HFT spoofing strategy 、performance and stock volatility
2013 Tzu-hang Ho Master The Competitive Analysis of Taiwan and Korean LCD Panel Manufacturer
2013 Po-Cheng Lai Master Constructing Portfolios According to Financial Statement Information and Copula-GARCH Model in Taiwan Stock Market
2013 Kuang-Yu Cheng Master The Research of Relevance between Ship Price Index and Ship Asset Price
2013 Tang-Ling Huang Master Exploring the Factors of Stock Price of Listed Bulk Carrier Companies in Taiwan
2013 Chi-Han Huang Master The Feasibility Analysis of Taiwanese Leasing Industry's Expansion to Chinese Civil Aviation Leasing Market
2012 Tung-Liang Wu Master A Study on Strategies of Business Penetration in Taiwan LED Lighting Market-An example of A-company
2012 Hsueh-Fung Wu Ph.D How Firms Create Value in a Dual Technological Regime: The Case of Global Integrated Circuit Design Industry
2012 Chun-Hsiang Chang Master An Application of Copula-GARCH on Asset Allocation: A Case for Gold, Oil, Cotton, Stock, and Bond
2012 Yu-Hui Chang Master Financial Holding Company Maintains Customer Relationship by Integrated Marketing Strategy─An example of Corporate Banking Group
2012 ZhenXiang Zhang Master Investment Performance and Adaptive Market Hypothesis:An Empirical Study of Taiwan Stock Market
2012 吳東亮 Master LED切入台灣照明市場策略建議研究 -以A公司為例
2012 徐宜穗 Master 跨國併購策略對競爭優勢之影響之研究-以冠捷科技公司攜手飛利浦為例
2012 I-Sui Hsu Master The Influences of Acquisition on Competition Advantage-The Case of The Cooperation of TPV Technology Ltd. and Philips
2012 李佳勳 Master 微笑曲線交易策略實證分析–以台灣加權股價指數選擇權為例
2012 Jia-Syun Li Master The Empirical Analysis of Volatility Smile in Taiwan Options Market
2012 Shan Lin Master A Study on the Performance Evaluation After M&A-The example of Company D
2012 Yi-Chen Chiang Master A Study on Performance Evaluation for Taiwan Pharmaceutical Company Diversification Strategy
2012 Fu-Min Chen Master Domestic life insurance companies to enter the low-interest environment lending market strategy and Operating mode – Example For Taiwan Life insurance Corp
2012 Yu-Chieh Hung Master A Study on the Financial Characteristics and Business Strategies of Chain Enterprises – The Case of Taiwan and Hong Kong Listed Companies
2012 Ann S.C. Bih Master Evaluating the Effectiveness of Selective Hedge-Based on Oil Product Trading Data in Platts Window
2012 Yueqi Cai Master An Empirical Study on the Returns of Venture Capital: the Case of ChiNext Stock Market in Mainland China
2012 Shu-Fang Yuan Master Study on the Financial Model of Taiwan Finance Leasing in China – “Chailease Finance Company” as an Example.
2012 Lin-Yi Chiu Master The Decision Model of Sales-Leaseback: Case Study from CMO
2012 Sheng-cheng Kuo Master Investment Decision of the Electronics Industry
2012 Jui-Chun Yin Master Analyzing How Insurance Company Invest in Fixed Income Product and Its Return by Cathay Life Insurance Case
2012 Han-Yuan Kao Master Enhance Shareholder Value from Financial Statement Analysis - A Case Study of Chunghwa Telecom
2012 Hsin-chien Wei Master The Feasibility for Taiwan’s Development of the RMB Offshore Center
2012 Yong-Sen Huang Master The Financial Impact of Merger and Acquisition-A Case Study Based on Innolux Merger with CMO and TPO
