Name Min-Hsin Huang
Title Professor
Research Interests Marketing Strategy; Services Marketing; Brand Management; Customer Relationship Management
Office 管4109
Phone 4661

Education 2004, Ph.D., , The Ohio State University
Experience 2004-08-01 ~ 2008-07-31, Department of Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management, National University of Kaohsiung, Assistant Professor
1997-08-01 ~ 1999-08-01, Pacific Sogo Department Stores Co., Ltd., Section Chief
1996-08-01 ~ 1997-08-01, Golden Harvest Co., Ltd., Marketing Executive
1995-08-01 ~ 1996-08-01, Bomy Co. Ltd., Logistic Planner
Administrative Positions
2019-02-01 ~ , APEMBA, Director
Academic Services 2018-04-01 ~ , Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI), Editorial Committee
2016-02-01 ~ , Faculty Promotion , External reviewer
2014-06-01 ~ , Commerce Development Research Institute , Project reviewer
2009-02-01 ~ , Ministry of Science and Technology, Project reviewer
2008-02-01 ~ , SSCI, TSSCI Index , Reviewer
Category Year Title
Journal Article 2017 施麗婷、黃明新 (2017). 如何讓線上顧客更忠誠?顧客感恩的中介效果管理學報, 34(4), 607-631. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2017 Huang, MH; Cheng, ZH; Chen, IC (2017). The importance of CSR in forming customer-company identification and long-term loyaltyJOURNAL OF SERVICES MARKETING, 31(1), 63-72. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2016 Huang, MH; Cheng, ZH (2016). Strategies to enhance consumers` identification with a service firmJOURNAL OF SERVICES MARKETING, 30(30), 449-461. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2016 Huang, MH; Cheng, ZH (2016). A longitudinal comparison of customer satisfaction and customer-company identification in a service contextJOURNAL OF SERVICE MANAGEMENT, 27(27), 730-750. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2015 Huang, MH (2015). The influence of relationship marketing investments on customer gratitude in retailingJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 68(68), 1318-1323. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2013 Huang, Min-Hsin, Kang Ernest Liu, Jane Lu Hsu, and Hwang-Jaw Lee (2013). Factors Affecting Consumers’ Trust toward Food Safety Certification with Threat of Avian Influenza Outbreak in Taiwan: Evidence from Taipei MetropolitansAgriculture and Economics, 51(51), P1 - 25. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2012 Huang, MH; Cheng, ZH (2012). The effects of inter-role conflicts on turnover intention among frontline service providers: does gender matter?SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL, 32(32), . (SSCI)
Journal Article 2012 Huang Min-Hsin (2012). 探討品牌權益對服務失誤與不滿意度關係和服務補救與滿意度關係之干擾效果管理學報, 29(29), 355-371. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2012 Huang, Min-Hsin, Eugene Jones, David E. Hahn, and Robert P. Leone (2012). Assessing Price Elasticity for Private Labels and National Brands by Store LocationsJournal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 11(11), 175-190. (其他期刊)
Journal Article 2011 Huang, MH (2011). Re-examining the effect of service recovery: the moderating role of brand equityJOURNAL OF SERVICES MARKETING, 25(7), 509-516. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2011 黃明新; 黃麗君 (2011). 重新探討零售業顧客滿意度:比較享樂型與功能型購物價值之差異管理評論, 30(1), 59-76. (TSSCI)
Journal Article 2009 Huang, Min-Hsin (2009). Using Service Quality to Enhance the Perceived Quality of Store BrandsTotal Quality Management and Business Excellence, 20(2), 241-252. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2008 Huang, Min-Hsin (2008). The Influence of Selling Behaviors on Customer Relationships in Financial ServicesInternational Journal of Service Industry Management, 19(4), 458-473.. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2008 Hsu, Jane Lu, Kang Ernest Liu, Min-Hsin Huang, and Hwang-Jaw Lee (2008). Consumer Knowledge and Risk Perceptions of Avian InfluenzaPoultry Science, 87(8), 1526-1534. (SCIE)
Journal Article 2007 Huang, Min-Hsin, Eugene Jones, and David E. Hahn (2007). Determinants of Price Elasticities for Private Labels and National Brands of CheeseApplied Economics, 39(5), 553-563. (SSCI)
Journal Article 2007 黃明新 (2007). 探討服務品質及消費者因素對自有品牌購買意願之影響:以台灣南部大型量販店為例行銷評論, 4(3), 137-152. (其他期刊)
Conference Paper 2016 Huang, Min-Hsin, Zhao-Hong Cheng, and I-Chun Chen (2016). Comparison of the Influences of Service Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer-Company Identification: A Longitudinal Study. the 2016 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators' Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2016 Huang, Min-Hsin, Zhao-Hong Cheng, and I-Chun Chen (2016). Exploring the Dynamics of Antecedents to Customer Identification with a Service Firm. 2016 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress, France.
Conference Paper 2016 Huang, Min-Hsin, Zhao-Hong Cheng, and I-Chun Chen (2016). Comparison of the Influences of Service Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer-Company Identification: A Longitudinal Study. American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators` Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2015 Huang, Min-Hsin and Zhao-Hong Cheng (2015). Drivers of Service Firms` Consumer-Company Identification. Poster presented at the 2015 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators` Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2015 Huang, Min-Hsin and Zhao-Hong Cheng (2015). A Dynamic Investigation into Customer-Company Identification and Customer Satisfaction. Competitive Paper presented at the 2015 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators` Conference, United States.
Conference Paper 2013 Huang, Min-Hsin (2013). The Impact of Relationship Marketing Investments on Customer Gratitude in a Retailing Context. American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators` Conference, United States.
Year Title