2011 Pin-yao He Master The Effect of Fama and French Three-Factor and Exchange Rate on Stock Market
2011 Hao-Yu Ni Master The application of Multifactor model and VaR model in predicting market meltdown
2011 吳秀冠 Master 國際金融資產投資策略之探討-基於國際資產訂價模型
2011 黃騰瑜 Master 中小企業導入願景及平衡計分卡之研究—以Y公司為例
2011 Chih-Ting Liu Master Equity restructuring of Taiwanese businessmen back to Taiwan to the first listed
2011 Chia-ying Wu Master Volatility Forecasting of Crude Oil Future-Under Normal Mixture Model and NIG Mixture Model
2011 Hsiu-Kuan Wu Master The Research on the Investment Strategy of International Financial Assets - Base on the International Asset Pricing Model
2011 Hsuan-Yu Fang Master Leverage Trading Strategy of the Kelly Criterion
2011 PEI LIEN Master Bank Capital Management
2011 Ju-Yuan Lee Master A Study on The Development of Channel Business-The Case of PCSC
2011 Tzu-Ching Lee Master Research on Formation Process of King Stocks in Taiwan through “Economic Value Added”Approach
2011 Chin-Tai Lee Master A case study of the Resource-Based View to Acer group's Reengineering
2011 吳佳穎 原油期貨報酬之波動性預測─常態混合模型與NIG混合模型之應用
2011 倪浩宇 多因子與VaR模型於崩盤預測之應用
2011 林佳緯 金融市場的相依性:以股票市場為例
2011 楊韓緻 VAR模型-股票市場危機的預測
2011 甘易禮 75法則於股價指數交易策略之應用
2011 何品瑤 Fama-French三因子及匯率對股票市場之影響
2011 詹耀鴻 從知覺價值與品牌忠誠度探討電子商務效益之影響
2011 程良君 房屋仲介商業模式及行銷通路策略之研究
2011 李子青 以『經濟附加價值』研究台灣股王之形成過程
2011 黃騰瑜 中小企業導入願景及平衡計分卡之研究—以Y公司為例
2011 李金泰 以資源基礎觀點探討宏碁公司之組織再造
2011 Chia-Wei Lin Master Financial Market dependence : Stock Markets
2011 Che-an Yang Master An Explorative Study of Corporate Venture Capital ─ Focus on Intel Capital
2011 Han-Chih Yang Ph.D Predicting Stock Market Crises by VAR Model
2011 Yi-Li Kan Master The Application of 75 Rule in Stock Index Trading Strategies
2011 Jen-Wen Pi Master Study of Taiwan Medical Equipment Build-Operate-Transfer Cases Estimation
2011 Liang-Chun Cheng Master A Study on Business Model and Channel Strategy of House
2011 Shih-Hung Chan Master Studying on stock indexes return’s dependence:Application of dynamic copula method
2011 Yao-Hung Chan Master The effects of perceived value and brand loyalty on e-commerce effectiveness
2011 Teng-Yu Huang Master Applying Visionary Leadership and Balanced Scorecard in the SME –The Case of Company Y
2010 Chia-Chang Wu Master Relevance research for wealth management professionals with work motivation , organization commitment and trust
2010 Jhan-yi Liao Master General Sharpe Ratio Innovation with Levy Process and tis Performance in Different Stock Index
2010 Hsun-Chiang Li Master Market and Behavioral Factors on Stock Returns-The Application of Markov Regime-Switching Models
2010 Pei-ru Ke Master Forecasting Volatility for commodity futures using fat-tailed model
2010 Miao-Fen Tuan Master The Analysis of the SMEs’ Corporate Financing Structure in the Greater China
2010 Ching Hsiu Lu Master Interest-Sensitive Annuities–Study of Its Marketing Strategies
2010 Hung Kuang Chien Master OTC before and after the Corporate Governance of Family Business -Taking Steel Industry Company S as Example
2010 Hung-wei Hsu Master The Analysis of Insurance Broker’s Business Model –A case Study on Company L
2010 陳威坪 障礙選擇權架構下之信用風險分析-VG過程與NIG過程之比較
2010 Wei-ping Chen Master The Analysis of Credit Risk under the Barrier Option Framework-The Comparison between VG Process and NIG Process
2010 黃貽筠 Master 人民幣國際結算功能對代理銀行業務之影響-以W銀行為例
2010 Ching-Chien Chen Master An Analytic Study on the Value Chain Integration and Investment Model for TFT-LCD Industry
2010 Li-mei Chen Master Researth on the Value Creation Strategy -The Case Of Ritek Group
2010 柯珮如 厚尾模型對商品期貨市場波動性預測能力的比較
2010 高得瑞 ETF最適槓桿之研究
2010 De-ruei Gao Master What is the optimal leverage of ETF?
2010 黃貽筠 人民幣國際結算功能對代理銀行業務之影響 - 以W 銀行為例
2010 簡宏光 上櫃前後家族企業公司治理之探討—以鋼鐵業S公司為例
2010 盧靜修 利率變動型年金保單經營策略之研究
2010 許弘偉 保險經紀人公司經營模式分析-以L公司為例
2010 李訓強 市場與行為因素對股票報酬之影響-馬可夫轉換模型之應用
2010 Yi-Yun Huang Master How RMB-denominated Trade Settlement Business Affects the Correspondent Banking – the Case of W Bank
2009 姬慧婕 Master 員工分紅配股費用化規定下企業配股策略之研究-馬可夫狀態轉換模型之應用
2009 楊朝智 Master 障礙選擇權架構下公司負債隱含違約點分析 -VarianceGamma過程之應用
2009 Mei-chung Wu Master A Study on the Reasonableness of Market-Value-Based Expensing of Employee Stock Bonus – The Application of Markov Regime Switch Model
2009 Cheng-chieh Chou Master A study on the Revealed Patent Advantage and the R&D productivity of IC Design companies
2009 李嘉幼 Master 營建產業營運資金管理對經營績效之影響-以FuTaiConstructionCo.,Ltd公司為例
2009 姬慧婕 員工分紅配股費用化規定下企業配股策略之研究-馬可夫狀態轉換模型之應用
2009 Chia-yu Lee Master The impact of the performance of the working capital management for construction industry - The example of Fu Tai Construction Co., Ltd
2009 Shu-Jyuan Lin Master Discussing the future development of DRAM industry of Taiwan in Financial aspects
2009 Ching-ru Liang Master Effective Factors of Real Exchange Rate-Under Markov Regime Switch model
2009 梁靜如 實質匯率影響因素之探討-馬可夫狀態轉換模型之應用
2009 Cheng-pei Yang Master Analysis of company property - A Case Study of an electronic distributor
2009 Chao-chih Yang Master The Analysis of Implied Default Point under the Barrier OptionFramework -An Application of Variance Gamma Process
2009 Sheng-yu Yang Master The Impact of Financing Tools, Ownership Structure and Financing Ratio to Business Performance in Taiwan Listed Companies – Examples from Electronics Industry
2009 Chao-Lung Lo Master The analysis of growth strategy in Fine chemicals trading company
2009 Wen-Chung Chiu Master The Study on Business Strategy of the Domestic Finance Holding Group in Post Financial Crisis Era
2009 Ju-Ying Chen Master Option Pricing under Stochastic Volatility for Levy Processes: An Empirical Analysis of TAIEX Index Options
2009 Chih-Hsuan Chen Master The Valuation of Participating Life Insurance Contracts under Levy Processes
2009 Bi-fu Chen Master The Analysis of Strategy and Opportunity for Developing LCD TV Industry by Traditional EMS—Taking Example of P-Company
2009 Liang-Hsueh Feng Master Generalized Sharpe Ratio under the Levy Processes
2009 陳志軒 Levy過程下之分紅保單評價
2009 陳如茵 隨機波動之Levy過程下選擇權評價之研究-以台灣加權股價指數選擇權為例
2009 Huei-Chieh Chi Master A Study on the Stock Incentive Strategies under the Required Expensing of Employee Stock Bonus – The Application of Markov Regime Switch Model.
2008 Kuo-lang Liu Master The Strategic Study of The Customized Electronic Products - Company A as an Example
2008 Jih-shih Wu Master none
2008 林正芳 Master 壽險業以策略聯盟經營銀行保險績效的決定因素-以某壽險公司為例
2008 Meng-hsuan Chou Master Bicycle Rider's Bike Upgrade Model - Grounded Theory Approach
2008 Jyh-yeong Lin Master The Entry Strategies for Taiwanese Banks in Mainland China : The Study of Corporate Banking
2008 I-jung Pu Master Taiwan IC Design Industry’s ability of value creation Analysis
2008 林正芳 壽險業以策略聯盟經營銀行保險績效的決定因素-以某壽險公司為例
2008 Yung-jiun Chiou Master The Momentum Effect in the Taiwan Stock Market
2008 Wen-wei Cheng Master The Effect of Merger & Acquisition Strategies on Stock Price-Focus on Acer, Asustek, and Hon Hai
2008 王雅貞 台灣半導體產業價值創造能力之分析
2008 濮依蓉 台灣IC設計產業價值創造能力之分析
2008 Ya-jhen Wang Master An Analysis of Value Creation Capacity - The Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry
2008 Pao-chuan Chen Master None
2008 Yu-ping Wei Master The study of related indicators of Business Cycle
2008 魏鈺頻 景氣循環相關指標之探討
2008 Cheng-fang Lin Master The Determinants of Strategic Partnership by the Life Insurance Industry in the Running Bank-assurance - A Case Study of a Life Insurance Company
2007 Chin-tien Wu Master A Study of Taiwan-based Bank Loans Strategy to Taiwanese Enterprises in Vietnam.
2007 Fang-yu Lu Master The Study of Investor Overconfidence in Taiwan - the View of Firm Specific Risk and Information Source
2007 Yu-Hung Chou Master none
2007 Ling-jung Chu Master The Study of Future Growth Value and Innovation Strategy of Business – The Case of MediaTek Inc.