A Longitudinal Study of Cultivating Medical Services Brand Equity. 科技部 (107-2410-H-110-030-MY2)


The O2O business model for medical cosmetology industry. 凱盟國際生技有限公司 (N107169)


An ecosystem study for metal products. 財團法人金屬工業研究發展中心 (N106144)


Enhancing Employee- and Customer-Company Identification for a Service Firm. 科技部 (MOST105-2622-H-110-001-CC3)


Examining the Long-Term Effects of Relational Benefits on Customer Gratitude. 科技部 (105-2410-H-110-030-MY2)


Diagnosing and Enhancing Service Quality for the Security Industry. 科技部 (MOST 104-2622-H-110-002 -CC3)


A Dynamic Approach to Relationship Marketing in Service Contexts. 科技部 (103-2410-H-110-022-MY2)


Customer-Company Identification and Positive Word-of-Mouth: A Longitudinal Study. 科技部 (101-2410-H-110-008-MY2)


Do Grateful Customers Have Higher Loyalty? Theoretical Development and Empirical Validation. 科技部 (NSC100-2410-H-110-005)


Customer Satisfaction with Service Encounters Involving Failure and Recovery: Does Brand Equity Matter?. 科技部 (NSC99-2410-H-110-041-)


The Impacts of Work-Family Conflict on Job Stress and Turnover Intensions for Male and Female Service Employees. 科技部 (NSC97-2410-H-110-053)


Assessment of Socio-Economic Impacts of Significant Zoonoses. 行政院農業委員會動植物防疫檢疫局 (97170)

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Hsiang-Hua Su Ph.D Linking Service Convenience to Utilitarian Shopping Value
2017 To Shia Master Price Elasticity Prediction by Cloud Machine learning technique – the Case of Tiny E-commerce Company in Taiwan
2017 Yen-Ju Wang Master The relationship between hotel catering service quality and customer revisit intention. The Example of Kindness-Hotel.
2017 陳書涵 Master 台灣獨立媒體人使用集資訂閱平台的商業模式-以《SOSreader》為例
2017 Shu-Han Chen Master Independent media professional’s business model on subscription platforms in Taiwan- Based on case study of “SOS reader”
2016 古博文 Master 不鏽鋼產品行銷策略-以Y公司為例
2016 Po-wen Ku Master Marketing Strategy of Stainless Steel Products – A Case of Y Company
2016 Ying-Lan Chang Master A Study on the Brand Extension Strategies of Eslite Book Store
2016 Fen-sheng Chang Master Do grateful customers really repay the company?The influence of customer indebtedness
2016 Mern-Ting Shih Master Start-up Plan of Mystery of Tainan game studio
2016 Chia Chun Ko Master The Case study Analysis of International Steel Producers Developing Blue-Ocean Market Competitive Strategies
2016 Yu-han Chiang Master Strategically Name the Colors: The Influence of Color-Naming on Consumers’ Attitude and Responses
2016 Shih-Chun Chin Master Stealth Humor: The Impact of Product Placement Prominence and Humor Context on Placement Effect
2016 Wei-Che Yeh Master China Steel Corporation’s Strategic Posture Analysis
2016 Ming-chu Chen Master The Business Administration Management of Taiwan Temples
2016 Shu-Kung Chen Master Using UTAUT2 Model To Explore Consumer Adoption Of Mobile Trading APP Provided By Securities Firm
2016 Ai-chi Chen Master A study on Marketing Strategy - Taking Houseleek Juice Cup as an Example
2015 Zhao-Hong Cheng Ph.D A Dynamic Examination of Customer Relationship
2015 CHUN-JU YEN Master Case Study of Service Quality – The Case of A Company
2014 Yu-Ting Chiang Master With Women’s Hands:Effects of Mental Simulation and Social Comparison Mechanisms in Print Advertising
2014 Jui-Fang Tu Master A Study of the Management Strategies for Dental Digitization:the Case of Dental Laboratories
2014 Ching-ting Chiu Master The Impact of Introducing Free Economic Pilot Zone on Port Development – The Case of Kaohsiung Port
2014 Wei-ling Kao Master Factors to Affect Students on Choosing a Breakfast Store
2014 Yen-chung Huang Master Research of Quality of Service of Long-term Care Agencies in Taiwan
2013 Tsung-te Liu Master Correlational Research Among Service Quality, Service Value, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty-An Example of a Labor Physical and Health Examination Centre
2013 Ting-han Chang Master A Study of Facebook Fan-Page
2013 Min-De Dai Master The Improvement of Competitive Advantages in Acquisition - A Case Study of E Company Acquired NM Company
2013 Yao-Jen Shih Master The Research of the Participation Factors about Department Stores Anniversary: The Case Study of Children’s Clothing Industry
2013 Yi-ling Lin Master Strategic Development of Manufacturers –The Case of Cooling Fan Company
2013 Wen-Yen Lin Master A Study of Strategic Management for Securities Investment Trust Corporations
2013 Yao-tsung Wang Master A Strategy Planning of Market Behavior of the Energy Saving Lighting:Case of M Company
2013 Ai Wang Master Brand Competitive Analysis for Cosmeceutical Industry - A Case of Brand Dr. Hsieh
2013 Ching-Ya Weng Master A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Microfilm and Television Advertising on Advertising Effectiveness
2013 I- Jou Su Master A Study of Key Success Factors of Internet Marketing in Furniture Industry - a case Study of Furniture Company in Tainan
2013 Kun Chan Master Strategies of Domestic Type II Telecommunications Operators Faced With the Impact of Internet Proliferation
2013 Bin-Wei Chen Master The Deveopment Strategy of Biotechnology Instrument Suppliers for Small and Medium Enterprises
2013 Yi-hsuan Chen Master Business Strategy Research of Taiwan Lead Recycle Industry-An Example of Jianshin Resources Corp.
2013 Chiung-Yi Huang Master The Study of Skill Examinee’s Applying Motivation and Select Reason of Skill Traing Institution