2007 Szu-Hsiao Tu Master A Study of Integrated Devices Manufacturer Assembly and Testing Outsourcing Strategy
2007 Yuan-ching Lin Master The Ex-dividend Effect in Taiwan Stock Market -- The Case of IC Industry
2007 Jheng-Jie Wang Master none
2007 Szu-i Chen Master The Impact of Employee Stock Bonus on Taiwan Stock Market -The Case of IC Industry
2007 Chi-hua Chen Master A study of value creation in Taiwan electronics industry
2007 Yen-min Huang Master Case study of Enterprise N’s business units via FCF analysis in the BCG model
2007 朱玲瑢 Master 企業未來成長價值與創新策略的探討-以聯發科為例
2007 Chun-jung Hung Master Research on Private Equity Fund to M&A Domestic Commercial Banks in Taiwan
2007 Hua-Jhong Sie Master none
2007 Chih-ming Chiou Master The Study of The Network-Centric Innovation Model of Web2.0
2007 Li-Li Chin Master none
2007 Jen-Shan Huang Master none
2007 Heng-Ching Huang Master A Numerical Method for First-Touch Digital Options under Jump-Diffusion Model
2007 Ke-Jie Huang Master The Financial Performance Research of the Financial Holding Company on Macroeconomic Variables and Managing Capital – A Case Study of the Cathay Financial Holding Company
2007 黃科傑 總體經濟因素與資本管理對金融控股公司經營績效之研究—以國泰金控為例
2006 Jia-Huei Wu Master Approximating volatility diffusions of the term structure by using ARCH model
2006 Peir-jeng Wu Master TSMC Customer Partnership Service Strategy
2006 Chun-ying Chou Master Acquisition, Integration and International activities of Tsingtao Beer
2006 I-ching Chang Ph.D A Study on the Wood Industry Companies’China Investment Management-A Case of A Corporation
2006 Chen-wei Chang Master A Study on Information Transmission and Volume-price Relationship in Taiwan Stock Index and Industrial Stock Index
2006 Ying-chih Lin Master The Application of KMV's EDF Model to measure the default probability of public companies in Taiwan
2006 Wei-fu Lin Master Estimate Value at Risk of Portfolio by Conditional-Copula-GARCH Method
2006 Bo-hsiang Yang Master The System of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Innovation: A System Dynamics Approach
2006 Jiunn-Dean Wang Master The Studying Of The Urban Resort Hotel ’s marketing and positioning-Instance,The Ambassador Hotel
2006 Jyh-shyan Wang Master none
2006 Wen-Chih Lo Master The pricing of CDO based on Macroeconomic and financial ratio Credit model
2006 Hao-yuan Lo Master GARCH Option Pricing Model Fitting With Taiwan Stock Market
2006 Lin-chen Su Master A Study on Small Appliance Manufacturers’ Management Strategy – Case of Taiwan-Based Manufacturer, Airmate Electrical (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd., in China
2006 Pei-shan Chung Master none
2006 Pei-kang Chen Master Pricing Basket Default Swap with Spectral Decomposition
2006 Chih-hung Chen Master An Empirical Study on Herd Behavior in Taiwan Stock Market
2006 羅浩元 Master GARCH選擇權評價模型配適台灣股市
2006 Chun Min Master To Evaluate the competition between Taiwan and Hong Kong Capital Market and follow up the comparison of the Management Fee
2006 Chun-shyen Huang Master none
2006 Ya-lin Huang Master Research on women who run a one person business
2006 Chao-hsiung Chen Master How the “Economic Daily”, a Powerful Media, Analyzes Semi-conductor Enterprises and Influences Investors
2005 Chieh-Tsung Wu Master The Research of Industry Patent Application and Patent Strategy–Computer Heat Dissipation Industry