2013 王艾 Master 醫學美容保養品產業品牌競爭力分析─以Dr.Hsieh品牌為例
2013 Shih-Yu Huang Master A Study of Consumer’s Purchase Intention on Store Brand
2013 戴明德 Master 企業併購與競爭優勢之研究-以E公司併購日本NM公司為例
2013 Chih-Yuan Yen Master Research on the Marketing Strategy of Packaged Rice -A Case Study of UC Company
2013 Chiung-wen Yen Master Development Strategies for Medical Devices Industry: An Empirical Study of the Digital Dentistry Industry
2013 Chia-yin Kung Master The Development of E-Commerce Platform for Animal Medicine and Related Instruments in Taiwan
2012 Li-Jen Yu Master Foreign Bank's Entrance Strategy in Taiwan SMB Financing Market- a Case Study of DBS
2012 Jung- Fang Liu Master The Brand mold and sustaining- A Case of les enphants O brand
2012 Jia-yu Yeh Master Studying the relationship among the quality of customer experience, shopping value and satisfaction, word of mouth, re-patronage intention: An empirical study of MUJI
2012 LI-HUI YEH Master The purchase habit of the medical cosmetic skin care products influence the consumers in the southern region of Taiwan
2012 蔡宗樺 Master ETUDEHOUSE美妝品牌在台行銷策略之研究
2012 Chien-long Li Master The Analysis of Taiwan Fishing Industry(Grouper) Competitiveness
2012 Chien-ming Fan Master Comeptitive Analysis of Investment-Grade Governmental Sovereign Bond Fund –Yuanta Global Wealthy Countries Bond Fund
2012 Tsung-hua Tsai Master The Marketing Strategy of The ETUDE HOUSE Cosmetic in Taiwan
2012 Ssu-chi Lai Master A Study of Exploring the Identification Relationships between Consumers and Companies
2012 Mei-chu Wu Master The Customer Relationship Management in Pharmaceutical Industry-A Case Study of N Company
2011 Chun-chia Chang Master The Influence of Informational and Normative Determinants of On-line Consumer Recommendations on Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth
2011 Jian-Cheng Lin Master Familiness and Marketing Capabilities: A Resource-based View
2011 林健成 探討家族資源與企業行銷能力之關係─資源基礎理論觀點
2011 Ying-Chieh Chen Master The Study of Marketing Strategy For Entering China Market of Bedding World
2011 陳英傑 床的世界進軍大陸行銷策略之研究
2011 Shih-En Huang Master A Study on the Impact of Selling Behavior on Customer-Company Identification
2010 Ching Chu Master A Cross-cultural Study on Brand Experience
2010 Ching-Fen Pan Master Customer Participation in Tourism Marketing
2010 Woei-Huah Wang Master Brand and Retail Experience of a Luxury Brand
2010 Tina Tsai Master Co-production and Marketing Relationship with Customers in Intellectual Property Law Firm Services
2010 Ying-shih Kuo Master A Study of Developing Marine Engines and Parts Market in Taiwan
2010 阮一品 Master 企業對企業服務品質對客戶滿意度與客戶忠誠度影響之研究-以封測產業為例
2010 蔡佩恩 智慧產權法律服務的顧客參與與關係行銷之研究
2010 王煒樺 精品之品牌經驗和零售經驗之研究
2010 朱晴 品牌經驗之跨文化研究
2010 潘靜芬 旅遊業行銷之顧客參與
2010 阮一品 企業對企業服務品質對客戶滿意度與客戶忠誠度影響之研究 - 以封測產業為例
2010 Li-yu Liao Master Studying the relationship among the experiential value, satisfaction and, loyalty: An case study of IKEA
2010 I-Pin Juan Master The Influence of Business-to-Business Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Assembly and Testing Manufacturing as a case study
2010 Pei-Jia Chen Master A Study of the relationship between the Benefits of Sales Promotion and Retail Outcomes
2009 Chien-hui Yu Master The relationships of interpersonal communication, sales people's expertise, relationship benefit and purchase intension
2009 余建輝 人際溝通、銷售人員之專業知識、關係利益與購買意願關係之研究
2009 Yi-Jui Kang Master The Comparisons of the Management Analyses in the Cross Straits Insurance Industries: The Examples of Group Insurance
2009 David Abraham Pancoast Master Taiwanese Undergraduate Perspectives on Counterfeiting and Piracy: A Comparative Study
2009 潘大衛 台灣大學生對仿冒與盜版的觀念比較研究
2009 郭錦程 新品牌突圍的創新行銷手法分析─以LUXGEN汽車為例
2009 Chin-Cheng Kuo Master New Brand Marketing Strategy Analysis
Year Title Awarding Organization
2019 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2018 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2018 Industry-Academic Research Award National Sun Yat-sen University
2017 University Research Outstanding Teacher National Sun Yat-sen University
2008 College New Faculty Awards National Sun Yat-sen University
Period Activity Description Role