2005 Tsun-Sheng Wu Master A Study On How To Accelerate Fleet Expansion -The Container Ship Owner’s Perspective
2005 Shu-ju Chang-chien Master On the Assessment of the Performance for the bank joining in Financial Holding Company.
2005 Chia-hsiung Tai Master The Princing Model of Credit Risk Spread in Collateralized Debt Obligation(CDO)
2005 Hsiung-da Lee Master A Study on the Copetition Relationship between Airlines and Travel Agents – The case of Cathay Pacific Airways
2005 Yun-tiao Lin Master Discussion of the gradual progress of automobile industry - take the United States , Japan and Germany as an example
2005 Wei-Cheng Shen Master Valuation and analysis of equity-linked bonds on multi-underlying by copula method
2005 Chih-Yuan Hong Master Researches for the relationship of stock markets in Taiwan and South Korea
2005 Wei-ter Lo Master The study of Corporate Venture Capital in Taiwan
2005 Der-Feng Juang Master Case Study for cost of equity of company - in terms of C corporation
2005 Kuo-fa Tsai Master Assess the Influence of the Financial Institution Operates in Securitization of Real Estate
2005 Chuan-ming Su Master The research of the technological investment opportunity newly - Take industry of the fuel cell as an example
2005 Wei-chih Lien Master The pricing of CDO based on Incomplete Information Credit model
2005 Kuo-Liang Teng Master A Study of New Venture Growth Model of Corporate Entrepreneurship from Corporate Venture Capital perspective–An Empirical Study of IC Design Industry in Taiwan
2005 Chiu-ling Chen Master The Research of the Asset Allocation Perfomances in Life Insurance Companies - The Samples of Cathay Life Insurance and Shin Kong Life Insurance.
2005 Li-Kuang Chen Master The Study in Group's benefits of Samsung Electronics
2004 Pei-Wen Lu Master The research on the strategic alliances formed by the biotechpharmaceutical companies
2004 Jui-Lung Sun Ph.D none
2004 Eun-ha Park Master The Innovation Strategy and R&D Management of Samsung Group – An Explorative Study
2004 Chi-hung Tsai Master Pricing Employee Stock Options- Consider "Variable Exit Rate" and "Reset Contract"
2004 Jia-de Su Master A Study of Business Architecture of Foundry Fab under Mobile Communication Development Trend
2004 Chia-yuan Chung Master The Application of Credit Risk Models on Asset Securitization-Considering the Micro and Macro Factors
2004 Chen-wen Chen Master none
2004 Chi-Lin Chen Master none
2004 Chun-Wei Huang Master The empirical study on trading strategy form by implied volatility
2004 李啟銘 Master 股價指數期貨定價及其與現貨關聯性之探討-以台指期貨與摩台指期貨市場為例
2004 Shou-yuan Liu Master Evaluating the Risk of TFT-LCD Industry-Cash Flow Perspective
2004 Yung-Hung Chou Master A Study On the Strategy of Semiconduuctor Probe Card Industry – The Case of L Corportation
2004 Te-yu Chang Master none
2004 Chin-chung Shih Master analysed the business model of venture capital industry form industry evolution---the semiconductor industry of Taiwan as an example
2004 Chi-Ming Lee Master The Pricing of Stock Index Futures and Its interrelationship with the Cash Index - An Empirical Examination of the TAIFEX and TiMSCI Futures
2004 Pei-hua Lin Master A Research on the Risk of TFT-LCD Industry on the Basis of Cash Flows
2004 Jui Hung Master The research of the non-pharmaceutical industry converted investment the biological technology industry
2004 劉守源 Master 現金流量對企業經營風險評估-以TFT-LCD產業為例
2003 Chun-hsiung Shih Master The Price Difference Analysis For Convertible Bonds
2003 Song -Yuh Master Employee stock option evaluation through risk aversion and exit rate
2003 Chia-Jung Lin Master none
2003 Hsin-Ying Lin Master The Performance of Equity Linked Notes
2003 Chen-yu Lin Master The Role of Economic Development Board in the Singapore Industrial Development Context
2003 Chih-Chun Keng Master None
2003 Chiou-ling Lai Master The Study on Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added:Evidence from Electronic Industry
2003 Shih-Fang Chiu Master A Study on the key factors of future growth opportunities of enterprises
2003 Chien-hung Chen Master A Study of Business Model on IC Design Industry in Taiwan
2003 Hsiu-Fen Kao Master A Study on the Development Models and Strategies of the Digital Content Industry-Animation Industry as a case study
2002 張崇興 Master 企業未來成長價值影響因子之研究---台灣資訊電子產業之實證
2002 陳雙卯 Master 海外指數連動債券之設計、評價與避險分析
2002 I-Fang Ho Master The Management and Transference Of Financial Assets Credit Risks
2002 Chih-Hao Tai Master The Study on Influences of Value at Risk with Venture Capital Contracts
2002 蔡明憲 Master 矽谷模式與代理人競爭之探討
2002 林偉鴻 Master 台灣生技產業融資策略之探討-自由現金流量觀點
2002 李建興 Master 企業面對高科技高風險投資策略之風險管理研究─以第三代數位式行動通訊系統為例
2002 Shih-Chi Pan Master The study on the key factor of effecting the volatility of enterprise value
2002 李佩玲 Master 影響證券承銷商決定初次上市(櫃)股票承銷價格因素之研究
2002 CHEN-KUO CHIANG Master Applying the Balanced Scorecard to Analyse the Transferring Strategy in Semiconductor Equipment Industry : A Case Study of Applied Materials Taiwan Inc.
2002 陳世明 Master 景氣循環下影響資本結構因素之探討-以台灣上市電子業為例
2002 羅裕仁 Master 台灣電子業員工分紅配股制度之研究
2002 Chung-Hsing Chang Master A Study on the Factors Affecting Future Growth Value of Enterprise---An Empirical Test for Taiwan Electronic Industry
2002 Pei-Lin Li Master A Study on The Influential Factors of Underwriters pricing decision in IPOs
2002 Chien-Hsing Lee Master Risk Management Research of Business High-Tech and High Risk Investment Strategy- The Third Generation Digital Mobil Communication System
2002 wei-hung Lin Master The Study on The Financing Strategies of Taiwan Biotechnology Industry- The View of Free Cash Flow
2002 Yu-Jen Lo Master Effects of Employee Stock Bonus Plan: Evidence from Taiwan Hi-Tech Industries
2002 Ming-Hsiem Tsai Master none
2002 Shuang-Mao Chen Master Pricing and hedging of foreign equity linked notes
2001 Yuan-hung Liao Master none
2001 林家永 Master 用實質選擇權方法評價連鎖加盟契約-以投資者觀點
2001 Keng-Hsien SU Master None
2001 麥嘉容 Master 零售商在大陸市場的進入模式
2001 雷賢偉 Master 連鎖加盟契約價值之研究-實質選擇權的觀點
2001 薛又軒 Master 研發成果商品化-大學技轉中心運作模式之探討
2001 王宇雯 Master 債券型金融商品創新與應用
2001 陳木生 Master 知識管理下組織學習之研究-以盛餘公司為例
2001 陳木生 知識管理下組織學習之研究 - 以盛餘公司為例
2001 Ting-Chi Liu Master The Research of Protal Sites' M&A strategy and integrative aspects--Yahoo! merged Kimo
2001 John Lin Master none
2001 Yu-Wen Wang Master The innovation and application of fixed income securities
2001 You-Shiuan Hsueh Master technology commercializtion--the model of university technology transfer
2001 Yi-Ting Chiu Master The Research of Mainland China distance corporate training: a case study of ChinaClick2 Inc.
2001 Mu-Sheng Chen Master Organizational Learning Based on The Knowledge Management- Reviewed by SYSCO Case
2001 Hsien-Wei Lei Master none
2001 Chia-Jung Mai Master Retailer Entry Mode in China
2000 Chin-Pin Lu Master Estimating the credit risk of consumer loan by decision tree
2000 林泓遠 Master 混沌理論在股價上的實證研究
2000 陳怡靜 Master 台灣地區總體經濟因素與股票和債券報酬關係之實證研究
2000 Chia-Ling Chang Master The Research of Mainland China Long-distance Educational development--The Shanghai Distance Education Group
2000 Hung-Yuan Lin Master none
2000 Chun-Mei Yeh Master Using The EVA To Measure The Merger Performance Of BroadbandISP ~ Takes "Excite@Home" For Example
2000 I-CHIN CHEN Master none
1999 Kuo-Chiang Wu Master none
1999 Wan_Hsiuan Lee Master none
1999 Pa-Chieh Hsiao Master Static Hedging For Exotic Options
1999 I_Fei Lai Master none
1999 Kuan-Hua Huang Master The Early Warning System for the Stock Positions of Securities Firms---Based on VaR
1999 Chuan-Chien Huang Master Valuation of Internet Corporates
1999 Debby Lu Master An Explorative Study on the Growth and Profitability Models of Internet Enterprises
1999 Li-Shing Chen Master The Research of Regulations and Competitive Schemes of Telecommunication and Cable TV under Digital Media Convergence
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